Top 10 Bad Traits of Millennials

A millennial is someone born from 1980 thru 2000, like myself. Typically, people in their late teens and 20's and probably a significant portion of this site's readership.

I'm not here to bash millennials. I made another list about the 10 positive traits of millennials. But this list is where we can talk about the downsides and the things that our generation can work on. Whether we like it or not, reality is reality.

Now, this list is NOT A GENERALIZATION. These a traits that millennials on average have, but it does not mean all millennials have them or even most. For example, if 22% of Gen X'ers were ____ in their 20's and 30% of millennials are ____ in their 20's now, then that means that while not all millennials are ___, millennials are on average more ____.

The Top Ten

1 Are iphone and internet zombies

Are you feeling Ok Boomer?

Because they came around for YOU to punch us in the face.
Earlier generations didn't have them, so they didn't get hurt as badly, they would just forget about it but its on the internet all the time.

Nope I rarely use my phone and I have started to take breaks from the internet for health.

Millennials are hovering around their technology 24/7 and are often oblivious to the world around them. - marmalade_skies

2 Risk averse

As said in the positives, millennials are risk averse and that prevents them from snorting bags of heroin and such. But risk aversion is also paralyzing in that if we stay in our bubble constantly and never step out of it, we'll also miss out on good things. - marmalade_skies

3 Less social

Millennial confession - I'm planning to take week or maybe month breaks from the internet see if it will help me see if I will have less epilepsy.

Due to increased technology, we spend more time with our e-buddies than real life friends. - marmalade_skies

4 They won't do anything without a guarantee

It's true that you need to have a certain skepticism, one that stops you from staying a job in which the employer doesn't pay you for months on end. But it's also true that we don't like doing anything unless we know what we're going to get out of it. But that's bad. Lots of the best things are because of stuff we do that we're unsure of the results. By abstaining, we deprive ourselves opportunity to discover. - marmalade_skies

5 Lack persistence

When a problem arises, many millennials lack the work ethic to keep pushing onward. - marmalade_skies

Pushing thru failure is so important...only wish mommy and daddy would have taught them that.

6 Self-Entitlement

Sorry but the baby boomers raised us.

The world owes them...not the other way around!

7 They're broke with expensive tastes

Between our parents telling us as kids that the world is rich with opportunity and videos on instagram with jewelry, private boats, louie vuitton, etc., we thought there would be lots of wealth ahead. Until the recession happened. - marmalade_skies


8 Think they know how to run the world

Every younger generation lacks in wisdom.

I guess this is true with every generation.

We're all arrogant in youth. - marmalade_skies

9 Are (to some degree) missing out in their 20's

Since millennials are living with their parents longer, we have less freedom and autonomy to be young and free. - marmalade_skies

10 Are sheltered from reality

Baby boomers, a generation that got into hot water for being reckless, turned into helicopter parents who protect their kids. Plus, the whole self esteem movement and such. We're shielded from many dangers. In some ways that's good (for example, we take bullying more seriously). At the same time, we face learned helplessness if done too much. - marmalade_skies

The Contenders

11 Lack empathy for others.

Stereotype. You are really the bullies. This list needs to be deleted. I did not grow up to be bullied after school on the internet.

Totally true. I just left a job where I worked with a group of millineal women who regularly threw older workers under the bus just because they could. They lacked empathy, and professionalism. It was like mean girl high school all over again. Millineals as a generation sadden and anger me with their cold, rude and insensitive behaviors

Hate to be criticized, and yet feel no remorse when damaging others.

12 Arrogance

Stereotype by older generations

They take a healthy self-esteem to a whole new level. This blinds them to their attitudes towards how the talk to others, in particular their elders.

13 Have unrealistic work expectations

It's good that we want to fight for more fulfilling jobs, but plain a simple, a large portion of the economy involves repetitive menial work. If we're expecting our job to be cool and exciting, we're going to be very disappointed. - marmalade_skies

I am a millenial. I think I need to spend more time outside. This is why I like the older stuff better than the newer. I have a very best friend of mine and asked him what he thinks about the 2000's and he said they are awesome because of iphones and ipads ipods when really I am like this generation sucks a lot. To me 2016 sucks because people worldwide are absoulutley stupid. It is almost 2017 now. 2015 people were still idiots. 2013 still dumbasses 2012 people were still idiots. In my oppinion the late 90's and early 2000's as early as 2005 is better than than today. Although I was only 2 years old in 2005 it was before cellphones existed. Here is how manners went now throughout the ages. In the 20's 30's 40's 50's 60's 70's 80's people were polite. In the 20's and 60's they were polite as frick. they had proper manners and stuff. Than came the 90's stuff was not too bad than the early 2000's manners were not as polite But not as rude as the 2010's in the 2010's if you hold the door ...more

14 We are immature and treat people wrong for their ages.

I agree with this because I even have actual trouble with it but only because my outlook on life is everyone is someone so. When people decide to treat a teen or even an old person differently I am like that's not right because they are still people that can think for themselves I'm not saying don't help them carry heavy stuff or cross the road I'm saying don't treat them like a lesser person then you because of their age.

15 They think one sociology class somehow gives them superior knowledge of the world's goings on
16 Expect immediate high earnings with little experience.

I find this generation wants to be paid top dollar with little to no experience. I'm sorry but college doesn't count. Proving yourself in a real world setting and working hard is what really matters. Prove to your company your worth the money.

Sorry but I'm a milliennial and I don't live like The Sims. (Little experience)

17 Blames their parents for all their short-comings

Millennials are insulted.

18 Will not apologize

Somehow this generations parents never taught them how to say I'm sorry or really to recognize when they are at fault or have done something wrong. It is maddening.

19 Need instant gratification

"Work out a solution with HR? " HR doesn't give a damn about anything short of keeping the company out of litigation. You can try to work with them, but they aren't going to give you anything.

They need things instantly rather then having to work for it. When they do deside to work for it. They take the easiest most lazy route ie.working at a job long enough to afford it then randomly quitting. Needing constant praise is very typical in the work place for them. If they don't like something they would rather quit then working out a solution with HR.

20 Post too many things about their kids on social media
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