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41 Fixico

Best thing about Fixico is that it's a managed service. You don't have to worry about configuring your security settings correctly, it's all done for you. In addition Fixico takes care of updates and patches automatically to keep you safe from security holes that are exploited by hackers. Best things - it's all done in the background without weighing on your system and without bothering you! All for a small monthly fee (With discounts for multiple machines)

Cloud-based. Hassle-free! I've installed it 2 months ago and now it works smooth like a "butter". The only thing which I would like to see is some kind of reporting in aggregated level.

Great service, much better compering to regular antivirus. You don't really need to understand what to do with viruses. They do it for you. - varsh

Best software++

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42 TrustPort

Really good anti-virus, this should be at top 10, complete internet protection, really fast scan and lots more cool feautures...!

I love this software. And I am to use this software, I am believe this is worlds number 1 anti virus

One of the best anti-virus, really fast scanning,100% internet protection, and it's very easy to use!

It's great No Non sense antivirus,

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43 PJ Magic

PJMagic Total Security takes only 120-130 Mb of memory. PJMagic Total Security is automatically monitoring status of system protection and gives brief overview of system security in System Status pane. Also tray icon serves as an additional indicator.
PJMagic Total Security has all antivirus functionality.

Real-time filechecking that detects and prevents viruses or other malware that are attempting to intrude user's computer.

Mail filter checks all incoming and outgoing mail messages for malware enabling safe and secure e-mail communication.

Heuristic analysis allows detection of new and unknown malware.

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44 BullGuard

Bull Guard is better than any other antivirus software! I've used this for ages and I never before had a virus encounter. This is a must-own!

Very easy interface to understand. Support desk easy to contact.

Good antivirus software product.


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45 PC Matic
46 ArjunAV Internet Security

An Indian company which provide complete solution to on line viruses. It has two Panel, first window panel and other dos panel.

Arjuna internet security is a good anti-virus.

47 Shaw Secure

It's amazing. It protects from virus

Good anti virus please more update it

48 GData

When I had McAfee, I would get viruses all the time, but since I got GData, I haven't gotten a single one.

One of its best

The only vendor with a dual engine to provide great detection

It is good antivirus...

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49 Emsisoft Anti-Malware

Dual scanner with one of the best detection scores. Combined with an outstanding behavior blocker module.

Simply the best! Test it yourself. Just watch the av comparatives site etc.

I've used Norton...slows down your computer a lot. This is a fairly new anti virus/malware program and is by the far the best I've ever used. Highly recommended and compared to many others quite inexpensive. Try it you'll like it.

Fast, quick, does the job, highly rated.

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50 Sniper Antivirus
51 Ubuntu
52 Switz Antivirus

Heuristic analysis - identifying of viruses which are not listed in database. SWITZ Antivirus can protect the system even from those Malicious malware that have not yet emerged and have not been included to the antivirus database.
Low memory consumption of PC. SWITZ Antivirus technologies make the consumption of system resources minimal.

Nice and simple user interface

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53 VirIT

I have tried many but this anti-virus is the BEST.

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54 FarStone

This is a great product. No need to re-install windows or any applications, no lost of data complete data protector virus free life

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55 itok
56 Lookout
57 Net Protector
58 Wardwiz

Excellent Product. File Encryption feature is "AWESOME"

You Control Your own security

Wardwiz is best anti virus.
I recommend to use once

Excellent product and hassle free... easy to use and scan mechanism is good. system never gets hangup or slow...

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59 Safekill Antivirus Pro And Internet Security

It's a great combine of Product Antivirus Pro version with Internet Security, excellence feature with full user control and visuality

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60 TNS (Tri-nano Soft) Antivirus

It is not required any virus definition update.

Awesome technology for detection. Good one.

Behavioral scanning. I like it. Nice one

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