Top 10 Most Beautiful Things in Life

Life is beautiful. Here are top ten reasons why. What makes life beautiful in your eyes?
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1 Being in Love

STORY TIME! So one time when I was in kindergarden I said to my mom after school... This girl give me a tingly feeling in my stomach. She said that is love. I am still with that girl and she is the most beautiful thing on this planet!

I feel that love in general is something beautiful. Every type of love, really. From the unconditional love that mothers have for their children, to the platonic love that one has for their friends, to the romantic love that makes one's heart swell. It is very beautiful, indeed.

I know, it sounds cheesy, but really. Love is an amazing feeling. It's hard to earn it and it hurts so bad to lose it. There is nothing in this world that can convince me that love isn't the most beautiful thing in the world.

When you realize about the love you will feel that it's the most important thing in the world and its amazing that it has no actual explanation and now a way for measuring it.

2 Music

Music is a Creativity of an Arts & Innovations...Music is the powerful language of unity...Music killed depression, Slaughtered racism, and Strangled struggle...Music has no religion, no Color, and nor limit...Music was a cure...I Always Respect of Music because Music is the soundtrack to the life of all of us.

Music is the mother who makes you listen to her when you are sad, makes you cry and ultimately brings the precious smile back on your beautiful face and makes you feel refreshed and happy by making you forget all your sad feelings. I love music and I am happy to be alive on the planet earth because of music. Music, in short, is the queen of all emotions.

One of the biggest reasons why I love music so much is because it's always there for you when no one else is. People who aren't big fans of it probably wouldn't understand how important and meaningful it can be to lots of us.

I have loved music all my life. I am in a variety of choirs, and I love when we make chords. We need more people in our choir though. Please consider donating or joining the Indianapolis Children's Choir, or ICC. Thank you.

3 Sunsets

That image is just so beautiful. Sunsetting on dawn also has a purple, golden and pinkish coloured sky that looks really nice to watch.

Sunsets are the ending of a stressful day, telling you that tomorrow will bring great things

They truly are beautiful aren't they?

There beautiful no words can describe

4 Friends and Family

With out family and best friends life would be sad and you wouldn't have anyone to help you through the hard times that a lover couldn't.

Your family will always be on your side, and best friend.. You know how we say on Serbian: best friend is a family which we choose!

Friends and Family, are the people close to you, and they are the ones there to cheer you on

The family and friends are the best thing that can happen to one human

5 The Sky

The starry night sky is absolutely beautiful to watch, the day time sky is filled with bright blue and fluffy clouds. I always get attached to watching stars and clouds of the sky for some reason.

its feel like the purest thing to me , I can just sit and look at the sky for hours and hours. its mesmerizes every single time I look at it.there are many things still out there which makes u smile u just have to look over it.

More people should lay down and watch the sky, we don't need to worry as much as we do. Life is simple.

Have you ever actually just stood, taking time to see and feel its beauty?

6 Laughter

Laughter is the best medicine. Whenever I feel stressed out due to so much school work, I always like to do things that make me laugh. They take my mind of my stresses. I like to watch Supernanny episodes and Vitas on YouTube because they are so hilarious and make me laugh the most. In Supernanny, some kids are so funny and they say funny things. Vitas can sing super high, even higher than a girl, and when I first heard him, I immediately burst into laughter. He is so hilarious, especially when he sings 7th Element and when he screams to reach high notes. So if you haven't already, check out these two things on YouTube.

Laughter is what makes us. It makes us humans feel amazing. Anyone can understand laughter, no matter what language, religion, sex. It brings us as humans together. Laughter is truly remarkable.

Laughter is the medicine to every thing. Love gives you pain. It isn't a beautiful thing

Laughter, laughter is something that helps you express happiness.

7 Home

Just like my principal says, it’s not quite a place, it’s a feeling. Home is your family and the people you’re with. Even if you’re not inside of your house, you’re still home.

"Home is not a place, it's a people."
Home is what you make it. Home can be a happy place for some people or a sad place. But even if it not the best place in the world, you still feel safe, you feel comforted. Because there really is "No place like Home."

Home is where your family looks after you, home is your comfort zone, home sweet home at a fine house truly is comforting.

Where you want to be with all your own stuff. Even nice returning from a super holiday in the sun.

8 Books

Be it a fictional book, a horror, a thriller, a fantasy, a drama, a comedy; or a non-fictional book, about science, biography, travel, mathematics, language, history; a book is wonderous. Definitely goes on this list.

It's beautiful how the author invites you to share their journey with them. It's almost personal.

Books are the best friends giving sweet and close company to you in the hours of loneliness.

I am hypnotized and mesmerized by the worlds that authors carry us.

9 Kisses

Kissing someone whom you love and being kissed by someone who loves you... is the best feeling.
Be it the person who have kissed you many times but getting kissed at times when you are physically or mentally unwell makes you fell much better..

