Call of Duty: Black Ops II


Easily the best Call of Duty campaign ever. An interesting plot, with an amazing villain who you could almost feel sympathy for, multiple choices and endings. While most Call of Duty campaigns set in the future so far have been complete rubbish, Black Ops 2's setting of 2025 strikes a near impossible parallel between the boots on the grounds warfare of the past, and the believable technological advances of the near future. The multiplayer is also the best in the entire series, and the player count, even after all these years, proves this. While it might not have had any standout multiplayer maps, they were all varied and distinct from each other, and the pick 10 system was a great addition to the series. The only real weak point of this game was the zombies, which wasn't anything special unless you bought the majority of the paid DLC maps that came afterwards, as the standalone maps weren't anything special. Despite this, Black Ops 2 does enough for me to justify its place as one of, ...more

I played Call of Duty since modern warfare 1 and looking at black ops 2 just shows how much it advanced. The campaign was intense and who ever had the idea to bring woods back to life I thank you. The multiplayer was nuts! It might have some annoying and bad maps but the best Call of Duty to snipe in. by the way the Dsr 50 is a shotgun mixed with a sniper. The zombies have the same case as the campaign. It's hard to believe it advanced into a tiny simple map into something so creative like tranzit. That's right I love tranzit so deal with it. BLACK OPS 2 ROCKS!

I have not got the game but it looks fun to play and the graphics are really cool. The reason I like it is because you can protect your country and kill SOME people if you really want. When I get this if there are some people from Russia or Japan I would kill them till they become the DEAD SEA! And my team should be proud of me I hope you can drive things like tanks planes helicopters automobiles. If COULD become sergeant that will be awesome to just like flying the things that I listed up top. I would like to get this game and get MW3they both sound cool. I like it because you can get a lot of weapons in this game to thanks for your time.

This is the best Call of Duty, if not this then it's Black Ops 1. This game has good graphics and a good story. The original Zombie maps were too small and not that great, apart from Tranzit, but the DLC maps are better than any zombie maps in the whole franchise. Mob of the Dead is the best zombie map out of all the games and Origins is the second best in my opinion. Moon is pretty good too in Black Ops 1 but not as good as these. The multiplayer had lots of game modes (as expected) and weapons (as expected), the weapons were easy to use and the gameplay was amazing. The maps were also great along with the party modes.

This game totally deserves 1st place it has a short campaign but a great multiplayer and amazing zombies no other game you can hold staffs and shoot out elements of fire, ice, wind, and lightning. The multiplayer has really good weapons and some that are op like the scorpion Evo there is no other great game like this after this game all of the cods are going bad or into the future like advanced warfare will have Exo suits that will alloy you to jump super high and wall bounce

Best game ever the Multiplayer is by far the best out of any other Call of Duty game. There are a ton of awesome new guns that are really fun to use. I also love the zombies in this game and how there are more maps for zombies. The new multiplayer maps are outstanding with amazing graphics and some of them are futuristic looking since its in 2025 especially nuketown.

Fantastic Campaign, Awesome MP and addictive zombies make this game a definite candidate for best Call of Duty game
1. Black Ops 2
2. Call of Duty 1 (Best Campaign apart from Black Ops 2)
3. MW1 (Great MP and fine Campaign)
4. MW2 (Fantastic MP and decent Campaign)
5. WOW (Mediocre MP and good Campaign)
6. Black Ops 1 (Terrible Campaign but good MP)
7. Call of Duty 3 (Entertaining Campaign but poor MP)
8. MW3 (Poor Campaign and so-so MP)
9. Call of Duty 2 (Dull Campaign and tolerable multiplayer)
10. FH (Never Played It)

It is like three games in one. The Zombies mode is especially awesome with great new maps like Green Run and Die Rise, as well as a zombified Nuketown. The characters have meaning to them. The online multiplayer has also been improved. It is easy to spot boosters, there are no overpowered weapons, and there are no cheap camping spots.

BO2 was a perfect example of what Call of Duty should look like. The multiplayer was definitely the best throughout the whole series. The multiplayer was just so fun. I used to stay up all night playing Online and goofing about on Zombies. The campaign was pretty much the same as BO1. However, This game just stood out so well and this is the example of what Call of Duty games should be like.

This is a really big step for the franchise, really cool Multiplayer, awesome campaign, beautiful graphics, and this time I felt that my action actually affected what would happen in the future, and plus this game is actually pretty original, not like OTHER GAMES *cough* Modern Warfare *cough*.

I've had this game since it's release and I have to say, it never gets boring! The multiplayer not only introduced AI opponents to local matchmaking but provided the player with a vast array of weapons and equipment to make their class their own. The scorestreaks were amazing, the maps, unforgettable and the game modes fun and exciting for all players.

