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1 ChillTown

Absolutely dominated Big Brother All-Stars. After pulling James from the Season Six alliance (and crippling it), they realized the other members of their new super-alliance (Legion of Doom) were too strong and promptly destroyed it from the inside. They used Operation Double Date (alliance with Erika and Janelle) to control the other members of the House. They made one mistake: doubting Erika's own manipulative abilities. Very nearly got themselves in the Final 2, and probably would have if not for a poor decision by Janelle.

I am so glad ChillTown is number one! Will Kirby and Mike Malin were just unstoppable, and if you disagree then look at how both members one their own season. Will won season 2 and Mike won season 7, now that is amazing. They told other players they were "in" ChillTown but of course they were lying, Mike and Will were the only ones. The reason they got their name is because they didn't have to worry to much, not to mention the name is just awesome. They both won their fair share of comps, and their fair share of money. I love both of them and ChillTown. BUT, when Mike did try to say that kid in season 14 (Forgot his name) was in it for real I was just like "I am so sorry Will your ally is being a butthole." No but they both rock. LOVE CHILLTOWN!

In big brother all stars, they controlled the house. They were master manuipulators.

Statistically the best ever, with both members having won the game. Even though it's pretty obvious that Will was the power house. I guess Boogie won some comps, but Will was the star, the money, and the entertainment.

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2 The Brigade

I cannot give the entire detail because while this list is being made, BB12 has not ended yet, so I can only give you the information that has happen so far. When Hayden won HOH on the first week, Enzo gathered up an alliance of 4 men consisting of Hayden, himself, Matt and Lane and called it The Brigade. This is probably the only alliance competing with the Friendship alliance for the title of "Most hated Alliance ever". This is due to the lack of action of Enzo, the personality of Hayden, and the cockiness of Matt. Although, they have hidden the alliance well, when Britney won HOH Enzo and Matt was up for eviction after the veto ceremony and the Brigade ultimately sealed Matt's fate and the Brigade lost one of it's members.

So far Lane has won HOH and it seems that Britney or Ragan will be going home this week.

I think they are the best alliance throughout Big Brother history just because of the fact that they formed the alliance day two it never was discovered until they decided to revel them selves to Brittney (the last non Brigade in the house) Yeah sure Chill Town and the Donatos were very successful but they also knew each other previous to playing (granted Chill town didn't know each other in season 2 but lets be real they didn't really succeed as an alliance in that season) The Brigade were complete strangers to one and other but still manage to trust each other and make it to the end (with the exception of Matt who they decided had to go because he was starting to turn on them)

They ended up bringing 3 of it's members to the final three, which is unheard of in any other season. Evil Dick himself proclaimed them to be the best alliance of all time.

Best alliance ever

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3 The Donatos

They did what Chilltown couldn't... They dominated competitions and made it to the final 2 together. They are undoubtedly the most successful duo in big brother history.

Only dynamic duo to make it to the end of the season together. Targeted week after week, and used their manipulation of alliance and strength in competitions to get them through the game. They played a great game, both on an individual competition level and for the entirety of the game itself. I don't like Chilltown, but I do not discredit their gameplay. I just do not think they were a better team than the Donatos.

First ever 2 person alliance to ever made it to the Final 2. They were a clear target since Day 1 because that are father and daughter, yet they controlled and powerhoused the Veto and HOH competitions to earn themselves in the Final 2.

I voted for the Brigade but now I wish I voted for these guys. - Untildawn8

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4 The Renegades

I feel the need to correct the last comment... The Renegades consisted of ONLY Dan and Memphis. They had an alliance with Keesha and Renny, but it wasn't known as the Renegades. Also, Renny never made it to the final 4. Because Jerry won HOH, Renny was evicted in 5th place. And Dan took Memphis to the final 2 over Jerry, seeing as Keesha was evicted in 4th place.

This should be the best alliance. They were like able and got to the finale despite both winning a car and money during the time in the game. They played an amazing game!

Made it to the end together. Dan played a better game individually. He was targeted early on, and was able to build a weak persona which got him to the end. When he was shifted from the target he started to win comps and was a beast. Memphis made deals with everyone in the end, But he wasnt as good as dan was. Together they had each others backs and were able to slide by even though being under many radars

Made the final two, had the single best be player ever (Dan), we're both on the block many times but won when they needed to, neither one of them got into a showmance and both were able to get out who they wanted almost every time. Top 4 should be 1. The Renegades 2. Chilltown (they started it all) 3. Hitmen 4. Jason and Danielle...

