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In this list of top ten antivirus, I have tried all the antivirus during different periods. I have had the worst experience with McAfee which could not detect Michelangelo and.cih virus in the past which had entered my system and crashed my hard disk. Even with help of Stellar Data Recovery Lab's assistance, neither vital data in my hard disk could be saved and recovered and neither the hard disk could be of any use thereafter.

Similarly most of the antivirus including free trial versions did not detect dangerous worms and Trojans as also macro virus on my system. I being a computer savvy always fond of accumulating all types of data be it movies, songs,.doc,.xls files etc. Most of my data got deleted on finding a virus in the files. Anti Virus should be such that the viruses only get detected and removed and not the entire valuable data.

This was experienced by me with Kaspersky Anti Virus too, which I placed at No. 1 earlier. Alas it was short lived since it too ...more

I have used Kaspersky, K7 and the Quick Heal Total Security. When I used Kaspersky my system was slow that time and used 3 years (2008-2010). Then I got K7 from my local computer shop and used K7 ultimate and found its good and my system was not slow. But many times it quarantined my games EXE file as a virus, but I used original version of games. On 2012 when I went for a best protection for my laptop and wanted which will not slow my system as well, I got QH Total Security 2012. Now I am using QHTS 2013 and I am happy with its performance. I never afraid to surf internet because it stop any site which contains malware or any virus. I have windows 8, and system booting time is 16-20 seconds and I forgot about computer viruses or malwares or spywares. I use net banking without thinking anything wrong. I have downloaded QHTS 2014-Beta, but I think quick heal has more work on it and it support sand browser on windows 8. QH team must check its performance on windows 8 including all ...more

I would say This is the best antivirus in the world.

Saying that Quick Heal is the best anti virus behind it there is lot of reason few I would mention.

1:-Best Customer care Service available (24*7).
2:-PC to mobile scan which is not available in any of antivirus.
3:-DNA scan which will detect any of the virus
4:-Light in weight, you will never get any hang issue after installing it.
5:-Best mobile Security in the world.
6:-Quick Heal is having User Friendly GUI not like Kaspersky and other av's where you will take 1-2 month to for understanding there GUI only.
7:-All type of protection Like:
Browser protection
Online Protection
Email Protection
And more..

Quick Heal indeed! You are the best..

I would suggest other also to use Quick Heal.

The best anti virus I have ever used, I must say, is quick heal, it is hassle free after all... It keeps me free minded when I surf the net with out knowing which site is malicious or can harm my pc, if I open any page with out noticing the ability of the site to harm my pc, it is Quick heal which warns me to not to open the page, isn't it great!

Its a very good anti virus but should incorporate a feature wherein the user is allowed to disable the protection mode in totality while installing other applications. Though the feature is there already but it does not remain totally dormant during installation of many third party windows based application. The anti virus should also incoporate cloud protection which is a growing technology for storage of data for the who travel a lot and need to access huge database while on the go. Otherwise Quick Heal is a very nice, safe and user friendly entry level anti virus with complete protection of Virus and malware. The updation methodology is also remarkable and the signature files are updated very fast and easily on a broadband of 8 MB Internet pipe.

Had seen that Symantec, Norton McAfee had some limitations at my place of work. Then took opinion of various people like from the IT Secto, some of my colleagues from IS Dept and my nephew, discussed with them the way internet and computer that will be used and finally found that Quick Heal Total Security was the best option available and was easily available. I have been using it since last 5 Years and have not faced any problem. It not only gives your computer TOTAL Protection but also to your cellphone.

You can leave your worries about securing your system to Quick Heal Total Security who can bear all and you never ever have to regret.

Quick -Heal needs to be considered among top 3
I have been using the software since 3 years upon recommendation of my friend who deals in computer hardware/software. Its very efficient in detecting, cleaning, repairing...any virus/malware. I am impressed by the manufacturers' inventiveness, in arranging the transmission of any new virus, that gets detected in the PC of any of their clients during internet browsing, to their Antivirus Lab,, for investigation and inclusion of relevant remedies in their updated files. This is one of their innovative methods to keep their software up-to-date. I have seen their efficient diagnostics and elimination of any type of malware, warning of potentially dangerous websites and blocking access to the same, unless decided against by the user. Their sand-box facility made available for all browsers, while accessing the internet makes me feel very safe during the process. Their Technical support is par-excellence. In all, I feel this software is ...more

Legendary Quick Heal, In fact it is the ruler. It will catch virus very rapidly. It does not even let you to visit any site that has virus in it. It protects from hackers who are trying to get into your PC. It must be between top 5

I used many antivirus software (s) being a professional hand in hardware/software services, previously I used to say that every antivirus is good for their times (time-being), but since I am using quick heal (nearly 3yesrs now) my opinion is changed to stick only with quick heal. I trust very much on quick heal TS, and I already spread it in all of my group and insisted them to use only quick heal as an antivirus. At last I wish good luck to quick heal team and thanks for being such a nice support to people who love being secured always in all manners.


