Frank Woods - Call of Duty: Black Ops


Captain Price is immortal. He fought in World War II in Call of Duty 2 and as a British SAS captain in Call of Duty Modern Warfare in around 2011-2012. That's TOTALLY WRONG. Captain Price died in 1944 in a ship mission. The Price in Modern Warfare series in Captain JOHN Price. The thing is both are alike, both look alike, act alike, are captains, and especially, both have their signature mustache, though price has a thicker and john price with thinner with some beard. Infinity Ward sure founf a good way to keep him in the series and for sure he is the best in Call of Duty.

The way he dies is so bogus ( If you pick the right in one in Call of Duty Black ops 2 ), I hate when characters you have to kill always end up dying so stupid, Like Dragovich in Call of Duty Black ops 1 ( drowning). He kills Petrenkov with poisonous gas and he drowns?! But anyway Woods seems like he is the most realistic character in Call of Duty do this date.

By the way he's still alive look up black ops emails from X saying that he's the only surviving member at the Hanoi Hilton. MOST BADASS CHARACTER EVER

Woods is an all American badass who kicks ass and takes names he is one of the best

Yes, finally someone who agrees with me, all of my friends think Captain Price would win in a fight, but there are any reasons that Woods would, First he's stronge, younger, faster, maybe smarter, and more well trained. Maybe even more.

We have the Soap to the Price, and then we have the Woods to the Mason. He was a loyal friend and companion to Alex Mason, having more value than Reznov when we realize he did die in Vorkuta. Woods would play an equally important role in Bo2, as well as Mason.

Badass and awesome! My favorite Call of Duty character of all time! He can never die and is amazing!

He is very bad! He killed everyone accidentally! How can someone be idiot!

Best hand to hand fighter in Call of Duty history he is also the toughest person in Call of Duty

He is a bad ass. "You see that chopper where going to take it" I want to party with that guy. Go WOODs!

Woods was totally cool, he always had something snarky to say, plus he was hot

If somebody is badass than he surely is he literally survived everything

Ghost #1? Are you kidding me? Ghosts was such an overrated character. Just because he has a cool mask doesn't mean he's a good character. He barely did anything in mw2s story.

Woods, on the other hand, is awesome. He will save your ass in a gunfight, take an explosion for you and live in Vietnam for 20 years, and he raised David mason even in a wheelchair. Woods actually sacrificed himself to save you from krevchenko, and that makes him better than ghost.

I only know him from black ops 2 but I surely know he is a bad ass mother

Woods is way better than ghost, because he ACTUALLY DOES SOMETHING.

To save him grab gun and shoot him away from woods then punch him

He is better then ghost because he is funny laugh out loud

He's an unspeakable bad ass in the first game, risking his life to save Mason from Kravchenko, experiencing horrific torture and lives to become the one of those old men telling kids to get off his lawn.

Badass man and great soldier. "You can't kill me."

He is a complete bad ass and is crazy awesome

Chuck Norris looks under his bed for Woods.

Remember when he shot the door back in Cuba?

So amazing dude, he is my Call of Duty hero

Kicks butt in the 80s, can do it as an old fart. - Thomax16

This guy was a killer. Nothing else to say.