Best International Rugby Players

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1 Brian O'Driscoll

Fantastic player

There are many great players, but there is only a rare few who are great for 10 years. O'Driscoll is the greatest because he constantly grows his skill and his impact on the game. He's a centre who tackles like a Flanker and kicks like a Fly half. Any young player should study O'Driscoll play and see how he's constantly growing. A once in an era player.

Best player ever never a bad day like a magician

Undoubtedly the finest centre to ever play the game, he made others look good too. Jamie Robers has never looked better than when he had BOD outside him.

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2 Jonah Lomu

As a sandwich, Jonah once put 13 hard-boiled eggs in a french baguette loaf.

Jonah had the most impact on rugby ever -- both on and off the field. BOD as #1 is a disgraceful joke -- I could name 12 centers alone better than him such as Frank Bunce, Danny Gerber and Stirling Mortlock.

The absolute top

Imagine what this man could have done if he had better health. The most devastating player to have ever set foot on a rugby pitch, bar none. People who refuse to accept this are stuck in a fuddy duddy rugby paradigm. Some people would rather he was never there, like a dream... but he was there, wasn't he? Like a nightmare you couldn't wake up from; the unstoppable Juggernaut, littering the pitch with trampled bodies and battered egos... utter carnage.

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3 Dan Carter

The best

Consistently great!

Best Fly-half I have ever seen by a long way.

Greatest ever

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4 Gareth Edwards

Greatest player to ever play the game!

Don t know who created this list but there are so many people missing and ones that do not deserve to be on the page but Gareth was and would have graced the pitch in any era. A true great and legend

Am a proud Englishman too and GE would have been the greatest in any era. He was that good.

Just for the best ever try in the world where he started the move from his own half and ended it he should be higher... all over the park and setting up so much for his team a true great ( and that's from an Englishman)

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5 Jonny Wilkinson

Dan the man is so much better. Johnny was a one dimensional player. He was good in defense and protected heavily by his team mates. Johnny's strength in kicking was also a complete embarrassment to the English rugby reputation. All the opposition team had to do to win was control Johnny. He had one good game which as the World Cup and kudos to him. If you watch southern hemisphere rugby then you would know he is probably around number 10 in the world (only because he won England a world cup).

Australia 17-17 England 2003 WCR Final with 40 seconds to go but then Jonny Wilkinson uses his right boot to score for England to win the 2003 WCR, what a great man.

Not the most talented, but the most dedicated and valuable to his team. World class kicking and defending, and an example to all young players of whatever sport for how to conduct yourself on and off the pitch.

What more can you say dedication hard work gets you to the top achieved everything in the game possible a true professional any young player can look up too

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6 Richie McCaw

This man was the captain of the best team for 2 world cup wins and for good reason and instead of me explaining it go have a look at some of his matches and see just why he is the best

Should be listed as El Numero Uno

148 Tests, over 100 Tests as captain, winner of 2 Rugby World Cups, insane win record. Easily the most influential player ever. HOW COULD HE NOT BE THE TOP. The people voting on this list are obviously either die hard English and Welsh fans or people that know nothing about rugby.


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7 Brian Habana

Most explosive winger ever.. He could run

Should be top 4

Only player to ever to compete with Lomu's stats

South African legend at the age of 20

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8 Jason Robinson

England international lightning speed and full of energy

This guy was an amazing player. Darting through foreign defences like they weren't there. He's a great inspiration to young players. Truly magnificent

He's quick and very effective. Devastating.

He was great and I understand why they call him billy wizz

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9 Yannick Jauzion

Best centre ever

He was such a great player for French rugby but not a top 10. Can you believe he is on 37 years old?

10 David Campese

The name says it all...

His ability to out-fox his opponents was second to none. He had the most amazing ability to attack and his leg speed was amazing. He was truly the first modern player of our age. He took on all before him and won. He has won a World Cup and was the player of the tournament. His flair in attach has rarely been matched. If he played today he would still send fear into the opponents. My God he was good!

Australia's greatest ever rugby player, no doubt!

He made the All Blacks defense look clumsy, like no other. He made 37 clear breaks in world cups, more then any other player, 5 clear breaks ahead of Jonah Lomu. No one else even close.

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The Contenders

11 Shane Williams

Best ever

Greatest feet in rugby, shows that size doesn't matter

but seriously wtf is cipriani anywhere near this list - mattlol

Best ever player for his size

He is the best ever winger the best ever at running in rugby sure Habana can run but is no were near as good at side stepping shane is my favorite and has been since I was little

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12 Christian Cullen

Nobody looked as good as Cullen with the ball. It was like he was on rails. Made Blanco look like a drunken hobo. Career destroyed by a toothless bald headed hillbilly named Mitchell. Best player ever.

Simply the best introducing the world to the purest form of scintillating running rugby

Most athletic running fullback I have ever seen. Amazing try scoring rate and freakish ability to score in impossible situations.

One of the two best high speed runners

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13 Colin Meads

Pinetree meads the best ever

The springboks' can tell you all about Colin Meads he mess them up with a broken arm.

When your passion runs as deep as "Pinetree's'" you to can scare the opposition

a Legend

14 Barry John

A fly-half even Carter and Wilkinson might struggle to emulate. There was a reason he was called 'The King'. He could drop the ball on a sixpence and had the ability to slice the opposition defense open with a single pass. Had he not retired at just 27 he would undoubtably be considered one of the best by most people.

The King. Talents stood out starkly even with Gareth inside him.

Simpley the best

the King

15 Michael Jones

A machine, simply the most inspiring player I have ever seen. Total commitment, ball handling to match any, and more stamina than many of todays pros.

