Top 10 Best Halo Levels

Some Halo levels are shocking but there are some that you can do over and over again and explore.

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1 The Covenant: Halo 3

What happens: You're dropped off in the vicinity of covenant forces after you fly in a pelican into the outskirts of the citadel. You're forced to drop after your pelican comes under heavy fire. You disembark, and kill the enemies around you. You destroy the AA wraith and wait for a pelican to drop off a warthog. You drive the warthog to the first generator, killing ghosts, shades, prowlers and a wraith on the way. You get inside, get up the elevator, and turn off the first shield. The arbiter's group has taken down the second. Sgt. Johnson's group seems to have been delayed at the third. You receive a radio transmission from Johnson saying he's pinned down. You retreat, come back to where you came, and fly a hornet to the 3rd generator. You get in, go up the elevator and take down the shield. The elite battleship enters and prepares to fire upon the citadel. OUT OF NOWHERE, High Charity, which is infected by the flood, comes from a slipspace drive, rocks and debris flying with it. ...more

There's just so much going on this level and that's what I love about it. First you charge your way to the first barrier tower, making your way past Covies that try to stop you. Then Johnson's taken, and you go to the third barrier tower, fighting swarms of drones. At the top floor, you find out that the flood have joined this epic battle. On your way to the Citadel you get to pilot a Scorpion, blasting away everything that wants you dead. Then you get into a hornet and destroy not one, but TWO scarabs. My favorite cutscene happens where Johnson takes that beating from the brute like a man, and Miranda Keyes tries to save him, but she dies a very sad death. And then, for the first time ever, THE FLOOD ARE YOUR ALLIES. You battle the brutes alongside the flood horde and kill Truth... Only to have Gravemind betray you. Does not that sound like A LOT of variety?

My favorite level! Fighting the 2 scarabs has got to be something no one expected while playing the level for the first time. Truth finally pays for his betrayal with the Elites. Great level!

Along with Halo from Combat Evolved, this feels like the definite Halo experience. First, you are dropped off to pick off the number of the covenant at the Barrier (that you have to destroy) where the Prophet of Truth is located, soon you have to save Sergeant Johnson and Miranda Keyes, fight 2 scarabs, and ride in a Hornet! Not to mention it looks so open while also being able to focus on the main goal (I could barely focus on where I was supposed to go in Halo from Combat Evolved). This has a lot of variety as well! Definitely my favorite mission in all of gaming!

2 Halo: Halo 3

I just love this level because it closes Master Chiefs story the way it should. While my brother and I were playing through we just knew that there had to be a part just like the ending of the very first Halo. So fitting and gives a great finish to a great game.

While I think this rivals "Shock and Awe" from COD4 as one of the greatest moments in FPS video game history, this level is not without flaws. Most notably, the "boss fight" with 343, due to only having one attack that is easily dodged and being able to use a Spartan Laser with INFINITE ammo. But ignoring that, this was to sum up in one word: incredible. Especially during the Warthog Run segment that everyone knows this chapter for. And the music. Three words: One. Last. Effort!

I love this level. You go and light the ring and the monitor tries to stop you and you have to kill the monitor. Then the flood tries to stop you from escaping and you go to Johnson's warthog and drive your way out of the place through a bunch of obsticles and try to survive the flood hijacking the warthog. What is better then that?

So much stuff in this level, it may not be as good as 'the covenant, but it at least deserves the second place

3 The Quarantine Zone: Halo 2

I never quite understood how this one was left so ignored. My point is, Quarantine Zone is a dark and cold world that's breathtaking and that has a profound history. The whole place is a technical and artistic marvel. I have to stop so damn often to just look at the surroundings...

This is the best level of halo 2. Playing long levels is SO rewarding at the end. The Arbiter is awesome. I makes you feel like your pushing into a fortress with an army to assist you!

