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Rayquaza is a Legendary Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. It lives in the ozone layer, and frequently stops battles with Kyogre and Groudon, two other Legendaries.


Rayquaza truly is the king of the dragon types. Its name literally means "Emperor of Japan." With a base stat total of 680 and attack and special attacks stats through the roof, almost nothing stands in its way. Now it possesses a new mega evolution. One that does not require a mega stone, giving it the opportunity to have held items. Not only does it have mega evolution, but it has the new special move, Dragon Ascent. Sure this move lowers the user's defense and special defense, it is capable of DEMOLISHING almost any target with a power of 120 and an already alarming attack stat. This Pokemon really is number 1.

Rayquaza is incredibly powerful, especially now that it has a mega evolution and add Dragon accent and this thing is almost unbeatable I think it should be ranked much higher than it is. And it by far out ranks dragonite, I know dragonite is powerful but seriously, rayquaza is one of the only legendary with a mega evolution (of course there will be more) but rayquaza with its mega evolution is pretty much immortal.

Raquaza is the best qualified dragon type pokemon on this list It can learn the best dragon and flying type moves in the game being Draco meteor and dragon ascent and if all the legendary dragons were banned from this list either mega charizard x mega garchomp or mega salamence would've taken the number 1 spot on this list hands down kingdra and flygon also qualify for the number 1 spot because compared to those dragons dragonite sucks just saying.

The best dragon, and the best mega evolution. The only mega Pokemon to be aloud to not hold a mega stone to evolve. This guy can hold a life orb or a choice item to beat his opponent while in mega form. Rayquaza is powerful enough to stop both Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre in his Mega form.

Why would rayquaza only be third. He stars in his own movie, he looks like a real dragon unlike dragonite, and he could easily demolish dragonite and salamence. Also, his design is unique and his shiny is wicked cool.

Rayquaza, Rayquaza, Rayquaza. The Pokemon that has the highest attack and special attack. It move's are OP (UNBELIAVABLY POWERFUL) Outrage is the most OP move it had. Why not be the First? Dragonite is sometime consider Legendary but this true legend Rayquaza I bet can kick that dragonite butt off his crown! So never underestimate Rayquaza. This beast beat all the Elite 4 and 6 I think... But it moves are OP!

Probably the most known Dragon Pokemon a dragon top ten would not be complete without mentioning this giant flying Serpent. It is so well known that it even appeared as a boss in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

With it's new mega evolution it literally has the highest base stat total of all Pokemon, it had to be given it's own tier called "anything goes". Easily the strongest dragon type Pokemon.

If you don't think that rayquaza is the best Dragon type ever then never exist or did by the might. He even mega evolve without a mega and key stone so you can just put a flipping overpowered item on him and sweep everyone's team!

If you watched mega evolution special episode 3, mega Rayquaza beat primal Groudon and Kyogre. And it even beat mega Charizard in mega evolution special episode 2. It even has really POWERFUL MOVES!

I say Rayquaza is the best! It can easily defeat many other dragon types with it. It has killer moves like v-create which can easily defeat dialga and especially dragon ascent. And it can mega evolve too unlike dragonite.

Rayquaza is definitely the strongest dragon type. Almost all attacks are compatible for rayquaza and its stats are also very high. No dragon type can out best Rayquaza. !

Why is this rayquaza in the 7th place.It can easily defeat any pokemon except arceus.After all It does not faints, It's rage increases after opponents every single move.

I voted for Dragonite, but I totally agree Rayquaza is second. He is very strong and beautiful. He also knows fantastic moves. As with my review for Dragonite, I do not know much more about him.

It really deserves first place, doesn't it? It is the only pokemon that is capable of mega evolving without a stone, plus the fact that the mega has a base stat of 780, and is only equal to mega mewtwo, makes it overpowered

Rayquaza should be Number 1! This is an OUTRAGE! Get it? But in all seriousness, Rayquaza has a higher speed stat and can sweep LANCE at it's basic level, 70. That is including it's moves. Rayquaza has Ancientpower, that not only with the fact that it has a high speed, but it boosts all of it's stats, or Crunch which not only is strong against ice Pokemon, but it also is a strength against psychic types and ghosts. It can learn Surf a move that defeats yet another weakness, and blizzard or ice beam, which literally does x4 against GARCHOMP, SALEMENCE, AND DRAGONITE!

THIS GUY IS ULTIMATE! He is faster than Ash Greninja in his Mega form lol. Screw Kyurem he is not the strongest dragon Pokemon. No one can resist putting a Mega Rayquaza in their Team!

Why the heck is raquaza 8? Raquaza is the 5th BEST POKEMON OF ALL TIME because of its stats, and it has the BEST ATTACK IN POKEMON ever

By far and wide Rayquaza can utterly destroy this list with its high stats and its move sets and versatility hyper beam and outrage!

There is no reason why I should get off ass and say Dragonite is the best and digs the crap out off floors so grounds like what is he going to do plant a mine in his back yard like think

My favourite dragon type and one of my all type favorite Pokemons along with gengar and charizard, should be higher in this list.

If you are scared of snakes Pokemon probably are too and Rayquaza is a giant snake so it should win every single battle!

I agree rayquaza is the best dragon type ever and could beat dragonite also do you like sinnoh legendary dragon types?

This guy obviously has to be the best! He is more powerful than Mega Mewtwo because he doesn't need a mega stone and he can hold an item. And he is so OP with powerful moves.

I think the reason we can't put Rayquaza at 1 is that we can't use her in the Battle Frontier, whereas we can use Dragonite in the Battle Frontier.