Top Ten Best Prospects of the 2024 NBA Draft

Looking at the field of prospects in the upcoming NBA draft, these players stand out among the rest.
The Top Ten
1 Alexandre Sarr

A French player reminiscent of a slightly shorter Victor Wembanyama, Sarr currently plays in the NBL in Australia. His best attribute is clearly his physical frame.

Sitting at 7'1, Sarr is a player who can immediately bring size and paint presence to the team that drafts him. Although he has dealt with injuries as of late, his potential as a superstar center is enough to attract several NBA teams towards him.

2 Zaccharie Risacher

Another French prospect, Risacher stands at 6'9 and seems to be one of the best wing prospects in the draft by a long shot. Emerging as one of the best players in Europe, Risacher's shooting stats, along with his long wingspan and historically productive season as a teenager in European Basketball, show why he could become a superstar in the next few years.

3 Kyle Filipowski

Filipowski has provided a spark for a Duke team full of star power. A versatile big man, averaging 18 and 8, Filipowski can put in work in the paint. Although aspects such as his 3-point shot are questionable, it has still improved from last season. This improvement shows why NBA teams should take a chance on him.

4 Cody Williams

Cody Williams, the brother of Jalen Williams of the OKC Thunder, is shining brightly in his freshman year at Colorado, putting up over 14 points per game. Williams is not necessarily a raw prospect, but he will have to bulk up and continue to build in his shooting game.

If he can do this, he is a dream prospect who could develop into a superstar in a couple of years.

5 Kevin McCullar Jr.

Kevin McCullar Jr. has taken a step up this season for a strong Kansas team. Putting up 20, 6, and 5, McCullar can do it all on the court. Although most NBA teams are hesitant to take someone his age in the lottery of the draft, McCullar has proved that it may be worth drafting him. This is especially true in a weaker class such as this one.

6 Reed Sheppard

As a freshman at Kentucky, Sheppard has impressed off the bench this season, putting up 12 points and 4 rebounds and assists. His main asset is his three-point shooting, as he has shot the three-ball consistently, hitting them at over a 50 percent clip.

Sheppard has potential, and it may be enough for him to be added to Kentucky's long list of one-and-done players.

7 Ja’Kobe Walter

Another freshman, Walter has enjoyed a great deal of success at Baylor this season, putting up 14 points and 5 rebounds. His size is something which is attractive to NBA teams, standing at 6'5 with a 6'11 wingspan, along with his aggressive play style.

If he continues to have success, showing his athleticism leading up to the draft, he will surely be picked high up in the draft order.

8 Dalton Knecht

Transferring from Northern Colorado to Tennessee, Knecht was fairly unknown before the start of the season. However, he has shined brightly for the Vols, averaging 19 points per game in a very tough SEC.

Knecht has cemented himself as an all-around playmaker and baller, and even though he will be 23 by the time of the draft, his skill alone shines over everything.

9 Rob Dillingham

Another Kentucky freshman, Dillingham has impressed this season for the Wildcats, putting up 15 points per game in a stacked Kentucky lineup. Although he is a bit small in stature, standing at 6'3, 176 pounds, Dillingham's game is reminiscent of other Kentucky guards, such as Tyrese Maxey. This quality is something NBA scouts will find attractive.

10 Zach Edey

After winning Player of the Year last season, Zach Edey is the heart of an extremely strong Purdue team. Currently averaging 23 and 12, Edey has shown that he is about as dominant at the college level as you can get.

Limiting factors include his slow movement and how he will transition to the rougher paint environment of the NBA. But if Edey's progression throughout college has said anything, it's that he can adapt and get better and perform at any level.

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11 Nikola Topic
12 Jared McCain
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