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21 BlueMonkey

Blue Monkey is very creative and has a huge impact on the viewers (humor).

Blue monkey should be be in the top 10s

22 Scribble Netty

She tries her best and she's really good at drawing and animating, she's just too shy to do any more face reveals and she doesn't like speaking to lots of people. And she does animations for very big Youtubers like: PewDiePie, JackSepticEye, Markiplier and many more...

Even though she doesn't talk in her videos, she makes funny fanimations, beautiful artwork, and even streams! Who wouldn't want that?! :D

23 elementanimation

The people at Element Animation make good animations, but are complete jerks, they are rude when they reply to people in comments and always tell us to shut up when we ask for "Eggs guide to Minecraft"

Element Animation has to be at the top of the list

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24 VivziePop

She provides a world of dynamic colors and vibrant characters that reflect that sheer joy her animations represent!

Her animations are so inspiring!

She got me into animation she should be in the top 10!

The Pinnacle of furry animation

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25 Uksai

Even though they don't post a lot, their lighting, shading, and everything is just goals - dabb

26 Alan Becker

Alan Becker is fantastic! His Animator vs. Animation series is really good, and he's SUCH a talented animator. As well, his tutorials are really, really helpful. They're taught me run cycles, how to use Adobe Flash, animation tips, the 12 Principles of Animation, and more. I'd totally subscribe to him but I'm not allowed to. :P Go watch Alan Becker!

Have you seen animator vs animation 4. It's a work of art and even though it's just a few 2d stick figures on a computer doesn't mean it isn't awesome. It's creative and is the result of probably months of hard work

He is so awesome! Why is he all the way down here?

His animations are smart and creative. he's working on animation vs youtube which is a creative and innovative

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27 SpeedoSausage

This guy is constantly pushing the boundaries of animation and his sense of humour is is absolutely brilliant. I know great art takes time to produce but I wish he'd put out videos on a more regular basis, he could go far in the animation industry if he really wanted to.

One of the most high quality animators ever, He has videos for the dirty-minded, Videos for the people with brilliant senses of humour, and videos for people who hate a certain franchise like Dora or Pokemon or Beyblade

Speedo is hilarious with most of his animations

SpeedoSausage is hilariously good and funny!

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28 RubberNinja

The humor of a sadistic Australian with a cartoon slapped on it. What more could you want?

He has a great sense of humor but because he works with gamegrumps his uploads on his main channel aren't his main priority.

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29 Sr Pelo

Hey! We're both Hispanic and awesome! LOL! I love Pelo, I discovered him off of his Spatoon-toons - TheLoudHouseSucks


30 GinjaNinjaOwO

To be honest, most people choose the top ten because popularity. Rea is really talented and her animations are very smooth and satisfying to watch. She DEFINITELY deserves to be up there.

Her Animations are really nice and funny

For me she's REALLY one of the bests, she deserve to be on the top 10!

30!? GinjaNinja is a god when it comes to art! Her characters look realistically proportional while also looking very bouncy and perfectly drawn. (She also puts a lot of effort into drawing things like animated fire, or frill on a dress.

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31 Max Gilardi

Beautiful animation that could easily compete with that of any other YouTube animator and even some professionals.

HotDiggedyDemon's flash animation is really outstanding. One of my all time favorites. He's constantly trying new things including 3D animation, new lighting and different ways to animate. Taking inspiration from john K, his style is very cartoonish and appealing and he's a fantastic inspiration.

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32 Brandon Turner

Guys you have seen his work for ghame grumps but look at the dudes twitter you wont be let down

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33 jacknjellify V 2 Comments
34 Balenaproductions

Famous for his films featuring none other than Sonic the Hedgehog!

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35 HotDiggedyDemon V 2 Comments
36 iluvallmychao0071
37 Splashkittyartist

Splash. You are the best of the best.

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38 tiarawhy
39 Ukinojoe

Can't believe he's not already on here. Awesome videos.

His voice is the voice of gods

Love his videos


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40 Phil Rigby

Last year Phil Did a First Animation of Postman Pat Intro, But Now He Learned.

I saw animation walk, it was great

My goodness his good.

Some times he calls Philip14R on YouTube

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