Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


Played for thousands of hours, and the modern guns, ridiculous maps, perks, the setup of the games and how you play. Well I am totally a team deathmatch guy, or tdm express, never even played the game by myself, only the online versus live people version. Played on ps2 many hours, x box many hours, but most hours on computer, best way to do it in my opinion. I have played a bit of black ops and no mw3 yet, but I am in the process of buying my own gaming computer just to get mw2. I always played at my brothers house but I moved, we played together. Getting your boys together and rolling some homies on this game is the funnest thing I have ever done next to the ex wife. I'm a guy, what can I say, since I started playing this 2.5 yrs ago, I think of nothing else, even if I haven't played in months, not a day goes by where I am not thinking about sniping some hoes, laugh out loud, it is the best game of all time. The experience is UN - REAL.

Nooby but mw3 just can't pass it because of the maps its a tie mw3 and mw2 I do not know how people can rate black ops over mw3 or any game that was made after Call of Duty 3 I have to say black ops was to slow and the default maps were better then the map packs mw2 has about the best multiplayer but mw3 has the best perks and kill streaks the spec-ops is good and the campaign is ok. Mw3 has the best spec ops missions. I think I would rate it a 9/10. I think infin and treyarc can do better like smaller maps. I hope black ops 2 can beat mw2 + mw3. They're focusing to much on zombies more fare perks like in mw3, no mw3 kill streak system no ospray out of care packs. Need campaign like mw2. Also mw2 map types. Faster killing that was not in black ops. Fast movement and faster gameplay (not in black ops). That's my 10/10

I believe that this was a game that showed a tremendous step-up from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Call of Duty 4 was a REVOLUTIONARY game, and to build upon a revolutionary game with so much extra content is something that is rarely seen in the gaming industry. MW3 is an amazing game, but I can't remember having as much fun in any game as I did playing with my friends in this.

Modern Warfare 2 has that just right type of feel. It doesn't push DLC and feel like a copy and paste like modern Call of Duty games, however it's new enough to have the best graphics and best updates (such as having multiple kill streaks). The campaign story might be weak but the gameplay is the most exhilarating and intense in the series without trying to be over the top like most modern Call of Duty games. And the multiplayer is fantastic. All of the great modes are included with some of the best maps with the disk. Despite there being some hackers, this is without a doubt the best Call of Duty. - Salsander

This game was my first Call of Duty game, and it is by far the best. The perks and weapon selection are outstanding, and the variance in the weapons/killstreaks are well balanced. The campaign was not as good as it could have been, but spec ops was awesome, and the multiplayer was the best ever. All of the games that came after MW2 were produced too quickly and did not spend as much time to get the graphics perfect. Black Ops 2 would be the only contender for the number 1 spot with this game at the moment.

This introduced me to the Call of Duty series and I have to say. I was hooked! I remember cursing at campers and playing with my friends online, talking to other people. A great thing about this game is that there was actual TALKING! The community was phenomenal. It made you want to buy a headset to get in on conversations you hear. Hands down. This was number one. People were overpowered in some aspects but hey! We learned to use them to our advantage and make this game even more fun. I might just go out and by another copy...

This is the best Call Of Duty, irregardless of everyone's complaints, this game makes you feel like no other Call Of Duty when you play it. Kill-streaks feel rewarding, all of the guns are fun and usable, and this game also has the best maps out of all of the Call Of Duty's. The campaign is fun, Spec Ops is a blast, and the multi-player is by far the most exciting and provides the most replay-ability, even years after. By far the best Call Of Duty ever.

Simply the best, set in the best time period. This is how Call of Duty should have stayed, it has become awful since being set in the future and has now reached a point where I feel like I'm playing Halo rather than Call of Duty. Modern Warfare 2 is absolutely the best game in the Call of Duty franchise and deserves to be remastered and released for next gen consoles and I'm sure many people will agree with this.

It doesn't surprise me that one-quarter of the people who vote in this list vote for this game. Modern Warfare 2 is the game that opened most of the world to Call of Duty - it was the most popularized game just after Modern Warfare. After this game's release, each following game was an improvement (for the most part) off of this game. This game also bring back feelings of nostalgia for most gamers, like myself. It gets my vote.