Underrated. A fantastic level filled to the brim with atmosphere as you go into a giant battle against humans, sentinels, and flood alike

One of the best levels in the entire series with so many enemies, vehicles and the level design is great

4 Long Night of Solace: Halo Reach

I remember playing this in 8th grade thinking that this is what makes halo so great. A NEW, fun, and long air vehicle battle that takes place in space was just the most fun I had had in the series up to that point. Plus the end with Jorge was just so heartbreaking and emotional. No doubt best mission in any halo

I cannot possibly understand why this level is so loved. Gameplay was as repetitive as heck and the most memorable part for being so bad, boring and repetitive, was flying the sabre. If you don't feel any sense of accomplishment in normal mode, the Sabre part lasted for a way longer time that it should be and completing this level was a chore. Map was nothing but purple structures, enemies weapons and general options were bland. Most boring level in Halo history.

This is my favorite Halo mission, the beginning battle was fun, then you get on the Saber fighters, and after that you get to blow up the Covenant ship.

Amazing beach sequence, Amazing flying parts, the awesome corridor fights, storming the bridge, and defending the hangar. My favourite level by far.

5 The Ark: Halo 3

You drop off. You snipe some aliens. You go through a tunnel, snipe some again, kill 2 hunters, get up a hill with aliens and into a forerunner corridor in the cliff. You get into a huge open space. You snipe or shoot every brute, grunt and jackal there. Then, 2 prowlers come along. You destroy them in any way you want. You can get on a mongoose or a prowler and go to the other side of the open area. You kill all the ghosts, prowlers and choppers there. You drive down and reach a forerunner structure. You kill everything there. You follow a pelican to the landing zone, which is blocked off by AA wraiths, a wraith, some ghosts, and a lot of brutes. You drive there, destroying ghosts and jackals on the way. You clear the LZ, and the frigate comes down. The frigate gives you tanks, and it is most wise to get in one instead of a warthog or mongoose. You shoot your way back to the structure, killing ghosts, hunters, phantoms, shades and wraiths on the way. The oracle opens the door to the ...more

4th best level ever. It is the best desert level in Halo and it is a lot of fun with all the sniping, scarab battles and memorable moments throughout (watching the Forward unto Dawn drop off tanks was one of the best moments in my opinion)

This level is very epic. Getting that tanks was my favorite part and it just feels awesome to experience all of the stuff going on in this level. This level is 2nd place to me.

So original. Lots of replay value! Never get tired of playing it!

6 The Silent Cartographer: Halo: Combat Evolved

I'm amazed at how unappreciated this level is. For me this is where my love for Halo began playing this for hours with my brother. That added to the free roam of the level epic gun fights and the elite armed with an energy sword to top it all of made for a great level.

Storming the beach with a bunch of marines already set the level and made me hooked. Exploring the sandbox was beautiful and going in forerunner structures was intriguing. It made me come back again so many times. Love this one.

The first level where I experienced true exploration for the first time. It has a bit of everything including the best looking scenery on any halo level.

Hearing the "GO GO GO" while disembarking the Pelican in the beginning of this level introduces the feeling of storming the beaches of Normandy in Medal of Honor to the future imperfect world of Halo.

7 Assault On the Control Room: Halo: Combat Evolved

My friend abused the respawn mechanic in this level to set me in a death loop

It's just in a class of its own. It's so remembered because it's so thrilling with all the vehicles and open battles. However it's a shame that Bungie couldn't help but slap on some more copy n paste interior segments. Make the exteriors the main focus!

My Top 10
1. Assault on the Control Room
2. The Ark
3. Two Betrayals
4. The Covenant
5. Delta Halo
6. The Silent Cartographer
7. The Storm
8. Outskirts
9. Metropolis
10. Truth and Reconciliation

How is the Quarantine zone above this? The combat in this level is second to none.

8 Shutdown: Halo 4

This mission was a bad mission. You have to go to 2 towers, and "shutdown" the towers, but going on a Gondala getting stopped twice, then going to the next tower, and hitting floating balls. YOU GET TO FLY A PELICAN FOR THE FIRST TIME AND YOU BARELY DO ANYTHING WITH IT! IT'S BASICALLY TRANSPORT!