I'm afraid I'm beyond words to describe the amazement that overcame me when I first played BO2 zombies; 3 well designed maps, an abundance of badass weapons and what's arguably the best co-op mode seen from Call of Duty yet! Tranzit.

As if this game couldn't be any better, the campaign not only succeeded greatly in delivering a brilliant and enthralling storyline, but allowed you to alter the storyline entirely!
The branching narrative system they used was phenomenal, allowing players the delight of making choices that affected the rest of the game completely.


This game was probably the worst of the series and the most overrated as well, not only was this game full of campers and "tryhards" (see them quotation marks? Oh yeah that's right) I was quite disappointed when I was saw the amount of children playing and cursing towards other players and in the end I stopped playing all together when I reached prestige master and moved on to games with less abusive players. Not to mention the amount of "trolling" happening as well in my opinion the game scored a 2/10 due to the game being the same as the other games previous in the series. Sincerely most of the gaming community

A Call of Duty that actually broke apart from the normal monotone ones. Fixed a lot of problems including Ghost Perk and players not playing the objective. Discouraged camping too. Great Storyline, Pretty Good Multiplayer and some great zombies maps. It's a shame Ghosts didn't pay more attention to what this game did because Ghosts is terrible.

I so think this game is the best! I mean how could you not!? The zombie fact totally rocks but its not just that! The game itself is totally awesome! Then you got the multiplayer. I mean how could you not like a game like that!? Anyway stinks for you if ya don't have it

Everything about this game is amazing! I really like the new Diamond Camo for all the guns. I'm also stunned to see Treyarch put camo's for all of the secondary weapons. I can't wait till January 29th when the new Black Ops 2 Resolution pack. Power to the gamers!

What a stupid list, everyone knows this is the best Call of Duty game, 2nd is Call of Duty 4: modern warfare. this game has the best balance, epic shotguns, zombies, its just the most fun and the best Call of Duty ever. may never be beaten. - musicfanguy

I personally think that Black Ops II is the best Call of Duty because, although there were innovative new CODs before it, Bo2 was truly revolutionary, introducing a new point systems as well as a broad variety of attachments. The majority of the weapons were balanced. However, the game has its hackers, cheap kills, and glitches, but every Call of Duty has this. I completely feel that Black ops 2 was the best. I admired the camouflauges on guns and the wonderfully colored maps, something InfinityWard is not capable of. The balancing of the weapons and the system overall truly sold the game to me.

This is really the best Call of Duty, all the zombie stories are so fun to play, especially Origins, and the multiplayer is so smooth, and plus instead of having to reach max prestige to get gold guns you can earn them by using them a lot. and the whole idea of League play really made this game my all time favorite.

Black Ops 2 is a great game. The Campaign was amazing well structured and written with giant twists and turns along the way. Multiplayer is frantic as ever allowing you to try different strategies with the pick 10 system. Zombies is great and very entertaining the formula isn't wearing thin with the new changes Treyarch made to Call of Duty. Black Ops 2 should make it's way to the top 4.

Multiplayer is awesome and I don't think it can be beat by any other Call of Duty game out there good gun selection but the campaign was good in some areas not the best campaign out there but it's good just give the game a chance I know the first one was bad but they made some huge changes in bo2

I have played all of the Call of Duty games, but this one was the best. The graphics were far and away the best, and the gameplay was phenomenal. I loved the story, as well as the characters, and I loved the switch between futuristic and past characters.

Black ops 2 is by far the best competition Call of Duty game of all time. League play is great and the guns are the best. I for one loved black ops 1 when mw3 came out I went back to playing black ops. Until black ops 2 came out and now that ghost has came out I am back to playing black ops 2 again. I hope sledge hammer makes a good Call of Duty but I don't think it will be better than the black ops games.

A truly innovated Call of Duty game with the best campagne that Spans over 30 years with the popular characters from Black ops 1 returning. the developpers kept to their promise to bring the Call of Duty universe to a whole new level with An amazing, believable near-futuristic setting and Reference to the nowadays media. And finally a Call of Duty with a balanced multiplayer that that can hold It against ghosts for another year!

The storyline was alright, and the multiplayer is really, really good, but the thing that this game killed it for me was the zombie storyline. The zombie storyline killed it for me and it because it doesn't fit with the story. Origins map made it up for me but it was a little cryptic.

I have played a lot. Like a whole lot of Call of Duty. I'm not critic that will say statistically and rationally that the Modern Warfare series is better than the Black Ops series. Black Ops is better. I just like it more, for all reasons: campaign, multiplayer, and don't even get me started on zombies.