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21 Blitz

A yellow ARC trooper. I wish he did more.

22 Commander Colt

Commander colt deserves the best clone trooper rank and the best clone

Awesome red and grayish/blue costume

Commander colt deserves the best clone.

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23 Captain Keeli

Dies a heroes death, this clone was awesome

24 Chopper
25 Fives

Sorry but he is all ready on the list.

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26 Sev V 2 Comments
27 Cutup

He shouldn't have died by a giant eel

Nice moustache Cutup has.

He was the leader of domino squad

Had so much potential, all the domino squad did. - errrr

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28 Cut Lawquane

Shut up and stop putting bad comments!

His wife is hot.

Pfft no shes not

29 Republic Commando Scorch V 2 Comments
30 Doom

Awesome green armor and two pistols

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31 Havoc
32 Kix

This guy is the oldest clone, still alive by force awakens and now he follows some badass pirate dude

He's the last surviving clone trooper!

33 38

This guy is the clone cammando of the clone wars. play the game star wars republic cammando

34 Commander Ponds

He may have only been around for the first ten years of the clone wars, but has proven himself a skilled clone commander on several occasions and served under Jedi council member Mace Windu.

I agree some of these guys are chosen based on personal preference but your choice seems to be based a on facts and skill

35 Commander Fil

The official name of that "lizard creature" is a roggwart named gor. I'm glad that Fil's death was avenged by kit fisto

He was the last clone of his squad yet still he fought bravely with his general Nadar Vebb in hopes to finally bring general Grievous to justice. Though sadly he died during a battle with Grievous's pet for a massive lizard like creature covered in armor

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36 Jek
37 Commander Blackout

A special ops clone commander. Awesome.

38 Commander Dexter V 2 Comments
39 Clone Commando Fixer
40 Commando Niner

Omega squad is almost as good as Delta Squad

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