This is so intense and awesome! When the ship starts to explode is when this level really shines, your controller is vibrating like crazy, your screen is filled with explosions and all you can hear is it falling apart!

Halo 4 sucks

9 Two Betrayals: Halo: Combat Evolved

I'd come back and play this beast of a mission eleven times in a row, anytime. Gigantic, ambitious, diverse, frightening, atmospheric, beautiful, artistic, clever, deep, detailed, begging to be explored. Stealing a banshee from the covenant at the end gives me goosebumps, and then shivers of excitement. Coming out of the tunnel into the final chapter of the level is a seminal moment.

So hard. Easily the hardest of the franchise. First time took me 4 hrs to complete this mission on heroic. Parts looked impossible to pass like the floods armed with rocket launchers and the overwhelming numbers in enemies and limited cover flying a hard to control banshee. But when you completed it, man, ther sense of accomplishment. Makes you feel like you're on top of the world or the king of halo. Although this mission tortured me, it was gold to me when I finished it. Not necessarily my favorite, but the most memorable. Then I get invited into the Keyes level of easy.

It needs to be crowned the Best Halo level. Period. The Covenant is the best Halo 3 has to offer but it cannot compare. This is one of the best FPS levels in history. Still seeing 'The Final Run' chapter come up gives me goosebumps.

Discovering the true purpose of Halo, ah memories. Can't wait till I can get the anniversary edition and see it with the new graphics.

10 Metropolis: Halo 2

man i loved this level, i just kept playing around on the scarab all day long

How is this not in the top 5? Epic scorpion section, amazing battles, and that AWESOME scarab part. Lets get this level in at least the top 10!

This level is one of the only levels I love to play over and over again in the halo series.

This is my favorite level in halo 2 I have so many memories

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11 Reclaimer: Halo 4

Enjoyed fighting on the Mammoth - 2 Warthogs, Turrets, a awesome action-movie moment when you jump off an exploding Spirit. Extremely fun when playing with a buddy.

You guys are not alone. I loved that massive LAV thing as well

Loved the mammoth and the target designator

Only newbies like halo 4

12 Gravemind: Halo 2

Though many seem to forget halo 2's greatness, many also forget that it was the game that really allowed halo to expand by bringing great game. This is the level (and game) that brought halo 3 and allowed for it to be so good. Gravemind shows in depth the Covenant's struggle during the Great Schism, and it's so fun to watch the historical air battles. Therefore, this level along with halo 2 deserve respect.

This level takes place in one of the most beautiful environments I've played through in any video game. Also, it's one of the most epic levels too, taking place during the peak of the Covenant Civil War, where it's all out madness. Lasers and bullets flying everywhere, and it ends with an instrumental by Breaking Benjamin!

Going on a Tour throughout high charity and seeing covenants of all sorts and ranks! The best level hands down!

3rd best level ever. Watching Elites and Brutes fight was memorable (unlike halo 2s story) and the end fight with all the covenant fighting and you trying to survive with a fuel rod while blow me away plays. Amazing

13 The Great Journey: Halo 2

This level is really good. You link up with Rtas vadamee and then go into a fight against piles of specters, wraiths and ghosts then you go into a room with 2 hunters and an elite and then fight through waves of brutes. You end up finding Johnson who gets in a scarab an fires on the door while you cover him. And the most intense, awesome part of the level is when you fight Tartarus although it's difficult if jump and try to get him with your energy sword (or other weapon. ) I don't know if it's my favorite level of halo 2 (or all halos) but its one hell of a level

VERY underrated, even if the boss battle wasn't the best, the fights leading up to it were great

14 Kikowani Station: Halo 3: ODST

A standout in Halo. The whole mission is truly refreshing and next-gen. You're on a banshee and you blow stuff up. And Bungie made it. How could this not be fun?

15 Coastal Highway: Halo 3 ODST

So much fun to drive around, and upgrade vehicles.

It's a really goo d mission that I would come back to because you get to drive different vehicles.

