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161 Layt Night

Layt Night is a new Youtube but I'm pretty sure he is from England. His content is so funny! I really enjoy the fun edit he does, I really can't wait to see how he develops! - spiritchild

162 MasterOv
163 DAGames

This guy, Will Ryan, is barely appreciated. He is honest, communicates with his fans a lot on discord, makes great music, has a funny personality in his lets plays, and the sort! - Essention

The legend of music! go watch it!

164 bubzbeauty

She always knows what she's talking about, she informs herself and makes sure to give her viewers the right info! She's so amazing!

She's funny, Gorgeous, down to earth and she doesn't try to hard. She's the kind of person that if you met her in real life, she'd be a genuine person.

I voted for Bubzbeauty because I think she is very creative and if you watch her videos you can really tell that she loves making them for us, She is very happy and even though I watch a lot of videos from other YouTubers I think she is lovely and inspiraring and she deserves it.

She is so amazing and talented. I rest my case.

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165 nerimon

He is so talented, makes great vlogs and amazingly catchy music. He has an extraordinary perspective on life. Every video he makes is full of entertainment. Definitely subscribe

Alex is really a talented and amazing person. He's smart, can actually sing (Forever Yours, Lady Godiva, for exemple, are really good songs ). He's the most hilarious person I know

His videos make me laugh out loud, and he's so charitable and talented!

He's not British...

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166 jessejrmc

He's a YouTube concious rapper from britain who raps about helping people. What more could you want!

167 111mattman
168 RésView
169 jamj59

Barely anybody knows him. Correction barely anybody knows how good he is. Yes his videos spend 10 minutes of him just talking about the bar code though apart from that is hilarious. He makes it hilarious because he doesn't try to be funny. And he is British and like all British things he is amazing. More people should watch his channel as he is like I just explained epic. Thank you for reading.

170 AnimationBenedeck

This guy seriously makes good animations, he's a beginner but he will soon learn better stuff. Please support him, he makes Game Animations.

171 FellOnTheDoorProject
172 TheGearsKeepTurning
173 iPodmail
174 MRLBXv2

This man is a welsh legend - triggerhappy

175 Beautycrush

I love sammi's videos so much, her style is amazing and such a lovely person.

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176 Honeydew
177 Joey Graceffa

Because he is amazingly amazing

He's an adorable ball of sunshine and good hair!

Joey deserves to go in the top ten because he is so funny and extraordinary!

Pretty sure nor British but if he was he defiantly would deserve it

Amazing but not British

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178 ZoeyYogscast
179 Matriox
180 ItsameMyleo

I found Myles through the Project for awesome actually. His videos are very witty and funny. They're not highly produced, but his personality really shines through. This kid is smart and eloquent with his words. He is also good with music (if you're into indie).

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