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1 Minneapolis

Great city! Easy to get around, safe, and fun. You can hang out indoors or outdoors all year around. Everyone should spend time there!

Minneapolis is fun and exciting!

Did you know? Minneapolis and St. Paul are twin cities? They are literally 1 big city

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2 West St. Paul

I lived here for 7 years, and it's great. Most of the people are nice. (I am 10 yrs.) And another great thing are the trees. TONS OF TREES.

We got a dome - Norrisofchuck

3 Sunfish Lake
4 Brainerd
5 South St. Paul
6 Apple Valley

I live here. It’s great. Not far from the city, but far enough to where you can live a good life. Schooling is among the best in the state. Good roads. Clean water. Good people. In the past 5 or so years We’ve developed a transportation system that connect us directly to the city by bus. The only bad thing I can say about it is all the traffic we get. Cedar ave basically end right when you get into apple valley. This causes a lot of traffic in the morning, as well at night.

7 Mankato
8 North St. Paul
9 St. Cloud
10 Edina

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? Shakopee

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11 Coon Rapids

Gotta vote for my hometown, but frankly I like Grand Marais better.

12 Anoka
13 St. Paul

Girl please I live here so much better and we have the capitol

14 Andover
15 White Bear Lake
16 Duluth
17 Bloomington
18 Bemidji

It has a really good movie theater. I also live near it! It’s a good city smaller then others but still good.

19 Sartell

Not that much crimes


20 WoodBury
21 Blaine

Guess I have to vote for the city I work in., too (but I still really vote for Grand Marais).

22 Moorhead
23 Rosemount

My city.

24 Red Wing
25 Richfield

Nice city and quiet

26 Cloquet
27 Forest Lake
28 Cass Lake
29 Savage
30 Roseville
31 Eagan
32 Minnetonka
33 Deephaven
34 Eden Prairie
35 Wayzata
36 Stillwater
37 Rochester
38 Grand Marais

Go there and experience it, then tell me it isn't.

39 Baudette
40 Detroit Lakes

I love this place! So quiet and harmless! - MontyPython

41 Oakdale
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