Gravity Falls

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Gravity Falls is an American animated television series produced by Disney Television Animation that first aired on Disney Channel, and then on Disney XD from June 15, 2012 to February 15, 2016. The series follows the adventures of Dipper Pines and his twin sister Mabel in the fictional town of Gravity more.


I am OBSESSED with Gravity Falls, and I feel a deep sense of either pity or hatred for those who haven't watched it or think it's stupid. I've always got the theme song stuck in my head, and I've got so many theories! Like, what if Bill isn't really gone? (sorry if I spoiled anything). I also have beed decoding multiple of it's mysteries, like Dipper's actual name or what the whisper says in the theme. It always leaves me wanting more, and I was bummed when the series ended. It's got a great plot, and amazing characters with great, hard work. What's even more amazing is that a lot of the show's animation is hand-drawn. The plot, like I said, is incredibly intricate, and you will become hypnotized by, like, your third episode. Although there are some episodes I like better than others, like Sock Opera and Boyz Crazy, all of them are amazing! You learn so much just from a few episodes, and it seems like each one has a new plot and at least one new character, like how Dreamscapers ...more

Best show In Disney HANDSDOWN! It's awesome, mysterious and ORIGINAL. It's like a mixture of Mystery, Comedy, Adventure and a little pinch of Horror, Sci-Fi and Action the BOOM! Best show EVER. Bit I guess it's kinda new but it still deserves a spot

Hands down, the best Disney show I've seen in a long time. No, not just that - it's one of the best shows on television today. The twins are adorable together, and the voices are cast perfectly - most notably Dipper, Mabel, Gideon, Robbie, Stan, Wendy, Soos, and Bill. The fact that this show has the perfect air of mystery, keeps us guessing and creating theories of the future, easily hooks us, and makes us scream when we have to wait a few weeks or, heck, - A YEAR, for another episode speaks miles. Plus, Bill Cipher is SO FUNNY. He's the greatest villain I've seen in a long time.

Gravity falls should be number one. It has a great plot of how everyone meets. Its funny sometimes sad, but most of all, it is very mysterious. Alex Hirsch left us a great cliffhanger at the end of season 1 and episode He is not what he seems. I knew there was more gravity falls fans out there and I am glad that they comment about gravity falls. By the way I used to like kickin it until they took out kim. I like Lab Rats but not as much as Gravity Falls. I love Gravity Falls. Everyone teens should start watching Gravity Falls. I promise that u will love it.

Gravity Falls should be NUMBER ONE! It's Better than Lab Rats, Kickin It, Pair of Kings and Phineas and Ferb COMBINED! It has a plot that is NOT repetitive and the humor is funny, not stupid or cliche, and the lessons are very important, there are mysteries that are awesome and the animation is great, it's Disney 's best show ever made as a matter of fact and makes Lab Rats look like a bunch of waste. - nelsonerica

This show has been my life ever since it came out (2012), and the fact that it's over now may be the death of me. I mean, who didn't cry during the finale? I think, if you don't like or have never seen Gravity Falls, I feel a strong pity and very bad for you. You're missing out on some great fun and mysterious elements. Not only does this show have great plot, but the characters are fun and lovable, the episodes are intriguing, the jokes are funny, and what good is a show without mysterious codes hidden throughout the episode? On a scale from 1-100, I give Gravity Falls a 110.

This is without a doubt and without exaggeration one of the best shows I've seen in my life, and the best I've seen recently. All of the characters are great, they manage to keep even the recurring jokes funny, the story and setting are both fantastic, and the animation, which is normally what I have problems with in recent cartoons, is top notch; especially on some of the more important scenes like the ending of Not What He Seems. Not to mention that the theme song is one of the catchiest I've ever heard.

One of the best shows on T.V.! It's one of the only shows out there that doesn't revolve around stupid pranks! It has an interesting plot, sure to catch the eye of any viewer. There's REAL character development and real villians! I mean, a triangle trying to destroy our universe? That so beats the classic Disney villian that just wants revenge! First, you meet Stan, thinking he is a heartless jerk. Later on you find out all that he wanted was to save his brother. This shows the characters have real feelings. They aren't mindless characters that show no thoughts or emotions! This show is made for kids and parents alike! Kids will enjoy the funny puns and jokes and teens and parents will enjoy the plot, mystery, adventure, and the tearful emotions. This show is sure to please any viewer.

Gravity falls is one of the shows where I actually wanted it to continue! There is amazing anamation, great characters, and so much mystery! I do like Lab rats, but scoot over and make way for this show that's 1,000,000,000 times better! Gravity Falls is different and unique. I love Gravity Falls still, and talk about it with my friends everyday! If you watch every other disney show, they all have a pretty obvious similarity. I am extremely sad that it ended a couple months ago, but Alex Hirsch did the "Cipher Hunt" and how many creators from shows do you know do that?!?!? If you haven't seen or heard of this show, WATCH IT.

