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61 RicePirate
62 Pikapetey Animations

He is an amazing animator. His animation style is on par with Disney Animation.

63 Cyriak

Weird yet sometimes calming animations. The aftereffects files for those things must be insanely huge. Must be very hard.

64 DarkMatter2525
65 Animeme
66 Ilkyra

Ilkyra... Should be at the top O_O. She is amazing.

Really beautiful, detailed animation.

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67 SexuaLobster

He is undoubtedly the greatest animator. Can't believe he's so low down!

Why is he down here? His humor and animations are epic.

Clearly Sexualobster should be on the list

Fluid animations and hilarious content

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68 Terkoiz

The dude is awesome animator seriously he amazing the one of the most talented animators now days. he the main animator of summner show down
I don't know if I type the title right any way he awesome just Google about him or on YouTube

69 EmperorTigerstar

This guy animates maps and makes history so much easier!

70 DietStab V 1 Comment
71 Cyanide & Happiness
72 Kosperry
73 CharlesCBernardo


74 JohnnyUtah
75 Mama Tad

Best spoof parodies ever made. Also, THEY'RE BASED OFF WARRIORS!

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76 Rainy-bleu
77 LaurenThunderWolf

Laugh out loud I just wanna be up here

78 Mrgoat
79 The Bedfellows

Pretty cool and nice voice acting

80 Sam Green

There are a lot of amazing animators on YouTube, but I think Sam Green deserves a higher place. His animations are smooth, creative, and outright funny. My seconds are psycicpebbles then Toby turner.

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