I'll Make a Man Out of You - Mulan


This song tops Let it go by a milestone. The renaissance Disney movies were by far the best in my opinion. The old Disney movies are as charming but I lobe the renaissance era a bit better. Modern Disney is good but Disney just lost its touch. Though its probably nostalgia, I still prefer older Disney movies and this song is one of the best. It has a catchy tune and the movie has a great message overall.

Not only is this song amazing, but the whole movie itself is. Great action, adventure, epic soundtrack, and a unique aspect in Disney. While other Disney princesses almost gave their life for love, bravely let go of so much for their true love, etc. I mean, Ariel basically gave up her VOICE for that guy. Meanwhile, Mulan saved China! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

This song is awesome! It makes you feel so strong and it reminds you to never give up. It also that if the way you are doing something doesn't work, there are other ways of doing it. Mulan is definitely my favorite Disney princess and my favorite Disney princess movie. The lyrics to this song are empowering and this song is catchy.


It's me the biggest brave/tangled maybe frozen fan... So about this song... IT'S AWESOME, Definitely the best disney song that I know of. Thumbs up if you agree! :) Love that song!

I'm so glad to see this song as number one, it is by far the best disney song, so powerful and even though its number one on here it's so underrated elsewhere, you look at top ten songs on youtube, you always see a whole new world or circle of life, but this song is just the best! - diddy08

I just recently watched Mulan, and I heard this song. I can't agree with everyone more. It make me feel brave, tough and is really amazing. The lyrics are great, as well as the catchy tune and scoring. I have to say, this is the best and most inspirational disney song. - Showrater

Not my favourite (my favourite being Let It Go) but I love Mulan and this song is very different (in a good way) from other Disney songs. It really shows how the Chinese army progressed from being terrible to being brilliant. It's an important stage of the film - HollyRolo

Fun, suit to the story, catchy as many Disney song. However, it's the epic, the spirit you can actually feel, the thing make you really want to stand up and fight that make the song different than others.

You can find like, three meanings for this song if you take the context into account. There are other Disney songs with catchy melodies but they're pretty straightfoward. This one has layers, is ironic, is honest, is powerful, has build up, has key change, has vocals solo and great drums, and glorious trumpets at the climax. And is a montage song, THE montage song.

This song has a lot of power, it's even more beautiful when you consider the historical background to it, "Let it go" is a pretty song, but it's too loud and it lacks meaning. "I'll make a man out of you" is all about the meaning which it enhances with it's beautiful music.

Man, I remembered when it was number one. I don't agree at all that Let it Go gets number one. Its not that good of a song, well compared to every other disney songs it is not number one. This song should be number one

This song is very empowering and shows young people that anyone can do anything, no matter if you are a man or woman. It has a very deep message that even kids can understand. Also it is very catchy and fun! Definitely my favourite!

Seriously! Let it go! Stop being little 8 year old. I'll make a man out of you is the best Disney song ever. It shows the progress of Mulan and is one of the most epic Disney power ballads.10/10.

It's a powerful song that shows the transformation of a clumsy young "man" into a warrior. The animation is really good, and it's so catchy. It's better than Let it Go.

I love this song especially when it happens in the movie because it shows full confidence, and altos can sing it!

This song is amazing, it's breathtaking. The drums give the strength, the strings give the juice, the horns give the hype, and the voice gives the shudders, especially whenever he says 'bet' or 'heed'. Just... Ugh. It has everything! It's insulting, it's motivational, it's funny, it has METAPHORS because who doesn't love metaphors, and it's manly. It even tells and aids a story that gives me many different feels. It is also very inspiring because it's actually a GIRL among men who's sucks so hard at first, but with training and hard work she improves tremendously and brings honor to her country. She even stands up against rejection and proves her leader wrong. Is she ready to defeat the Huns? Yes. Yes she is.

As an unexpected bonus, it even creates a little meme/reference with the opening lyric 'Let's get down to business'. Whenever someone says that in real life I can't help myself. I just cahn't.

I listen to this song over and over again on the way to school every day ...more

I love this song it gets me pumped and I love to dance to it you have to listen to it!

It's very ironic and funny that she is being made into a man... I love this movie. It has such good morals. Girls, you can do anything!

Its very inspiring and tells that you can do JUST anything, just like Shang turns the whole army into awesome soldiers and, of course Mulan too!

Whenever "best Disney songs" lists doesn't include this song I cannot trust the tastes of whoever made the list because they are just wrong.

I really like this song because it is happy and sad. I've never watched the movie but I've listened to the song a lot and I really like it.

This song has such a power. I love it it helps me to study and work. It's a great song!

This song is just beautiful. It's strong and empowering, and makes you feel strong and brave. By far my favourite Disney song

Every Time I hear this song, just have to sing it at the top of my lungs. And not only that, it's actually pretty easy to sing!

Have this song stuck in my head and I could care less! One of my favorite parts is
Be a man
We must be swift as the coursing river
Be a man
With all the force of a great typhoon
Be a man
With all the strength of a raging fire
Mysterious as the dark side of the moon

Such a great song and movie!