Best DragonBall AF Ideas

DragonBall AF has been talked a lot about by the fans, even though the AF actually stands for April Fools. The idea for a Super Saiyan 5 isn't too bad even though Super Saiyan 4 is the ultimate, but after that it just got stupid. Yes some fans overdid it with the creation of their own versions of silly forms like Super Saiyan 6 onwards, but even still there were some good creations. Which of these new forms / characters would you like to see included in a future game? (Yes I know SS3 Broly and Vegeta were included in the Raging Blasts)

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1 Super Saiyan 4 Broly

Broly Am Gonna See You In AF Please Bring Itt!

Broly supersaiyan 4 can defeat by evil guko supersaiyan 4

2 Vehan (Gohan fused with Vegeta with Pottarra earrings)
3 Super Saiyan 5 Goku

This is the obvious biggie. I think the "official" AF look of Super Saiyan 5 is wrong because of the silver colour, which is just random and silly, I think if Super Saiyan 5 was to be included in a game or something then it should be just like Super Saiyan 4 but golden and bulkier, because that would be combining the look of Super Saiyan 4 which is a different type of transformation to the others, with the golden look of the other Super Saiyan forms. I think a golden Super Saiyan 5 would be much better than the silver concept, and it could be the absolutely maximum for a Super Saiyan - EvilAngel

4 Super Buu Vegito absorbed
5 Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta

He really deserves it!

6 5th form Frieza

If Cooler can reach a fifth form then it would be great if Frieza could too. Frieza's version would be much stronger, because in his fifth form Cooler can't damage Goku, but Frieza in 100% of his 4th form could damage Super Saiyan Goku. 5th form Frieza would be very strong and look cool - EvilAngel

7 Super Saiyan 3 Broly
8 Super Saiyan 3 Gogeta
9 Xicor

Goku's 3rd Son In AF

10 Super Saiyan 2 Teen Trunks

The Contenders

11 Cell with Super Android 17 absorbed

What if rather than absorbing the regular Android 17 Cell had absorbed Super Android 17 from DragonBall GT instead - EvilAngel

12 Super Saiyan 4 Bardock

SS4 bardock can whip freeza, cooler and king cool butt and still be bored

13 Coolza

Mentioned only once, at the end of a rather short summary. Coolza is the fusion of Frieza and Cooler, via the fusion dance.

I like that idea I have some transformation ideas to tell you. 1. 1st form coolza is like 4th form Cooler plus 1st form Frieza who is as powerful as ssj2 Goku. 2. 2nd form Coolza is like 2nd form Frieza and is almost as tall as 3rd form Frieza and as powerful as full power ssj2 Vegeta. 3. 3rd form Coolza is like 3rd form Frieza but as tall as 2nd form Frieza and is as powerful as ssj3 Goku 4th form Coolza is just like 4th form Frieza but with mostly dark purple skin and a bit of white skin plus looks like Cooler on the face with Frieza's body.

14 Tiencha

Tiencha is the fusion of Tien and Yamcha. Nothing that I know of mentions anything specifically about "Tiencha", just that it's the Tien/Yamcha fusion.

15 Broby

This character is not mentioned in any summary or episode list. The only thing of this apparent fusion that exists

16 Coolza Saga the 5th Saga of Dragon Ball Af.

The Coolza saga has 24 episodes with the last episode ending with Coolza in his golden 6th form with full power which is as powerful as 82% ssj6 Vegeta saying I will have my revenge you will see! plus the episodes start with episode 180 Coolza the fusion of Frieza and Cooler to episode 204 Bye bye Coolza. also if you like this add a nice comment down below or don't say anything.

17 Android #22

Android #22 only exists as an image, and has not been mentioned in any writings that I know of. Android #22 is a female machine created by the Red Ribbon Army, designed to replicate Vegeta's attack style, right down to the super Saiyan transformations (or so I would assume, since the picture mentions it having Saiyan DNA).

18 Bricor

Bricor, or "Bricer" as spelled in the summary, is a fusion between Broly and Xicor. The only thing mentioned about this fusion, is that it can transform to "SSJ5 Ascended".

19 Goshin

If my memory serves, Goshin isn't spoken of in any of the summaries that I know of, and the only evidence of his very existence is a picture of him.

20 Vegeta Second Son - A Science Experiment.

I think the ongoing db super series should be like bulma trying to experiment her own child by fusing 100000 vegeta saiyan sperms and giving birth to a all powerful saiyan. With power levels beyond God of destruction.

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