Iceman one of the greatest ever to play the game the first player in history to score back to back tries in the opening games of the world cup.

One of the very best!

The best blind side flanker ever. Freak athlete

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16 Serge Blanco

Sheer wizardry. Blanco may not be the best rugby player ever (Gareth Edwards is), but he is undoubtedly the best fullback ever.

Probably the best player I have ever seen in my life. To me, is the best ever.

Most skillful

One of the best

17 Martin Johnson


Powerful leader brought us glory

Very good player he was a great leader and always kept carm under pressure and was a great leader

This guy was captain when we beat Australia in Australia!

top 7 please

18 Fourie du Preez

One of the greatest scrum-halves in the world.

The greatest scrum half still playing today

A very good scrum half

Best number 9 ever

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19 Sonny Bill Williams

Sonny Bill is a good human been..He is my favourite player..Allah bless him to grate life.

Best player and humble

One of the best centres ever.Hm and maa nonu are devastating in the midfield.

Sonny Bill is a great player with beautiful offloads and runs like a machine. HE is my favourite player in the world. What an amazing player GO ALL BLACKS...

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20 J.P.R. Williams

A critical part of the legendary welsh backs squad of the '70's. Crazy that Manu Tuilagi is above such a legend.

1st on the list for total lack of self regard! Nuts

How was he missed?

Should be in top 15

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21 Manu Tuilagi

When fit he cannot be contained, absolute animal

Agreed, too early to be included on the list as gets injured all the time.

Should not be on this list. Load o' bollocks

22 Byron Kelleher
23 Clément Poitrenaud


24 Paul O Connell

Who wouldn't have him on their team? A beast who could take his team by the scruff of it's neck and shove it over the finishing line. Let's face it - if you didn't pull you're weight you'd have to answer to him. You wouldn't relish that prospect.

A true legend of Irish rugby, one of the greatest ever

Can't get any better leader of a team

What a champion what a legend on top all the time

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25 Ma'a Nonu

This stupid guy who created this list forgot to put nonu in the top ten

The stupid guy who created forgot the best

Nonu should be number 7

Ma'a should be in the top 10

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26 Joe Rokocoko
27 Julian Savea

A true machine. Today's Jonah Lomu. His 2015 World Cup says it all.

You're the best. Quincy

28 Matt Todd

The Best Forward In Rugby History He Can Run! - bulldogbeast

29 Tana Umaga

Line breaker, hard defense brilliant hands

Total package centre. Big, strong and fast. Very smart and defensively powerful.

30 Grant Fox
31 Danny Cipriani

Young legend raring to go!

32 Ronan O'Gara


A great player who's unceremonious exit from Irish rugby did not reflect the quality of his service

Great servant of Irish rugby

Ronan O'Gara is a legend!

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33 Alesana Tuilagi


34 Joost van der Westhuizen

Can't believe he is so low on the list he and lomu are the greatest players ever

Best on 9 in the world

Maybe the best halfback to control the field and the pack. Intensely competitive.

Definitely the best scrum half in the world during his playing career

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35 Hugo Porta

Hugo Porta represented the "Pumas" for more than 20 years.
One of the best fly-halves the sport has seen and the best in Argentina by far.
Porta could win by himself a match just kicking conversions, penalties and drop goals.
He reprrsents the true Rugby's spirit and values.

Best Puma ever should rank higher

36 Owen Farrell

He should be second behind Jonny may

Too far down the list

Great for club and country

Should be top 20 at least

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37 Vincent Clerc

Il est pas clair

38 Kieran Read

What a legend

Will be one of the greats in years to come. Total athlete

He will become the greatest number 8 in future

39 Sergio Parisse

Far too low down this list. What a career he has had

Imagine if he played for new zealand!

Italian legend

Italy's greatest ever, by far.

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40 John Kirwan

God player

41 Gavin Hastings

He played fullback. Great player and leader.

Biggest strongest and most powerful winger ever to play rugby. He could take on an entire backline and score from anywhere on the pitch. This has never been repeated. He truly is the best rugby player ever.

A great Scotsman, player and kicker.

42 Danie Gerber

The best Centre ever and should be in the top 3 best ever players to have played the game.

One of the greatest players ever and arguably the best center of all time if he had the changes to display his immense power and speed. The world only saw glimpses of it, but there is still enough footage to proof this statement. "Power on the run"

Fantastic player - I would put alongside Philippe Sella as the best ever partnership (what a duo that would have been)!

Best centre ever...includes comparissons to O'Driscoll,Sela,Nonu etc

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43 Sebastien Chabal Sebastien Chabal Sébastien Chabal, born 8 December 1977 in Valence, Drôme, is a retired French rugby union player. He is known for his full beard, long hair and ferocious tackling, leading the French rugby fans to nickname him l'Homme des Cavernes— the Caveman. With this look, he has a number of lucrative commercial more.

The best!

He's amazing

44 Beauden Barrett

A total freak athlete. Just watch this guy go on to become one of the greatest.

Awesome player. Certainly the best at the moment.

45 Israel Folau

Best fullback

What is this? HE has received so much attention over the past few years because he is simply amazing

Should be higher on the list. Best fullback in the world today.

Put izzy in top 20now!

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46 Ieuan Evans
47 Sid Going

Enough to change the practice schedule

This guy is my great uncle!


He had the "X" factor.

48 Agustín Pichot
49 George North

He has pace and power when he runs. should sooo be in top 5 of universe. biggest, strongest most powerful winger ever to play rugby. Always scores in the corners!

50 Leigh Halfpenny


Player of the 2013 six nations. Player of the tournament in the 2013 Lions Tour. Holds the record for most points scored on the Lions tour. I think it all speaks for itself really! Extremely dedicate and talented welsh player.

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