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41 tiarawhy
42 Ukinojoe

Can't believe he's not already on here. Awesome videos.

His voice is the voice of gods

Love his videos


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43 Phil Rigby

Last year Phil Did a First Animation of Postman Pat Intro, But Now He Learned.

I saw animation walk, it was great

My goodness his good.

Some times he calls Philip14R on YouTube

44 MrWeebl V 1 Comment
45 FilmCow

FilmCow (Jason Steele) is awesome, how is this not in the top 10 yet?

Film cow always has a new thing to make me fall on the ground laughing. Literally!

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46 Ami Yamato

One of the most original and underrated channels, and the most mysterious! I, like everybody else, want to see her real face, her voice and accent is so sexy. Though I agree it will take some of the magic away from the channel if she ever shows herself.
Curiosity aside, the animation is top-notch. I hope she gets more subscribers and recognition.

Her videos are brilliant and baffling!

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47 GonzoSSM
48 Lupisvulpes

I love her so much and the second I found her channel I had to subscribe

Her style is amazing, and the movements are really smooth and fluid.

I wish I was as good as her I just adore her style

Just amazing!

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49 DasBoSchitt
50 Kirbopher

Kirbopher is easily the greatest animator/director to ever use YouTube as his main (yes, its officially his main now) grounds for his work. TOME is, frankly, absolutely amazing (and hilarious), and the advice he's given to aspiring creators such as myself through his Kirblogs is simply fantastic and unique.
No, his animations not the most flashy or detailed, but the design and thought behind it is the quality of a true cartoon or anime.

Remember Brawl Taunts? I sure do. And because it's almost his 9th anniversary, I just wanted to congratulate him on this wonderful handful of sketches about Super Smash Brothers. Happy anniversary Kirb!


Kirbopher is a hard working animator and lives to pursue his dream of finishing his amazing animated series TOME. He had an awesome run in the old days of newgrounds, and now has an amazing YouTube channel where he posts kirblogs, and the episodes to the 2nd season of TOME. He has inspired me to become an animator and try my hardest to create my own animated series and for that I am greatful. Thanks Kirb.

51 Cartoon Hangover V 2 Comments
52 TonyCryNight

Tony Crynight provides quality animations, but not all of them are considered for younger children. He also works with skilled voice-actors and sound effects.

Tony crynight makes some interesting stories of fnaf that fans may enjoy

He make fnaf animations!

53 Super Minecraft Kid

What the hell? He doesn't make animations, he just makes those "things" in windows movie maker

54 AnimatedJames

Very skilled young animator. I recommend you check out his work.
Besides being a good animator, James also writes web comics, original music, and pseudo-web series.

55 Cyriak

Weird yet sometimes calming animations. The aftereffects files for those things must be insanely huge. Must be very hard.

56 DarkMatter2525
57 ThunderHumor

Great animations combined with awesome songs and fun voice acting.

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58 Feathertho V 2 Comments
59 Seanzoz

The funniest guy on the planet!

60 Yotam Perel

He has a thing about his animations where he is able to mix comedy, weirdness, and sometimes music, just perfectly to me.

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