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1 New York City New York City The City of New York, often called New York City or simply New York, is the most populous city in the United States.

Used to live there, but moved, gives me so many good memories.

Love this city it's were the twin towers were - mneilan

2 Buffalo

I live in the buffalo east side, one of the worst cities in the whole US. It's a great citi. Downtown buffalo is beats full

Actually 'New York City' is just called 'New York' and people put city on the end to differentiate from when you're talking about New York state. But since this is a list only about New York it's kind of redundant dumbasses.

3 Rochester

Yes, my hometown and so unique and great streets and shops, not to mention the awesome festivities every year!

4 Albany

I like it because its my faverite state int the us and its my state for my report

5 Syracuse
6 Schenectady
7 Lake Placid
8 Troy
9 Cooperstown
10 Niagara Falls

The Contenders

11 Lake George
12 Elmira
13 Ithaca

Not much crime, it is nice and peaceful.

14 Binghamton
15 Brooklyn
16 Queens
17 Canajoharie

Fun city, has really great good. - HelloEverybody

18 Spring Valley
19 White Plains
20 Islip
21 Bronx
22 Manhattan
23 Poughkeepsie
24 Yonkers
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