I am using it for last 4 year and it simple and active
Good heuristic protection, not too heavy. Don't slow down your system unlike others, Offline virus VDF files to download, It's free and I never had a problem with it. I had Norton before it giving heavy load to my system. Try and take a Complete protection against virus.

It has many components that keep you safe. It also offer vpn along with the other components to increase protection. If you get a virus avira fixes it without a technical remote; but if all fails its customer people will always help you with the toll free telephone number. It always has good grades with the testing labs.

Even the free version of this software is good enough
The protection is good and the quality is great!
This is the best antivirus that I ever used
It has the best database, fast scans, fast updates ETC

Even if these free antivirus, antivirus is very powerful combat the virus, and I recommend this antivirus for gamers, When I use Kaspersky & Norton antivirus usually detect CRACK.EXE is a virus. it's little bit annoying.

This is the ultimate anti-virus, it's free, it's powerfull and when you download something with a virus, the program just delete it, when you enter a page with virus, the program automatically closes your browser, it's just brilliant.

Simply the best. Second only to Kaspersky. Norton has long been outclassed by avira. Be it the free version or premium version, avira offers excellent protection with minimal requirements.

The best antivirus I have ever used, I used to have Microsoft Security Essentials but it slows down the PC unlike Avira. I have recovered a secondhand laptop using just Avira Free Antivirus and it detects 2,000 virus.

Have Never gotten a virus yet, Best support of them all. However, it spams your screen with random ads every once in a while. But I can live with that because it has protected my computer for many years.

By far better detection rate than every other antivirus, but kapersky and symantec server. Anyway its free, and way easy to use/confire than any other. The rest antivirus are plainly bad.

For me avira is the no. 1 antivirus.
because I have used it for all over a years, downloading any files, going into untrusted sites, plug in an infected usb but no virus can escape...

I've been using this for about 5 years or more (forget), and I never get virus to my PC except I disable it. It's easy to update and until now I'm still using avira to protect my PC..

Best free antivirus ever made
I went to infected site and it blocked it.
It doesn't delete infected files, it repairs them every time.
Just the best antivirus made and the best

Has the best database, fast scans, fast updates, since install never had problems again. If you use high heuristics, it catches even crypted malware.
The best!

It's faster then kaspersky... Kaspersky is suck when I'm using UBS Accounting System. I've to turn it offline before login my UBS Accounting System to avoid system conflict or hang. - estherongseepooi

I am using this software for two years... I had no problem whatsoever using avira! Most important is that it uses minimum processor power unlike Norton...

Great, and best among the antivirus softwares I used! Apart from some false positives and slow scanning, it has great features and is completely user friendly!

I Agree, this should be number 1, He has the best scanning system ever, so... Good scaning, Fast progam, The best Antivirus ever made!

The best free antivirus and the best update engine in all world, Has very strong firewall and the best the best the best just the best!

I agree its awesome very good program I am using it for years now and its grown even better over time
its fast and easy to use

Best thing about this, it is very Lite. Doesn't became a burden on your CPU or Memory like others big names in industry do.

Even the free version of this software is exceptionally good that I can't bring myself to recommend any other brand.

I am using Avira Free 4 years, and think is number 1. Tried Avas, qihoo 360 internet security and Baidu (have great potential)!

I do agree that kaspersky is number one of this list.. but I choose avira because it's easy to use and great protection...

good one I'm using its freeware since two years and found no complaints with it... the light and good for xp

very super
destroy all virus
very safe and very power and give clean protection very easy to handle