This was Call of Duty at its peak where not only it's game rating was at the series highest, but also the last game where both its story and gameplay was taken seriously. Black ops 1 was a good follow up but, afterwords it seemed as if all the other Call of Duty games just seemed to recycle the same gameplay adding some tweaks and modifications that can barely amount to a brand new game. But, mw2 offered the biggest weapon roster and the most intense campaign not to mention the beloved spec ops mode. This was a Call of Duty game worthy of its praise.

It is just a good game. Plain good.
Owned MW1 at my opinion. Nicer than the new MW3.
It's campaign is fun, multiplayer isn't as good as MW3's one but it is still good. The movies of storyline made me exited and crazy about this game. And spec ops mode was full of livesreaming FPS action.
If the enemies were a little bit smarter it would be greater.
If you like good graphics and spec ops action you should get yourself this one!

This game is amazing but infinity ward is pro although every Call of Duty is good mw3 mw1 black ops waw all are amazing vote for any Call of Duty best series on the market p.S. ump45 is the best gun online

This was the last good Call of Duty game in my opinion. I used to play this all the time when I was younger. And since I was like nine, the moment I got a 18 player kill streak I was practically dancing. The campaign was alright, but we all played for multiplayer. After Modern Warfare two any other Call of Duty games sucked.

Even though there are games which has better graphics, it is the best fps game for me. But I loved its online game quality. Its maps, guns and the other things brought together and made the perfect fps game. The most enjoyable online game and a good single player mode makes the game awesome.

Brilliant game if you have never played call of duty then please by this game it is so worth it it is exactly what I did and I never looked back, sure this game has problems but it has a lot more good things then bad you will get the occasional noobtuber and danger close nube and riot shields but this is just a great game can't beat it

This game is pure epic. While at a base, CoD4 has the better, simple, pure, camperless, hackerless, gameplay, MW2 just gives you so many options and, like its predecessor, was a revolution in gaming. I still play this game and psyched as hell for Mw3. BF3, eat your heart out (or just shoot yourself, I honestly don't care. )

Amazing campaign through the whole modern warfare series but this is the best you feel what the characters are going through you almost cry when ghost is killed and once done you feel like you have accomplished something this was the best Call of Duty by far and I wish they made em' like they used to

Modern Warfare was gritty, tactical and exciting, but lacked color, and I found the campaign to be a bit cliche. MW2? Intense firefights, suspenseful missions, good characters and sound, the list goes on. The Call of Duty franchise isn't exactly the best video game series ever, but Modern Warfare 2 is definitely their star.

This is by far the best Call of Duty game I've played, the campaign is sensational, the multiplayer is fantastic and the spec ops is genius. I may be saying this cause it was my first actual Call of Duty, but either way, amazing. There's also an aspect of it that's undescribable, I can't put it into words. Rate up for the come back OF INFINITY WARD!

I absolutely love this game the best. It's well made, the campaign is pretty good, special ops is amazing, and the best part is multiplayer! The guns are awesome and the lobby is set up nice. The only thing that's not as good is the maps. I personally only like terminal and rust... But I love this game so much that it doesn't matter, 5 out of 5... (Treyarch doesn't know what there doing with call of duty)

I really believe this game shows just how good a first person shooter can be. The graphics were by far the best in this game and the kill streaks were easy and fun to use. It was easy to be nooby in this game, buy I think the weapons in this game were superior than any other call of duty to date.

Where everything started. Evolution came from this game. Remember when hitting a 360 was amazing? Or a Temperrr Shot? Or a 720 was outstanding? Remember when any shot you hit you would still like it. Now there are standards. When this was out no one cared whether their shot was good. As long as you hit, it was good. No one judges you really for anything. Everyone grinder in this game. This was when the Call of Duty community was together and alive. I wish it was all nice still.

Fab game. Fab graphics. And the best part is its story.
The story of the game is awesome. Wonderful game and you should try it. Best Call of Duty game ever played.
Its museum is fantastic. I enjoyed playing it. The special ops is one of its best parts. And also the multiplayer, its just awesome.

The best Call of Duty ever! Story, Multiplay, Graphics, Dual Weapons,... Everything is just awesome! All the good things about MW 2 now is erased in MW 3. And after MW 3, I don't trust in Call of Duty anymore!

Anyway, MW 2 is the best Call of Duty ever, the best FPS game I ever played, if Titanfall won't do better!

This was Call of Duty at is best. The campaign was fantastic played it over and over again. Spec ops was cool. And the multiplayer we all know best multiplayer ever, never had so much fun playing a game all my friends had the game. We just came back from school and we all start playing and great times. I will Always remember that days.