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21 Dr. Web V 1 Comment
22 Defender Pro

Updated every hour to make sure you are protected from the latest threats

It has a lot of pros and it prevented us from hacker as a virus went in the anz.

23 Norton
24 SUPERAntiSpyware

There is no one anti virus that can get the job done. In my opinion Superantispyware, Malwarebytes, Eset and Combofix are the only ones that can really get the job done without being top heavy and slowing your machine down. Some of AV software I mentioned are free and others you have to pay for real time protection. Superantispyware $19.95, Malwarebytes $24.95. Still a lot cheaper than those big companies that offer an antivirus that cost a lot more and don't work. I'm a computer tech for 20 years and have tested everything on the market.

25 My Clean PC

It's pretty low at no27 should in top 5 its really good.

26 Outpost
27 Max Secure

It's the lightest antivirus available at the moment with best results


It is the powerful Antivirus

Its very good anti virus

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Oh yeah I'd love the small space of ram when processing, it doesn't make my PC slow like Kaspersky. I've tried many other things but finally decided to purchase a BKAV prog, which works very gently, gorgeously and effectively. (not like when I scanned my comp with some other progs, they always said "no virus found" @_@).

Good one! I used to have such a tough virus that make me scan, ghost and re-ghost and re-re-ghost many times but no use. Then I used Bkav and it amazingly got rid of those viruses in couple of tens minute.

Nice one. It detects almost viruses and uses a small space of ram when it's processing

Right. I love BKAV

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29 IObit

Am using this...its toolbox fetures are really helpful...thanks for iobit

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 protects your PC from viruses, spyware and phishing attacks in real time and tweaks your PC to its top performance!

30 PC Tools Internet Security

Should be the second ranked doesn't slow down your computer like norton and mcafee

31 PremiumAV

Lightest Antivirus in the World. Doesn't Slow down your PC. Antivirus, Anti-spyware, Anti-malware, Anti-Adware. Heuristic Detection Technology. Zero Day Threat Management. Best Antivirus in the World.

Takes such a little RAM

Best Antivirus in the World.
Low Price - High Protection.

It detects the virus as 100% success rate.

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32 Windows Defender

Good antivirus

Best protection From Microsoft...

No bloatware, period. - noo7na7

33 ARTAV Antivirus

Artav antivirus is the best antivirus
can cleaning malware and virus
the size is small and simple
come on, using artav antivirus for guard your computer - Wopwop

This is amazing antivirus
I use it since 2008
my computer cannot break
c, mon prople usr artav antivirus
your computer akan good

34 AhnLab

This is the best and most popular anti-virus program in the Korea.

This free for the most people. And only private and public company, and government pay for it. Though this is free for the people, this is the best at protecting computer from virus and spyware in the Korea.

Since Korea has much more viruses than any other country in the world, I think it's quality is the best.

And remember! This is FREE!

Very Good antivirus software. It is from KOREA.
They are country which is strong at Computer and Internet.

That is very good antivirus software

Brilliant antivirus from South Korea

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35 Webroot

Say good-bye to old technology's bloatware. Webroot has a very small and lightweight footprint that uses effective new technology to stops suspicious activities before your system is infected. The product is always scanning and definitions are always up-to-date because they are "in the cloud" (stored on the Internet). "Cloud computing" and "SaaS" are more than just the latest industry buzzwords. This is how all antivirus products will operate in the future. No more scheduled scans, no more downloading virus definitions, no more intrusive hooks into the operating system to slow your system down, and best of all, Webroot runs smart detection processes that don't interrupt users with difficult questions that most users can't answer anyway. Instead, it silently keeps the bad guys out in the first place, and that prevents infections and system conflicts that users have to deal with after the fact. Isn't this the way the ideal antivirus software should operate? ...more

By far the best and MUCH less expensive than most of the higher rated software you can buy. Webroot Secure Anywhere will also protect your cell phone from apps with viruses and provides a secure website where you can track all the computers/cell phones you are protecting and provide a list of all your passwords to different web sites. I wouldn't use anything else.

I was advised Webroot by an associate at Best Buy when I got my new laptop. I have now had it for 1 year, and its better then a majority of "top rated" anti virus software. The best feature is that it runs in the background, so no need to wait for a long load time when you boot up the computer.

As a company we use Webroot with our hundreds of clients and have found it far superior to others we have used and tested.

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36 ClamWin
37 360 Total Security

He is best antivirus whole world

I think it is the beast of all... Other thing is it's totally free for life time... don't think go for it

Best after Kaspersky, Totally free. Speedup, Junk Cleaner and high cirus detecter next to kaspersky

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38 Netlux Antivirus

New 2013 best of antivivirus

Very easy to use and easy to understand, has the tiny updates, doesn't slow down your PC take very less resources.

Thanks to Netlux for amazing antivirus.

Best antivirus

Best antivirus Go en download demo for 1 month
en experiences bet antivirus

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39 Kingsoft Antivirus

Very good free antivirus. Even though its free it has all features same as that of paid version. I am using this in my laptop since 2 years no problem till now, not even a single virus as affected my laptop. I am very happy with this product. I am 100 % satisfied and I can suggest it to all with 100 % confident. Thank you very much kingsoft for protecting my laptop from viruses and spyware. It have web protection, chatting protection, online video watching protection, usb defense, Anti hacker, and vulnerable fix. Its very small antivirus, it uses very less resource, never slows down pc. Even though its very small its very powerful and works better than any of the antivirus in the world. It never give chance to any of the viruses, spywares etc. I am very very happy with this antivirus. In virus test this kingsoft has detected 98.9 % viruses and spywares. I can suggest it to all with full confidence its very good antivirus in detection and as well as in removal of detected viruses or ...more

Kingsoft is an innovative technology company focused on user productivity and entertainment experience. Kingsoft's vision is to create world-class software products that run on every computer. For twenty years, Kingsoft has constantly delivered innovative software technologies that focus on and improve the user experience.

I am very satisfied! Great in any solution!

Best company

40 Sophos Anti-virus

I have been working with computers before viruses existed and I have always used and recommended Sophos to all my clients. I chose it because it is the program that Governments, banks, building societies, insurance companies use. I have had problems with others and they have slowed the computers down too much, as well as that have sometimes lacked the ability to remove some viruses. If you have a Mac then there is no need to buy Sophos as it is free.

Very good quality corporate antivirus solution. Good detection, high performance, fast scanning speed and low resource utilization. The AV just contains on access scanner, on demand scanner and updater, so is basic in that regard, but really that is all you need in an AV solution (no need for 'web shields' 'mail shields' etc if your on access scanner works.

Sophos targets the corporate customer hence why its so far down this list, most people wouldn't have even heard of it and its too expensive for the average home users, but you do get what you pay for. Although if you can get your work place to use Sophos all employees get free access to use it on their own personal devices too. Highly recommended AV product

Works in a Mac too, and MAc version is free :P so far no viruses, works like it should be, nothing to complain. Best of all

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