Top 10 Best Ancient Chinese Weapons

The Top Ten Best Ancient Chinese Weapons

Shuriken (Ninja Stars)


Katana is Japanese Not Chinese. The Japanese katana originated in China but it is Japanese and wis used by the famous Japanese samurai

Cool awesome very interesting sweet rad peace

Long range weapon and short range


The Katana wasn't just used by samurai, and for those saying this you are dead wrong. The katana was a favorite amongst most ninjas, although they usually don't even have weapons, and they usually don't care about fighting either. They would run away at first glance. They only used the Katana because the ever so polite samurai were clever enough to bring katanas of their own.

Katanas are the classic best weapons have no idea why ninga starts are at the top of the list sure they are good for sneaky but some good classic fights came from a Katana

The katana is a awesome weapon ninja stars wont stand a chance samurai can kill the ninja before he can even use it

What the hell...? The katana is NOT Chinese, it's Japanese.
Same goes for ninja stars.
(I do prefer samurai over ninja, though. )
Personally, I believe that both are highly overrated with the shuriken less so, but I believe that a katana would beat metal stars in an actual fight.

Balisong (Butterfly Knife)

They are so awesome

It can flick out in the instant of attack
I don't own one but I should


I like it because it long shaft gives you more space to make a jab or attack.

Meteor Hammer

The one that the asian girl from Kill Bill 1 had was so epic - Celestius

Monk's Spade
Twin Hooks

Shuriken is a stunning weapon first of all, and it is japanese. It was originally a knitting needle or a coin thrown by pheasants to stun enemies, and ensure a quick getaway. Little more. The Katana is also Japanese. It is time we learned about actuall chinese weapons such as the twin hooks. Two weapons with built in daggers, blocking devices, and they can be combined for longer range. The twin hooks are simply the best Chinese weapon ever invented.

Sorry but I thought these were the sai - oldfashionedmickeymousecol1995

VOTE FOR THIS - oldfashionedmickeymousecol1995


The Contenders


2 of them are better than than one

NOW THIS ONE IS THE ONE YOU REALLY SHOULD VOTE FOR - oldfashionedmickeymousecol1995


Bruce Lee!

The Crossbow

I think this weapon is the best but hey, that's my opinion

I’m not saying this is the best weapon, but it is a sword with a straight blade, 1 section for stabbing and quick slashes, one for deflecting and blocking, and one for leverage. I think this is the best Chinese weapon with so many features. please vote guys

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