Top Ten Best Baseball Pitches

List of the top ten most effective pitches in baseball for getting a batter out. Don't be afraid to specify a pitch e.g. Circle change, 3 finger change. And Backyard Baseball pitches don't count haha.

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1 Slider

Really hard to learn though

it is god

Hitters never know what happened


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2 Four Seam Fastball

We all about what is Fast Ball for beginner's.First is to hold you need grip the four seam fastball.Second place your index and middle fingertips directly on the perpendicular seam of the baseball.Third the "horseshoe seam" should face into your ring finger of your throwing hand.Finally trow it to the mount of the catcher

Younger players base his pitches on this specific pitch, should be at least top 5

The hell is this... When someone pitches you this it's a dinger. The ball doesn't move

Better have good location or be really fast - Chickenlegs

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3 Knuckle-Curve

No one believes you when you say you throw one, but it's like a curveball on steroids. The index finger just creates more spin than a regular curveball providing an even more dominant curveball, thus more strikeouts. Everyone should throw a knuckle curve.

I am 15 and I love my Knuckle Curve it is one of my most effective pitches along with my Circle Change

Messes up a batter mentally. No one likes a knuckle-curve - Chickenlegs

It strikes my friend out almost every time if a get a good enough spin on it.

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4 Two-Seam Fastball

Best pitch in the game. High cell high movement.

2 fastest pitch and moves on the hitter

Definitely At least in the top 2 or 3

With the right placement is unhittable - Chickenlegs

5 Split Finger Fastball (Splitter)

If started at the knees each time, there won't be one pop-fly - Chickenlegs

I throw a splitter and I'm 15, it's a great pitch and does not put pressure in your arm like a curveball or slider

Splitters are great pitches. They don't mess up your arm like curves and sliders, and they brake enough to get any batter out with the proper location. Just look at a guy like Koji Uehara of the BoSox. His splitter was nearly invisible. - AlGalaxy

6 Curveball

Virtually every pitcher College-level and up has to have a curveball - Chickenlegs

It's funny to see batters get so fooled on a good hook

Crazy cool gets batters every time.

7 Gyroball

Not a magic pitch, but gets in a batter's head - Chickenlegs

It was a great pitch I used it for my strikeout pitch it got them guessing.

The batter thinks it's rising when it's actually dropping. It's awesome!

8 Screwball

The ' thing is like a slurve but reverse

9 Changeup

Cornerstone of a pitcher's repertoire, never a bad time for a changeup - Chickenlegs

this pitch can make the best htters look like ameteurs

Felix Hernandez has the best in the game and Jamie Moyer had a good one too - Jman2021

When used with a fastball, the change up is the best pitch. - Cbatower

10 Knuckleball

Tricky pitch, although it's prone to be hit for homers if left up in the zone - Chickenlegs

I am a pitcher in little league and I have used used it it is almost impossible to hit

Can be a very nasty pitch if you get the right grip and movement on the ball

Very hard to hit well rounded pitch.

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11 Sinker

I’m 13 and my sinker is top 10 in state, my best pitch and in my opinion, the best ever.

Why isn't this at least in top 5! such a good pitch

Look up Brandon Webb, best sinker pitcher in the game today - Chickenlegs

12 Cutter

It perplexes me that this isn't number one. Mariano Rivera revolutionized it. Then, pitchers year by year found out the wonders of this pitch. You think it is a fastball, then, bam, it broke away.

I throw it at 11 years old, it doesn't hurt my arm in any way and strikes batters out 9 out of 10 times

Really trikes that hitter looks like a fastball but it moves

I heard the cut fastball is half four seamer, half slider

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13 Spitball

This pitch used water to alter the shape of the ball, making it into an oblong and virtually impossible to hit. This pitch was so nasty it was banned from the league. This pitch is just dirty.

14 Vulcan Changeup

The best pitch around, all time.

15 Circle Changeup

Why is this #24? This is an amazing pitch, a cross between a Changeup and a sinker.

This is like the best change up this should be in top ten

16 12-6 Curveball

No doubt has the most movement by any pitch ever.

I throw this one, it's nasty. Easy to learn too

So easy to learn and a great moving pitch to

17 Eephus Pitch

This pitch really drops on the batter and looks like a clown pitch, best used on heavy hitters

This pitch was great but you get used to it after a while

Can be thrown in the 40s. Really can mess up some hitters

18 Meatball

For the batter- this is a great pitch. - AlGalaxy

19 Forkball

Basically like the spitball except it's legal!

20 Slurve

Helo why is this so low

This is a great pitch why is this so uderrated

21 Foshball

Great Pitch. Very similar to a Splitter, but with some tail away from a right handed batter. There are technically two ways to grip it as well, both resulting in the same movement, but with different speed. Downright nasty pitch, but very underrated, and rarely seen.

22 Palmball
23 Sidearm Curve

I'm left-handed and it definitely feels more natural to throw sidearm for a curveball than any other way. I kind of throw sidearm for any pitch. Sharp break downwards

24 Football Changeup

This pitch acts like a curveball. You throw it with the same arm action as you throw a football.
You grip it around the seams and when you're pitching, you twist your hand so it curves. This pitch is very rare and is one of the best changeups ever.

25 Reverse Sinker

Instead of dropping arm side for a RHP, it drops glove side.


26 Curve Knuckle

Curves, knuckles, and slurves

27 Power Curve

A faster curve

28 Folly Floater

How do u throw it?

29 Star Change-Up

Really nasty

30 Submarine Fastball
31 Sidearm Fastball
32 Running Fastball
33 Moving Fastball

"When you haven't been taugt to pitch from a young age you grip the ball with your whole hand and angle your foot 45 degreese from the plate and aim for the middle and the ball should curve right before the plate" this pitch is good as long as you have a capale catcher.

34 3-Finger Change Up

Very Effective

35 Hesitation Pitch

This struck batters out so well it was banned, and even worked against Josh "The Black Babe Ruth" (although I would call babe the white gibson) Gibson.

36 Submarine Screwball

You grip this pitch like a 4-Seam Fastball and when pitching this pitch, your arm release has to be low and near your legs or ankles. This pitch is basically a fast lefty curveball for righties and a fast righty curveball for lefties.

This pitch is taxing on your arm so I recommend throwing it in college with your parent's permission.
With wiffleballs as many times as you want.

37 Shuuto
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