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5 Danielle/Jason Alliance

Someone explain to me how the brigade (nicknames: Lame, Hairy, Bozo, and Shorty) are higher than Jason and Danielle? They had a secret alliance like the Brigade but the difference is Danielle actually deserved to win her season even though she didn't.

Played a nearly perfect game.
Both got to final 3 without EVER being nominated.
Would have gotten to the final 2 if one of them would have won final HoH - janiepierzina

First pair to make it to the final three with no one knowing about them. There the reason two people working together is dangerous in this game. They set the stage to work in secret with one person hence Dan's strategy with Memphis (the renegades). And why all the houseguests accepted the Season Six twist leading into season 13 with dynamic duos (only one were a duo the other two where just shomances)

No one knew. Best alliance ever

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6 Quack Pack

Other then the really stupid name they were a very solid alliance. Even though they broke up for a week, they got back together right after. The season is down to 6 people but I feel like this alliance will be in the top 10 by the end of the season.

The Quack pack was created by Ian trying to find a alliance and was willing to backstab his old alliance. Even tough dan draged danielle and making a alliance with jenn and frank in his mastermind plan and made them put britney on the block and send her out the door. He ended up putting out Frank and Jenn right after and the remaining quack packers made the final 4.

Better than brigade, there alliance was exposed. But they still got 4 out of five people to the final five. That's pretty awesome. Not to mention they broke up just to get back together. That is awesomeness. - q1q1q1q1q1

Ian and Dan were the goats bae

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7 The Hitmen

By far the best alliance in big brother History, (even though it was dictated by Derrick). By having a strategist, or Derrick, team up with a flirting Cody... Who had great social skills, they were always the house. Derrick Continued to dominated without created a target on his back... He did what Dan Gheeseling could not do... He put himself so far above the other players he did not have to save himself once. He made the alliance, supported it and then found a team member who would take him to the end even if he new he would loose to him

"It is no secret that they are the best alliance to ever play the game. Derrick and Cody dominated that game and were loyal to each other for the entire game. Even though Victoria would have been better for Cody in the end he still took Derrick because he couldn't have lived with himself if he didn't. That my friends, is a truly amazing alliance. They should be #1! "

I this list "The Hitmen" should be in top 3, Chill town was great but didn't sit together in final 2, Mike Boogie was carried by Will. In this alliance no one was carried they both kept each others word since Day 2 that they were going to final 2. Cody had control of Nicole, Victoria, Amber, and Christine, Derrick had control of everyone else exept Frankie.

Derrick and Cody went from being on the bottom of an 8 person alliance to the Final 2. - masteryeager11

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8 4 Horseman

This 4 person alliance consisting of Jase, Drew, Scott and Cowboy was a unsuccessful but then successful alliance. Scott was voted out early in the game, and Jase was also voted out prejury due to Nakomi's 6 finger plan's alliance. Although that didn't stop the remaining 2 horse as they fought their way to the Final 2 and Drew became the winner of BB5.

9 Nakomi's 6 Finger Plan Alliance

Back then, when Veto was recently introduced, all players were eligible to participate in the Veto competition until this year. This was when the "6 Only players" was introduced. This was also before the random draw was introduced causing the HOH and 2 nominees to choose one player to participate. Nakomis, the leader of the alliance of 6, purposely nominated 2 alliance members in order to "hide" the alliance because who would put their own alliance member, let alone 2 of them on the block? Nakomis, and the 2 alliance members nominees then chose the remaining 3 alliance members to be in the veto competition. Regardless of who wins, the veto will take one person off the block and the HOH (Nakomis) would put up Jase and the alliance would vote him out.

This was one of the best strategic moves because it takes out an enemy while hiding the alliance. Although this was one of the best moves, the alliance didn't fair so well due to the 2 remaining horseman.

Nakomis' six finger plan was the best by far. Flawless.

10 Legion of Doom

The Legion of Doom was a good alliance having Danielle lead the pack. Their reign of terror came to an end after ChillTown took them down one by one.

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11 Soveriegn

This alliance was over almost instantly after it started. The leader, Kaysar was voted out right after the alliance was made, and Howie's stupidity of letting Jessica convince him to turn on his alliance member James made it one of the worst alliances in the history of the show, but it remained as one of the most popular and favorable one.

This team should have won... Luck, fluke, and a couple of honest mistakes got in the way. The Friendship was so hateful and stupid, that it made it hard to watch this season.

Maybe not the best as in gameplay but certainly the best to watch. Loyal (the Sov 4), fun and an actual team that doesn't turn on each other; Howie, Janie, Kaysar and to an extent Rachel were real friends. I loved watching them. If it wasn't for James the scumbag they might have gone far together as well.