I love to kiss my cat, I guess he like's it he purrs.

I love kissing my husband.

Well its true actually, for the first time I got kiss from my love one, my head just feel light and I feel like I'm floating

10 Stars

Whenever I go camping, looking at stars is one thing I always look forward too. Just breathing in the fresh air and taking a look at the stars is something I love. It's like all my worries disappear and I just lose myself in happy memories and good thoughts.

It's kind of sad that things that are relatively unethical (like sex,) are being compared to the beauty of nature.

Stars especially look beautiful at nighttime with the full moon creating a beautiful atmosphere of night.

The light up the night. A sign of hope among darkness

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? Birds
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11 Art

Art is basically my favourite thing in life. Artworks of many landscapes and buildings look beautiful and have so much effort put into it. Art is also a form of creativity and imagination to me.

it helps us to calm down and relax

12 Kindness

Some nice people really make the world a better place by treating eachother with kindness, care, support, sometimes love and joy. Kindness truly is the beauty of having a good personality.

I recently broke down in tears on the train. A lovely woman sat next to me, gave me a tissue and just talked to me about nothing In particular for the rest of the journey. I'll never forget her.

Kindness will make someone feel better and it will help you feel better to

Yes it honestly makes me happy it's so sweet :'')

13 Rainbows

The colours of Red, orange, yellow, blue, green, Indigo and violet of a rainbow in the sky look absolutely beautiful and colourful.

Rainbows exist to be beautiful, they represent pure joy and happiness, and and make you want to go around being friends to everyone.

Their meaning- God's promise to never flood the entire world - was botched by the LGBT, but yes.

They contain the most beautiful colors.

14 Sex

if it's with someone you really love and that is why your having sex with them, then it's amazing, you feel so happy and in love, if you don't love them, then it's really not that good, weird because you would think it would feel good no matter what, but that is not the case.

It kinda hurts but yeah

it'll hurt but I'm a pervert:/

It feels so nice and 😌 relaxing

15 Smiling

Smiling helps you believe that it's not always so bad

Mother smile is like we get all the things in life

Smiling is the best thing I've ever experienced.It makes me feel so comfortable

It is heaven on Earth.

16 Animals

You are quite right, except that the exception is not mosquito first but rather Human being, the only one (now) capable to exterminate about 60,000 species each year, to destroy his own environment but unfortunately the environment of all other species.

All animals are beautiful in their own ways, even the famous blobfish. The only exception is mosquito. Mosquito has no beauty

Animals are just like us, they bring us luck

They love you no matter what!

17 Girls

Girls are awesome! Plus we go through so much more than guys do just for guys to tell us that we are over reacting or being whiny.

Yum. I love waking up and just looking down and indulging in the beauty of a belly. Belly buttons are hot.

A specific girl comes to mind. She was one in a million.

Girls are way more than just beautiful.

18 Being Nude

Its awesome and kinda cold but will make you happier

The feeling of anyone walking in on you at anytime is great, it’s not a sexual thing, just fun.

do it all the time its fine us girls have experience

Best Freedom ever!

19 Good Memories

Memories, especially good memories. are the main part of life you make memories to have something to live for

My junior year of high school was a huge wonderful memory.

Good memories :) They make me smile

I agree because when I remember the good times I had with my friend I cry 👌

20 Architecture

Architecture looks very interesting and pretty. There are so many different types of buildings for it and it creates an amazing artwork.

Stately homes, country houses, palaces are all beautiful. I love the history surrounding medieval churches.

Hmm..looks interesting.

21 Seeing Your Baby for the First Time

seeing a baby for the first time is like seeing a miracle because you brought life into the world and it gives you meaning to live for you baby

22 Food

fry's, nacho's, pizza, doughnuts, I like food.

it helps us live and its yummy!

Ice cream, pasta, pizza, chocolate, tiramisu, a Mediterranean salad, ethnic is great! 🍔 🍨

23 Sunrise

Watching the sun rise is just as beautiful as watching the sun go down in my opinion. Imagine watching the sun go up together with all this bright golden atmosphere.

The Sunrise is something beautiful, I always enjoy waking up in the early morning and seeing the Sunrise. Every Sunrise is the Start of a new Day.

It looks so beautiful and I feel like I could watch the sunset any time

~ the earth's way of waking up ~

24 Pets

I have to cats. Both of them my little tortures them and they both jumps up on my lap. They both love me way to much. They both sleeps with me I love my cats so much. When they get torture I will make sure I slap my brother in the face.

Super cute and loving. Follow @fromharoldwithlove on Insta to see a super cute kitty.

I love my little babies.

25 The Power of the Mind

it helps us think WHICH WE NEED

It's matchless and wonderful.

Ah yes how abstract

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