I am a 58yr old medical practitioner with very little computer knowledge but my profession is totally dependent on smoothly running computers. I have installed Quick Heal in some of them and ever since then all my computers that have QH has been running trouble free without any nuisance caused by viruses. The only trouble that I often face is that a malware called CODOMO or something like that gets installed in my computers somehow and it is a big task getting rid of it. I will be grateful in QH can prevent such unwanted installations happening automatically in the computers
Anirban Biswas

I use Quickheal total security for my devices and trust me, its the best! Even when I was caught with a virus which was unusual and was not caught in scanning, the Quickheal customer service people handled it so well and that too immediately. What else I want from an antivirus that I forget about viruses!

Really I have an experience. When our application was attacked by a known virus some of the best Antivirus software failed to repair those files. But Quick Heal repaired successfully without moving files to quarantine. Anyway some other AV software think that repairing means deleting or moving to quarantine.

Really good antivirus program. Install and forget it. Superlight and strong defender.

Awesome antivirus than all time use it once then realize what is the quick heal. I am wondered how kaspersky is at the top

I like it but then I am not an expert though I get spooked too easily and cal my IT guys right away. We use quick heal on my computers for many years.


But how can anyone say its the best protection unless some independent agency such as the consumer reports tests it and declares it safe against any and all known malware etc

So even though I like it, its no here nor there, unless tested by folks who can not be swayed by endorsement or advertisements... Like the consumer reports in Yonkers, NY.

You are the worlds best antivirus corporation. Because your antivirus behave very friendly like best friends. And it automatically repairs it without disturbing other work. I thank you very very much for making so good software. Thank you and have a nice day.

This anti-virus is not only the best, but "The Best". You can do a loads of things with this, and also there are many other functions in the new version which other antivirus programs does not give!
So just try it, its the best!

Since I have had Q.H. total Security installed in my PC three years ago I've almost forgotten about the existence of computer nuisance, such as viruses, malwares or spywares.Its effective DNA scan technology and daily automatic updates (through Internet) provides you with a real worry-free Net-surfing, receiving and sending e-mails, or downloading virtually anything from the Internet.Have "QH Total Security (latest version) installed and experience it yourself.

I have been using Quick Heal Total Security for nearly 5 yr.It is light, sends regular updates and once installed, you just forget about viruses and malwares.With Quick Heal in your PC, if your PC fails it will be only due to hardware failure...that much confidence I have gathered with Quick Heal and that is the exact thing anybody would expects of a good anti-virus.Mark my words, if anybody has not used it ever, just give it a try and see the difference.It WILL prove each and every word I said.

Like many friends been using PC for nearly sixteen years...tried nearly all the Anti-virus..ie., the good ones like McAfee, AVG, Norton, Kasper, Bitdefend, AVAST etc...i switched from Norton and McAfee which have been using regularly after 2002...for the past 4 years I have been using QHEAL...As of now I am very happy with the PC performance. I Hope QUICKHEAL professionals/software engineers will continue to render their best services and keep up the faith of millions. THANK YOU QH TEAM :-)

Quick Heal is better and appropriate antivirus when compared to Mcafee which I used for past 5 years. I found the variation in respect of system speed and so on. I had installed quick Heal 9 months back and I am satisfied and suggested for internet centers. One more feature I noticed that it is very fast and easy to install as well as re-install when system is formatted. This is one of the best antivirus as per my 20 years system experience in Government organization computerization. It a great data protector. Admirable results. Thanks to the Team of Quick Heal product and associates. Wr. KRARAO

Provide best security for computers. Release less spaced antivirus software's. Product should have to be very good and free for download. Provide best product on the site for free.

I am using this for last three years. It is the best antivirus available in the market. As a IT head, I have also used many other popular antivirus in different PCs / network.

It's Really useful were they give tips in
Very simple words of all kind of safety on Can Have
I had been using Quick Heal for past 4 years and really never
Had any Problems to my PC with Virus
Really Like to say in Simple words for Non Computer Ba-ground Person
Quick Heal is really Best ARMY online which Guards Physically
And AIR Force which really Look after various Possible online Clicks we might click and Land in Trouble for our PC, its Best I feel

I've used so far, but since many of the antivirus software I use Quick Heal then do not trouble me at all. So far in May, AVG, avast, Norton, McAfee, Avira, Microsoft Security Essentials is the use of such software and Quick Heal's main advantage is that it does not allow the system to slow down. Although the virus infected pen drive to prevent viruses and attacks.