Most Beautiful Things In Life

Life is beautiful. Here are top ten reasons why. What makes life beautiful in your eyes?

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1 Being in Love

When you realize about the love you will feel that it's the most important thing in the world and its amazing that it has no actual explanation and now a way for measuring it.

You can't explain

Love is what can save you from so many horrible things, and it comes either when you least expected it or needed it the most

I feel that love in general is something beautiful. Every type of love, really. From the unconditional love that mothers have for their children, to the platonic love that one has for their friends, to the romantic love that makes one's heart swell. It is very beautiful, indeed. - prussian

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2 Music

Something I can relate to when no one else will listen to me.

Depends on the artist. But I agree that music is a truly beautiful thing. It can bring strangers together in the hardest of times, and can help people get through all there's patches in life. - SirSheep

I love music. I love listening to it whether I'm happy, unhappy, busy, on my own, or browsing the internet. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

This, is something I genuinely agree with.

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3 Sunsets

I think love is a feeling that make one yell to each other like a watching an interested program then yell to your television screen

Sunsets are cool Yo


They truly are beautiful aren't they? - Curti2594

4 Laughter Laughter

Laughter is the medicine to every thing. Love gives you pain. It isn't a beautiful thing - Aafeen

It just makes you feel so much better. - Britgirl

Laughter reminds us of who we truly are, not what we pretend to be.

It Truly is! I love the sounds of Laughter! - Curti2594

5 The Sky

More people should lay down and watch the sky, we don't need to worry as much as we do. Life is simple.

Looking at the sky is pretty relaxing.

Unless you’re staring at the sun.

Have you ever actually just stood, taking time to see and feel its beauty? - Britgirl

I can wait many long hours staring at that beauty

6 Having Family And Best Friends

With out family and best friends life would be sad and you wouldn't have anyone to help you through the hard times that a lover couldn't.

Your family will always be on your side, and best friend.. You know how we say on Serbian: best friend is a family which we choose!

The family and friends are the best thing that can happen to one human

They will be there rain or sun, no matter hat. That's what matters.

7 Being Nude

Girls only!

Best Freedom ever!

The feeling of anyone walking in on you at anytime is great, it’s not a sexual thing, just fun.

Its awesome and kinda cold but will make you happier

8 The Kindness From Strangers

I recently broke down in tears on the train. A lovely woman sat next to me, gave me a tissue and just talked to me about nothing In particular for the rest of the journey. I'll never forget her. - Britgirl

9 Kisses Kisses

Kissing someone whom you love and being kissed by someone who loves you... is the best feeling.
Be it the person who have kissed you many times but getting kissed at times when you are physically or mentally unwell makes you fell much better..

10 Home

My favourite place. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

"Home is not a place, it's a people."
Home is what you make it. Home can be a happy place for some people or a sad place. But even if it not the best place in the world, you still feel safe, you feel comforted. Because there really is "No place like Home."

Where you want to be with all your own stuff. Even nice returning from a super holiday in the sun.

Home sweet home! - Userguy44

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11 Sex

It kinda hurts but yeah

12 Books

It's beautiful how the author invites you to share their journey with them. It's almost personal. - Britgirl

Be it a fictional book, a horror, a thriller, a fantasy, a drama, a comedy; or a non-fictional book, about science, biography, travel, mathematics, language, history; a book is wonderous. Definitely goes on this list. - PositronWildhawk

Books are the best friends giving sweet and close company to you in the hours of loneliness.

I am hypnotized and mesmerized by the worlds that authors carry us.

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13 Architecture

Stately homes, country houses, palaces are all beautiful. I love the history surrounding medieval churches. - Britgirl

14 Stars

Whenever I go camping, looking at stars is one thing I always look forward too. Just breathing in the fresh air and taking a look at the stars is something I love. It's like all my worries disappear and I just lose myself in happy memories and good thoughts.

The light up the night. A sign of hope among darkness

15 Smiling

Smiling is the best thing I've ever experienced.It makes me feel so comfortable

16 Sunrise

It looks so beautiful and I feel like I could watch the sunset any time

The Sunrise is something beautiful, I always enjoy waking up in the early morning and seeing the Sunrise. Every Sunrise is the Start of a new Day.

17 Family

How are your annoying siblings beautiful?

Even if that does include annoying younger siblings! - Britgirl

18 Tickling

Oh it really is when you actually find is cool! Tickling isn't that crazy compared to many other things am I right? - Curti2594

Another one of my favorite rest things

19 Mother's Smile

Mother smile is like we get all the things in life

20 Rainbows

Rainbows exist to be beautiful, they represent pure joy and happiness, and and make you want to go around being friends to everyone.

21 The Northern Lights
22 Girls


23 Cloudless Blue Sky
24 Writing

Writing is the easiest way to express yourself.

The most perfect way (apart from ballroom dancing to the Waltz or the American Smooth) to express yourself. Creating new characters and new situations to put them in. Writing with gentle music playing is also a perfect way to unwind. It's pure escapism for the duration. Absolutely wonderful... - Britgirl

25 The Power of the Mind

It's matchless and wonderful.

How dose that count

26 Food

Ice cream, pasta, pizza, chocolate, tiramisu, a Mediterranean salad, ethnic is great! 🍔 🍨

27 Unity

Most rare thing in the world today. This should be nr. 1 - it‘s what makes beauty possible.

28 Time

If you use it wisely, it is a beautiful waste of time. - Britgirl

29 A Woman's Laughter

Not mine.

30 A Girl's Beautiful Belly

Yes - Spiritualsavedboy

I definitely know who added this. And 'Tickling' and you're cute! - Britgirl

31 Space

It's size alone is beauty.

32 Yourself

The whole life lies within yourself

33 Animals

Were animals Yal!

You are quite right, except that the exception is not mosquito first but rather Human being, the only one (now) capable to exterminate about 60,000 species each year, to destroy his own environment but unfortunately the environment of all other species.

All animals are beautiful in their own ways, even the famous blobfish. The only exception is mosquito. Mosquito has no beauty - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

34 Sun
35 Language
36 Children's Laughter

I love their innocence

Its irritating - scoopoo

The most amazing most beautiful thing I'll ever experience

37 Mountains

One of my favourite things in life

38 Pornography

I don't think that is the most beautiful things in life who did this because dirty jokes isn't the most beautiful ting in life as well

39 Dirty Jokes
40 Having Children
41 Feet Feet

I hate feet

42 Movies
43 Seeing Your Baby for the First Time
44 The Backyardigans The Backyardigans The Backyardigans is a Canadian–American CGI-animated musical TV series created by Janice Burgess, It is a co-production of animation studio Nelvana and Nickelodeon Animation Studios.

my heroes


To me. - Ilovestephanie

45 The Open Road
46 Being Able to Fully Trust Someone

If I find someone who is like this it'd be really nice, I literally don't know a single person who I can trust

47 New Experiences
48 TV

You can get stuck in a whole of addictive movies or series.

49 Instant Attraction Between Strangers

Social anxiety says hi - styLIShT

That intense electricity between you is mind-blowing.

50 The Dawn Chorus

Just a really beautiful sound. - Britgirl

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