Top Ten Best Cities In Mexico

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1 Mexico City Mexico City, or the City of Mexico, is the capital of Mexico and the most populous city in North America.

Mexico City was once the Aztec capital, later the capital of the entire New Spain, afterwards, the capital of the Mexican Empires, land that encompassed Texas, California, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and modern Mexico. One of the largest cities in the world, and a meeting place for all of the cultures in the West. Here, you can eat ancient Mesoamerican recipes while drinking German-style beer and listening to Eastern European waltzes sung in Spanish. Mexico City really does have all that the Americas have to offer. South American cumbia? Cuban son? Cowboy boots and hats? The DF has it.

Centuries of culture, history, and political and economic power are what make Mexico City the greatest city in Mexico and one of the greatest in the world.

2 Guadalajara

Better and more chill than Mexico City. Mexico City is dirty and full of traffic. Guadalajara is probably safer. It's really pretty and clean, it has good food and a good LGBT scene.

I am Mexican, truly and strongly proud of it, straight out of Jalisco, Guadalajara! And to those who are not Mexican, they need to know that the traditional Mexican culture is from Guadalajara. Viva Mexico!

The most Mexican city in Mexico! It's beautiful.

3 Monterrey

Nice mountain scenery! Should be number 1.

4 Ecatepec De Morelos
5 Tijuana

It's kinda dirty, poor, and full of crime. But I'm sure there's stuff to do. Party, get cheap medicine and dental work done, shop, eat, sleep.

6 Puebla
7 Léon

Beautiful city with diverse people. Mostly Argentine, Chinese, Japanese, Lebanese, Syrian, and many more.

I'm from here, and we have a lot of diversity. Beautiful city too.

8 Mazatlán
9 Culiacan
10 Ciudad Juárez
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11 Mérida

Pretty southern city. A lot of indigenous culture. Handsome dark men with dark hair.

Safe, friendly, plenty of culture.

12 Los Cabos
13 Zapopan
14 Saltillo
15 Queretaro
16 Cancun

Love it here. This place is beautiful.

17 Zacatecas
18 Morelia

It's a very beautiful city with a lot of colonial buildings and also has a new modern part. It has one of the best cathedrals in Latin America. The most Spanish city in Mexico.

Morelia should be in the top ten. It has beautiful colonial buildings, some of the best food in Mexico, and a lot of tradition. Very peaceful. It's not called the "Most Spanish City" for nothing.

I wish I could live in Morelia, especially in the new area called Altozano. Very modern houses.

19 Nezahualcóyotl
20 San Luis Potosi
21 Guanajuato

The historic center of the city has numerous small plazas and colonial-era mansions, churches, and civil constructions built using pink or green sandstone. Guanajuato is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

22 San Juan de Los Lagos

Great place and religious pilgrimage to see Virgin San Juanita.

23 Chihuahua City
24 Acapulco
25 Aguascalientes
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