Top Ten Beanie Boos


The Top Ten

1 Sophie - Kitty Beanie Boo

I have her

2 Slush - Husky Beanie Boo

Yeah! Love him!

3 Tasha - Leopard Beanie Boo
4 Waddles - Penguin Beanie Boo
5 Muffin - Kitty Beanie Boo
6 Coconut - Monkey Beanie Boo
7 Safari - Giraffe Beanie Boo

I have Safari

8 Rocco - Raccoon Beanie Boo
9 Igor - Bat Beanie Boo
10 Owliver - Owl Beanie Boo

The Newcomers

? Shadow - Cat Beanie Boo

The Contenders

11 Original Peanut - Elephant Beanie Boo

This one is so rare, I wish I had it. - Popsicles

12 Pepper - Black Cat Beanie Boo

I remember when I was 10, my mom took me and my sister to I Love Books, and there were a bunch of 6 inch stuffed animals on a rack, I begged my mom to get me one and I got it. Now I have 7 of them and I'm 13 (I collect them). - Catacorn

Oml she's so cute! - Puppytart

This was my VERY FIRST of many. I now have 32🙀

13 Slick - Orange Fox Beanie Boo
14 Leeann - Lemur Beanie Boo

I have her

yes - Puppytart

15 Spike - Hedgehog Beanie Boo

I agree

16 Scoops - Snowman Beanie Boo

When I was little, Scoops was my first Boo I ever got. I love him so much, and I am 11 now!

17 Cinder - Dragon Beanie Boo
18 Speckles - Leopard Beanie Boo
19 Kooky - Koala Beanie Boo
20 Woody - Bunny Beanie Boo
21 Creeper - Spider Beanie Boo

He is really cute. I even think he is the cutest Beanie Boo even though Spiders scare me in real life! My whole family loves this spider. I love his colors, too. He is more realistic than the old Beanie Boo spider, Crawly, and even cuter! He is one of the best Beanie Boos for sure in my opinion!

22 Tabitha - Cat Beanie Boo

She was always my favorite beanie boo and I got her in 1st Grade and I still have her!

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