ESET is the best...
I am a computer specialist
i made 175 tough viruses in my computer
i tested the top 5
The scans took 30 min...
The results are..
ESET-174 caught
Kaspersky-169 caught
AVG-163 caught
Norton-155 caught
Avira-151 caught
And I made 100 severe viruses
ESET-94 caught
Kaspersky-87 caught
AVG-83 caught
Avira-76 caught -TIE- Norton-76 caught
And ESET WONT slow down you computer
And ESET WONT fail you

ESET, in my opinion, has the best real-time protection around. It can detect viruses even as I'm downloading the files and almost instantly blocks and cleans malware from USB drives. This and the fact that it hardly eats up resources mean that ESET should be ranked higher.

The other AV softwares only ranked higher because they're more popular.

I have read tons of reviews and used tons of anti-virus software. ESET really beat all of them. Now with ESET on more than 6 personal computers for 2 yrs at least. Also don't take my word for it, but take a look at extensive test on See who has been consistently winning!

I used to have Norton, and Kaspersky many years before. However Norton was eating up my resources, and Kaspersky just turned into some "always notify me about -Nothing happened to you-" program. Kaspersky is very good stuff. But I find the Eset has less hardware requirements, and when I use it never get infected. And I find the Eset cheaper also in the 3 year plan.

Simply the best. Your computer doesn't even get slower.. I used McAfee and Kaspersky before. McAfee was the worst, kaspersky was good but it made the computer slow. My friend suggested me ESET. Its amazing. You don't even feel that, you have installed antivirus on your computer even on scanning with out compromising the protection. THE BEST

Should be no.1
i was a KASPERSKY user before but my pc got infected with trojans.
i switched to SYMANTEC and it failed too (worse than kaspersky).
then i switched to ESET, and wow!, never even thought of replacing it

You can buy this with your eyes closed! - Tonystark

Eset is very easy to operate while another antivirus are so extra loading on operating systems. Eset is one of My best antivirus as I have and thus I will give my PC to that who is Best and After installing Eset I don't have to format my Pc. It's is Very Good For everyone and Best for Net USers. It Is Awesome. No One can Beat ESET.

ESET/NOD32 should be top. Best speed, best accuracy, best heuristics, hourly updates! Norton (Symantec) is a fat bloated cow by comparison. Eset/NOD32 in a different league than anything else.

Whether for corporates or for home users, it does the job better than anything else. Period. - rolandgiesler

Whenever my friends' USB drives are infected, I always let them insert it anyway on to my computer. Why? Because I know ESET will and always will detect and clean malware before they can do any harm to my computer, at the same time cleaning the USB drive of viruses and such.

It is Best in protection. It is very light and Updates are very small. I have used this on my laptop, I was having one virus which was not being removed by Quick heal, but when I installed ESET Smart Security, it was removed and also 15 more viruses have been removed which were not detected by Quick heal.

the first thing it doesn't slow down my computer like Kaspersky and Norton, and it's also has a very good database. I'm using it almost 10 years and I never got even a one virus or spyware or anything like that since I installed it. never change it on something else!

Eset is one of the best or should I say the best virus guards around. It doesn't crash or doesn't need restarts to clean your PC. And it has a very strict cleaning method which will remove any kind of virus. Updates are regular and file size is less. Try the 30 day demo and you will see for your self

I'm using eset also ESET Smart Security 5.2.9. I like the function and many features. Fast, light. I try many antivirus before but this is the best. But I have no money to buy the original/i using eset for almost three years in diff. Version

I had confronted with a big problem about my computer infected by a virus, and no other antiviruses could even detect it, I used more than 10 antivirus like kaspersky, norton, zonealarm and etc trial versions, but nod32 found it and removed it perfectly. You are my hero...

ESET saved us quickly. I actually enrolled in this site to give ESET some congrats. My wife unaware of the security I had set up with ESET for years, almost got horribly hacked by a smooth obviously professional scammer. When I came saw her on her computer one morning she had already let this company, charge her credit card and gain entry to her computer to 'clear up' a problem.
One quick call to ESET, and they not only told us what to do immediately, they then got in our system and checked everything. Nothing but one issue had to be resolved with one company and one credit card. A small thing compared to what could have happened had things not been cleaned quickly. I cannot appreciate ESET enough. Worth every penny spent over the years. Very helpful with some other issues over the years. The entire family, desk top and laptops now and will always have ESET security systems. - rdareme

Best for several key reasons. 1. eats up the least system utilities while running the finest active scans available. 2. Tweakable pro or nube you can get what you want. 3. Best updating and autosweeps. 4. fewest false positives.

I am using this for more than 6 years and it save my pc till this sec and it'll save in future too. I would recommend all my friends & family to use this and few friends even suggested to suggest others for using ESET. Best PC saver. Thank you guys. Keep up the good work.

norton and kaspersky sucks. even avast doesn't deserve a place here. Only Eset till date has worked on my PC. and in case if you are wondering: I use a humble 1.7 ghz, mb ram pc so you can imagine what an antivirus can turn my PC into.

ESET is the best. It is easy to use, doesn't slow down PC and easy in update. I used all antivirus. But nothing compare to ESET.
Even one virus can't enter my laptop at all.
I think it should be no.1.

I've been using ESET for many years. One day I switched to Avast and Co as well I tested other things. However, ESET is very very reliable tool. Let me advise it to everyone!

After trying almost all antivirus software, I found ESET or NOD32 as the best, because it doesn't slow the PC, it also detects the viruses more effectively than big virus companies... I've been using it since 5 or 6 years!

A very sharp antivirus system. Real time protection and regular daily update, in addition, you can perform a fast smart scan and submit files to analysis.

ESET it absolutely the best, it was rated no.1 on a professional test. It is 'honest', you don't get annoying notifications all the time. It works in the background with silence.

The one and only trust, fast, safety and powerful anti virus ever I seen till now. This must be the number one in this rank. It's very useful for every virus protection problems.

it is very fast. ESET is number 1 antivirus in the world, because that is NO FALSE POSITIVES, NO HANG THE MACHINE, LIKE KASPERSKY (SUCKS)