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21 Freaks & Geeks/Scamper Squad

Lead by Vanessa Rousso (who won 7 comps and strategic player) and Steve Moses (won 6 comps and won the season) were made up of a group misfit gameplayers who controlled and dominated the Big Brother 17 game. Austin was the social game player who managed to stay off the block til week 10. The Nolan Twins were also social and comp winners who made it far than previous twins Natalie and Adria from BB5. The group won a grand total of 21 comps and all the alliance members cracked Top 6! Definitely one of the best alliances to have ever played Big Brother. - BlackDiamonds

The Scamper Squad won 10 of 15 HOHs, not including Shelli's 2 HOHs because she was an affiliate of the alliance. The Final 3 composed of all Scamper Squad members! And all members placed in the Top 6.

22 Black Thunder
23 Boogie and Frank

Boogie and Frank dominated until Frank went off on Ian Frank won comps to save him and he trusted to many people

24 Late Night Crew
25 Texas Killers
26 Dan / Jenn / Frank / Danielle Alliance
27 3AM

Not the best alliance, but certainly one of the most underrated.

28 The Detonators

This alliance which was formed after the breakup of the bomb squad consisted of Derrick, Zach, Frankie, Christine, and Cody. It was created by Zach once they all turned on Devin. With 9 members left in the house not a single member has been evicted yet. They may not get along very well and are very loose but they know they have the numbers to knock everyone out one by one. They've had control every week but one, and in that week Jocasta was sent home. Thought they should have a spot on this list.

Zach should still be there and Frankie should be gone...

29 Ryan/Adam Alliance

This alliance was made nearing the end of the game and they made it to the FInal 2.

Not much to say about them...

30 The Dream Team
31 Paul Abrahamian and Victor Arroyo

Honestly, one of the best alliances thus far- with paul's strategy & victor's brawn this duo was a force to be reckoned with

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32 The Sitting Ducks
33 Operation Double Date
34 Eight Pack

Just A new Version of the bomb squad, broken up by an insane leader's need for control.

I mean this alliance helped three vets make jury. Nicole ended up winning

So far dominating the game.Controlled Jozea's eviction, can't wait to see what's next

Season 18 needs to be called...the millennial meltdown...I can't believe how horrible these players are...the only person playing the game was Frank...I ask the household...please..please grow a pair and do the unthinkable...shake it up...did you not what season 7...

35 The Sixth Sense

They were awesome! Vanessa played a strong game the entire time, so did the twins and they had Austin wrapped around their fingers the whole season!

They only got hate because they basically steamrolled the other side of the house.

This is one of the more stronger alliances in years on Big Brother. Lead by Vanessa and Shelli they both won 4 hohs and 1 power of veto keeping the core 6 safe (which also included Clay, Austin and Liz/Julia). They sent home multiple players weeks 2-5 that could had potentially won the game and controlled the numbers using other afflicate players like Johnny, Becky and Steve. The alliance ultimately fell apart when James became head of household week 6 putting up Shelli/Clay and the following week Becky put up Shelli/Vanessa. - BlackDiamonds

36 The Sloppy Seconds

They laid low and some were constant pawns or just very unlucky in comps, but sllwly they managed to get out The First Five's most important members and they made their way up there. It fascinated me how sneaky they were. Jon's social game was great and everyone loved him, Neda was sort of a floater at first but sneaked a couple of good moves here and there and she had the brains, Heather managed to go from one of the most hated members of the season to one of the most lovable, and Adel was just a crazy dude... They were so different but they made that their advantage and dominated. I couldn't believe how many power players (Kenny, anyone? ) they managed to get out in a short amount of time. Floaters usually go first but now...

They did what they set out to do

Great name for a big brother alliance.

This alliance tore down the high and mighty First Five one by one and they were lead by Queen Neda. Definitely a notable alliance considering they were all on the bottom starting Week 1

37 Janelle

She was amazing and still holds the record for the most competition wins in a season!

38 Rachel and Jordan

These two veterans were almost out of the house until they won a veto and won the following HOH. They made it to the final four. Ultimate comeback

Porsche probably pondering what would've happened if she hadn't opened the pandora's box

At first an alliance that could seen as unfathominable, actually happened and was a pretty solid dynamic. Also if Porsche never opened Pandora's box (rest in peace BB lengend) she could have taken out Jordan due to veto, force herself to be in Rachel's good graces and go up on the block. And with that is a logical and simplistic view of the situation hypothetically. Kalia could not win physical or endurance comp at all and Porsche could not compete (like all outgoing HoH's)

39 JeDa
40 Scamper Squad

Steve, Liz, Vanessa, Austin and Julia. All five members in the top six, top three finishers were members of the scamper squad.

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