My 2nd favourite level ever. This level feels so much like the E3 2003 demo and there are plenty of awesome moments. If oulu you could destroy the scarab, though

16 Exodus: Halo Reach

More atmospheric than any mission in the rest of the series, at the beginning you are alone with your pistol fighting suicide grunts. Then, later on, the mission has so many unique experiances such as fighting using a jet pack with a group of ODST's.

17 Sword Base: Halo Reach

This mission just has a great atmosphere of excitement and thrills because it is the first major engagement noble team has with the covenant on Reach.

This is Halo Reach's "The Covenant". It's gigantic, jaw-dropping, thrilling, and has some astoundingly beautiful vistas.

Probably the best in this list but where is Nightfall? That is like the best.

18 New Alexandria: Halo Reach

Easily the best. Every part on it's own would be one of the best, from the raid you do at the beach into the facility, the legendary sabre fight, and invading the corvette, all before you have an the emotional death of George, who died in one of halos coolest explosions, behind when the pillar of autumn blows up and when the ring goes off.

Atmospheric and epic, the tone of whole game changes here. A beautiful mission with a lot of freedom, what's not to love? Though perhaps some more ground combat would be nice

Probably the only mission in the series that shows the covenants raw power and ruthlessness

It's my favorite because you could drive a Phantom. And it's really unique. I love it.

19 The Maw: Halo: Combat Evolved

If you know Halo, then you know the ending. The warthog run AND the beautiful climatic ending cutscene.. Just palpable. The intense combat featuring the stronger covenant troops and a cool engine room sequence complement that very well.

Best level so much fun the level halo in halo 3 Is just a missable copy of it can't see how it is not at least in the top five

I still remember playing this level very clearly. The warthog run was AMAZING. I will never forget it.

20 343 Guilty Spark: Halo: Combat Evolved

This game came out at a time before internet could post spoilers for a game. Imagine that your six levels into this game that you've never played before. You're still wondering what this ring is for and what your objective is, besides getting off the ring. Then you land in this swamp and are tasked with finding Captain Keyes. When you first start heading to the base, you realize something is off. This is the first level where Cortana isn't talking to you, which only adds to the overall creepiness of the level. Then you near the base only to hear gunfire and seeing the Covenant running away from it. When has the Covenant ever run from a fight? After killing the Covenant you enter the base only to be unable to locate the source of the gunfire. You descend deeper into the base to discover blood-stained corridors, and damaged rooms and light bridges. Then you come across a crazed marine who shoots at you. Can you imagine the thoughts running through peoples mind's who have never played ...more

When I was younger, and I came to the pass where MC finds the Soldier falling into his arms when he opens the door, my heart was beating a billion times a minute... It truly is the most scary and exciting level at the same time!

Scariest level ever, admit it, you had nightmares for a week after you first played it

I am shocked that this is so low, but I guess It means not as many people played Halo 1. In terms of story and emotional rush, this level is easily among the top few in Halo history.

21 Forerunner: Halo 4

I ABSOLUTELY love this level [the didact is weird.]

Easily recognisable as Halo 4’s best mission. The introduction to the Prometheans was very smooth and perfectly showcased the games tremendous graphics engine. The whole level was visually stunning and atmospheric.

22 The Pillar of Autumn: Halo Reach

Honestly, I'm surprised that this isn't higher up on the list. You have this feeling of heavy suspense throughout the whole mission. It also contains what I think is the best cutscene in halo, with Emile's death. Rally though, this is my favorite mission in all of halo.
P.S. Check out that cutscene.

23 Infinity: Halo 4
24 Regret: Halo 2

The sheer scope of the environment I travel trough in this level always blows me away. Ambition at its finest.

Beautiful mission when you're not raging at jackal snipers

25 The Pillar of Autumn: Halo: Combat Evolved

WHY is this not higher? This level was a blast, what first introduced me to the Master Chief.

Entertaining as hell. The pacing is perfect. The combat is pure. Who doesnt enjoy playin this with a buddy?

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