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1 Charlotte

Charlotte metro is BY FAR the best place to live in NC. It is beautiful and diverse, both by population and by geography. Raleigh is truly an ugly area - a maze of pine trees. Also, Raleigh's downtown can best be described as "Mayberry with a dome." It is a metro made up of suburbs - no urban core to speak of. Charlotte, in contrast, has a nice uptown area that feels much more urban - it's no New York, but the best you'll find in the nation's 9th largest state. Note: the worst areas to live in NC are east of I-95 and west of I-77. Period!

Charlotte is really beautiful - Cartoonfan202

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2 Raleigh

North Raleigh is amazing, safe, family oriented, and the schools are amazing. Southeast Raleigh is a ghetto. Midtown Raleigh has some nightlife and outdoor mall. Southwest Raleigh has the vibrant Glenwood and Crabtree areas

I went to Raleigh on a field trip in 4th grade. - Cartoonfan202

good city, the hurricanes suck though - bruinsfan

3 Greensboro

Home to the northern nighthawks who won four state titles in five years along with a perfect season in football

You gotta love Greensboro, not too empty, not too crowded, it's just perfect. I love it here. So wouldyou

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4 Nags Head
5 Linville

Best mountains and waterfalls -

6 Wrightsville Beach
7 Wilmington
8 Asheville
9 Winston-Salem V 1 Comment
10 Chapel Hill

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11 Winterville

I live in Winterville and it is the s! $#! It's got conveniently located stores and there's a beautiful daffodil field

12 Boone
13 Durham

Revitalizing downtown area and providing so many opportunities for fun things to do - DPAC, Durham Bulls Field, Southpoint Mall, etc... - Lexi3Times

14 Greenville
15 Concord

Concord Mills, people. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

16 Cary
17 Taylorsville
18 Kinston

Great place! Nice people

19 Hope Mills
20 Lumberton

We have the best everything (including southern and country accent)

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