Would go down as top two had howie ignored the bitching maggie and didn't put up Jarah (James + Sarah)

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12 Jon and Neda

This is a perfect way to play; loyal to one person the entire game. They were targeted a lot, but never put on the block unless it was necessary. 100% the best alliance in Big Brother Canada

Great Individuals, but there alliance at the end, cost Neda a lot of money

Actually they're more like a showmance considering Jon and Neda were pretty much dominant of BBCAN. Plus it had two of the best players in the Canadian version - RoxasDan

13 Jeff and Jordan

Too cute together not to be up here and Jordan won because of Jeff.

Without a doubt, the best showmance. Love them. They played the game great. Jordan was the cute southern girl, and Jeff was the guy every girl wanted to be with. Admit it, he's beautiful. I also love CHILLTOWN BABY!

14 Daniele, Kalia, and Porsche

This alliance was created by Daniele who recruited Kalia and Porsche. This alliance was loved and hated. Two weeks after making the alliance, Daniele was evicted by Jeff, but the next HOH Kalia won, putting Jeff and Rachel on the block. The next point of view Porsche won and she obviously chose not to use it that way ensuring jeffs fate. Kalia was evicted two weeks later, but Porsche made it all the way to final two with Rachel and lost by a 4-3 vote.

This alliance faired pretty well although each alliance member being evicted every two weeks since it was made.

I love when Kalia defends herself in saying she played her own game; if by playing her own game she means being Danielle's puppet then sure, she played her own game. Porsche was a huge floater, and that's why Rachel took her to the final 2. Porsche received votes out of friendship, not for deserving to win.

Actually their alliance name was TEAM DARK SIDE. and for everyone that thinks there was never a girls alliance in big brother history... These girls are here to prove you wrong

I actually LOVED that alliance!

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15 Friendship Alliance

This is probably the most hated Big brother alliance with the Brigade not far behind. Although they were hated severely and called the "Nerd Herd" they earned their place to the Final 2. where the leader "Maggie" ultimately became the most undeserving winner ever in Big brother history.

After Eric was evicted from the Big Brother 6 house by Kaysar's alliance, Maggie became the new Head Of Household and created the Friendship Alliance with Beau, Ivette, April and Jennifer on Thursday Night, July 28th, 2005.

I hated this alliance they will always be the nerd herd to me

People just want to say that the Sovs were better because they were the team that was more popular. But, the Sovs lost because the Friendship played like the better team and they won because they were the better team. Because no matter what if Ivette or Maggie makes the Final 2 against Janelle they have four friendship votes and both of them would've beaten Janelle in the end.

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16 The Exterminators

Okay alliance, just wish they wouldn't started playing until the end

Great alliance. But I still wish Judd won...

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17 Brenchel

Brendon and Rachel were a force to be reckoned with. With the majority of the house hating their guts, they still managed to win 7 Vetos and HOHs in a span of 2 seasons, and Rachel won season 13. They knew how to play when they needed to. You can't argue that they played a great game physically, even if their mental game wasn't all that great. And aligning with the other vets in season 13, though not really by their choice, was obviously a great move if it got all the members (those who were loyal and those who were not so loyal) to the jury. In the end Brenchel played a great game and continue to be top 5 on my list... With chill town being my number one :D

Brendon Rachel = Brenchel. For two straight seasons they frustrated house guests eager to evict both of them. In season 12 they both barely managed to make jury and in season 13 Rachel won. As a couple over the span of two seasons they have racked up 7 HOHs and 7 POVS. She won the HOHs (6 of them). He won the POVs (6 of them). - merrimac

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18 Veteran Alliance

If Danielle stuck with these four, they could've picked off every single player. Even still, the alliance was unforgettable and a superfan's dream.

They will have make it to the final 5 if danielle did not go againts jeff

19 Alison / Jun Alliance

Best Female duo of all time these 2 HATED EACH OTHER but they put feeling aside and RAN the rest of Big Brother 4. Also there real alliance name is the Alliance of Mistrust

In my book, they both are the best females to ever play the game (yes, I said it, they're better than Janelle! ). Together, they dominated season 4!

Great people, I still say season 13 had stronger females

Jun dominated this game! She was the first BB winner to never get a vote against herself and she let Alison do the dirty work for her. Jun is the only one who was able to win while floating.

20 Emmett and Jillian

They didn't actually do that great... Even though Jillian still should have won over Gary, because big brother should be about hard work and perseverance and not a popularity contest

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