Gravity Falls is one of the best shows out there. It has beautiful art, relatable characters, and that THEME DOH! But in all seriousness, this show is amazing. Its like the Death Note of kids shows. The plot is ingeniously tide in with funny moments, mixed with just the right amount of drama. Look, I'm not going to get all sentimental about this. JUST GO SEE THE SHOW! :3

Gravity Falls is my favorite show of all time! It has amazing characters, great humor, and awesome mysteries. My favorite character is Mabel because I love how she's so positive and tries to have fun. If you haven't watched gravity falls then give it a try because I got hooked on since episode 1. I'm really upset because it's ending but I understand why. This show deserves a lot of love

This is the best cartoon ever, best T.V. show ever too. It's perfect. The theme song is so catchy, I hum it all the time, it's a mix of everything; action, adventure, mystery, romance, sci-fi, crime, comedy, fantasy, drama, horror, and more. The characters are really relatable and likable, and they all have their own unique personalities, Dipper is an introverted boy who is curious and wants to know life's biggest secrets, Mabel is an extroverted girl who always looks on the positive side and is always happy, there are so many more characters, I can't explain all of them but you get the idea. I was sad to see this show go, because it was awesome while it lasted, I just hope Alex Hirsch makes another season. - PeeledBanana

I love gravity falls so much! The characters and design are great, and the character profiles too. Gruncle Stan's background is really funny, like how can an old man commit THAT many crimes, and I love Mabel! (Don't you just love it when her eyes go in opposite directions and she acts all cray-cray? ) Dippers really nerdy but can be funny when getting embarrassed, Soos may be fat, but nothing wrong with that, he has moments in the show that are completely out of context, yet, still super funny! Sad that the show is over though, wish there could be a continuation!

I cannot put into words how much I love this show! It's so much more than it seems, you discover there is so much more to it than at first glance. The plot goes from a sunny story to a darker story. The plot has so much more to it than you think. There's codes to decipher, hidden messages and characters in the backgrounds of episode, every episode is linked in some way. Don't get me started on a certain yellow triangle dream demon.

This show is the best! Greatest show Disney has ever had by far! The animation is amazing and the voice actors are so perfect. This show deserves number one considering it is actually the number one watched in Disney Channel! Alex Hirsch has outdone himself with this show I'm I'm both excited and yet sad for the finale!

This cartoon has the best plot I have ever seen. It has great voice acting and beautiful drawings and settings and that kind of stuff. I am hooked on the show and at first I thought it was just some silly show but when I watched it was so intense and there's secrets and mysteries and it is so funny it's the perfect show!

Fallers Unite! This is the #1 show in the cartoon world, how is it #4 here? We looked it up on other charts and it was #1 on an adult cartoon list! What kind of "kids show" would do that? Best show currently on T.V.! My parents watch this show, and don't hate it! Please vote, I don't this this website is legit!

Catchy theme song, great story lines, likeable characters, good comedy. Enough said.

Basically the only good show that's funny. Here's how it should go
1. Gravity falls
2. Phineas and Ferb
I think that lab rats is indeed NOT funny and Wizards of Waverly Place is not even on and neither is pair of kings or other shows and most of them are not even funny while if you look on YouTube there are PLENTY of videos with theories. those shows don't have cliff hangers theories or comedy. GO GRAVITY FALLS!

HECK! Kick off kickin it, lab rats and the others above it! This show hands down is the best show ever. It's full of mystery and fun whitch always make me laugh. The creator himself was ASKED by Disney to create a show. He pitched the idea and it's popularity exploded. And I, wanting to be an animator when I grow up I understand how much effort goes into a single frame. Unlike those shows with actors

This show has something for everyone. It is hilarious, deep, has hidden codes and mystery, and every aspect is brilliantly designed. Disney is full of idiots if they don't realize this is their best show.

Okay, if you're all mindless six year olds, then I can understand why Pair of Kings is above this. That's not the case? You're all older than six and have a mind? Oh. Well that doesn't make any sense then...

This should go above Lab Rats, It's better than Lab Rats and is more like a good series rather than the typical sitcom crap that Hannah Montana or Kickin It was.

I always love this show ever in my life! For me GRAVITY FALLS is the perfect cartoon for me and nothing else will change it. First of all, thank you Alex Hirsch for making this show! After of our class or lunch time I always draw this! By the way you should watch this! ( if you haven't watch Gravity Falls) My other cousin (who love this show too) he said that I'm like the half of Dipper, Mabel and a bit of Bill. Why Dipper? because he said that I am a nerd, (but that's true. I love puzzling,solving mysteries, I'm good at math and in science) Why Mabel? He says that I'm a bit eclectic,creative and funny. For Bill, he tell me, "You and Bill are like a bit twins" "huh! why? " I answer "because you are naughty,a bit, you are a bit evil and you are impression of him too! Sometimes your a wise girl just like him" and I didn't speak after he said that. By the way just watch and vote GRAVITY FALLS as number 1. The ending of Gravity Falls is touching that melts my heart but Alex Hirsch still ...more

Gravity Falls is pretty much the best animated cartoon show. It's great for people who love "mystery, adventure and true friends", quoted from the show. The show has an amazing plot and the amount of conspiracies about it are amazing too! It includes silly, awesome, weird, smart, all into one. Give this show a try, I'm sure you'll like it.