Do you kids have any idea of what Bionicle is? I mean really? Ninjago? NINJAGO? Why not just put that Chima bull while you're at it? I give Star Wars credit for getting Lego through some hard times. But Star Wars could never hope to achieve the gold standard that Bionicle did. Star Wars, while classic, required zero creativity. Lego didn't create it. Bionicle is the best Lego theme that has ever been created and will continue to be the best. You know why? Because it wasn't just a Lego toy. The sheer awesomeness of Bionicle allowed it to transcend mere limitations of being a mere plaything, it was its own mythology. Bionicle relied on the creativity of the user to become great.

And that is what makes Lego so great. That's the very essence of Lego. Imagination. Good trumping evil. Not just a bunch of stupid sets.

This theme is the only one on the list that I think deserves 1st place. The story is amazing and the sets are also really good. The books actually have a good plot that's not 'find the items before the bad guys do' and the ending was never really too obvious. Then Hero Factory came along and ruined everything with its repetitive and predictable story line. That was the the biggest mistake LEGO ever made.

Bionicle was honestly the best theme LEGO has ever. Inspiring a generation younger people, myself included to create our own stories and characters. Especially since Bionicle had a complex but unique story, creatures, characters and cultures that could only be describe as both fictional story telling and sci-fi fantasy at its best.

I use make my own Bionicle characters (MOCs standing for "My Own Creations) and make stop-motion videos where I would upload them onto YouTube for viewers across the world to both watch, comment and give 5-star ratings (that was before YouTube had the like and dislike feature).

Bionicle had truly sparked my interest to have a creative career which I am working towards having.

Easily the most innovative of Lego's product lines in recent history. It's interesting to note that, since Bionicle's success, Lego has continuously tried to imitate themselves (such appalling themes as Ninjago and Chima highlight this), but with less effect. The subtly serious note of the story, the lore, and the cunning designs and sets all combined to make this an astonishingly good line.

Don't know how much time or money Me and my dad spent on it. And I still love it after 11 YEARS! Seriously, best theme ever. Repeat, EVER! It tore apart my heart after it was discontinued. And now I can't get the new sets because out government thinks it is a negative western influence! Anyway, it made my childhood and I will keep the pieces forever. IT'S THAT GOOD.

Bionicle had it all. The sets were amazing and fun to play with. The story was detailed and fun to explore (the dumbing down of the story was the big downfall when they brought in back a few years ago, in my opinion). The potential to create using the parts was not only enjoyable but supported by the creators with competitions and such. It was so timeless and only got better as time went on and the fans grew up and the story got deeper. Compared to the worlds Lego are building (har-har) now, Bionicle was above and beyond, so much so that even now the fandom has endured. It deserves a place in Lego's Hall of Fame and should, in my opinion, be placed pride of place at the #1 spot every time.

I'm so glad now that Bionicle is the number one. I would still be glad if Star Wars remains #1 and this remaining 2nd because that would make sense since it's SW and it went from 1999 to now with great sets, and it smoothens out for Lego from getting rough times, which is second now. But having Bionicle would also makes sense since it saved Lego and it's great too, the nostalgia. And it's been created by Lego, a good work for them. While Star Wars is a licensed theme. Which considering the best non licensed theme is Bionicle and Best licensed theme is Star Wars. So these two should remain top two no matter what. - CoolGuy150

Bionicle should be Number 1! It saved Lego, and is by far Lego's most creative Theme! It was the beginning of buildable action figures! Its why they do so well and Lego even bothers with them! Without Bionicle a lot wouldn't exist! Hell maybe Lego wouldn't exist! Bionicle is Number 1 in my book.

One of the best Lego sets ever to be released. This should be in the top 5 at least. WHY IS HERO FACTORY ON THIS LIST?!

Bionicle was my childhood with an engaging story, lovable heroes, and ruthless villains. It truly was one of the greatest stories I could think of even to this day, and got more and more exciting with each passing year, and even after its end, its fanbase hasn't gotten that much smaller. It is my personal belief that Bionicle is truly the greatest lego theme, alongside Ninjago and Star wars.

Bionicle tackled story in a way no Lego theme had before, and that no Lego theme has tried since. It created a vibrant world with vibrant characters, and successfully hid a literally planet sized secret for 8 years. In addition it introduced a revolutionary new building system that went on to have several more lines devoted to it.

Bionicle is by far the best Lego theme created, as it has the most intriguing story out of all of the non-licensed themes. The dark, gritty atmosphere conveyed throughout the years of Bionicle offered something completely unique to Lego, also allowing for an older audience to appreciate the theme more.

Just wow.
I mean, Lego Star Wars was okay, but bionicle was an original story, with epic characters, and Lego was always having contests for people to have a chance to have their custom figures put into the storyline.
And kopaka is bad ass

This should be number 1, at least! :P But seriously: This and Exo-Force are the only themes with GOOD story lines. Speaking of Exo-Force, WHERE THE HECK IS IT ON THIS LIST?!?! It was one of the best, it was one of my favroites, but I still liked BIONICLE better. The sets of BIONICLE were great to collect, and the pieces worked well with Technic pieces as well. Maybe someday Lego will make another theme as good as it...

With its many toys taking the form of various Technic action figures, and an original premise with its own lore backing them all up, Bionicle itself is easy one of the most solid themes Lego ever came up with.

Here's to hoping the 2015 reboot will become successful.

Bionicle is so the best! Hero Factory just sickens my skin and since bionicle has ended it sickens my stomach even more and it was so one of the original 3 so please any Lego designer guy/gal if you're reading this please read this to the new comics!

This theme was the reason that Lego is around today. that alone should get this to number one. (for those who don't know, Lego, around the time Bionicle was first released, was in a financial bind. a financial bind which Bionicle fixed.)

Bionicle was more than just another LEGO theme, it created groups and communities all over the world invested in the lore of the series, the potential for custom builds, and the sheer creativity of the theme. This should definitely top Ninjago, as well done as it is.

What do you take when you put creative sets, colorful heroes, engaging scenarios, villains that constantly channel sith lords, and more mythos than harry potter? AWESOMENESS!

Just the best. BIONICLE was Lego's first step into their own imaginative universe and their best so far. BIONICLE transformed Lego from just a simple toy company into a full universe-crafting brand.

Bionicle was amazing, cool sets, brilliant story and actually brought you on an adventure in an interesting world with characters you actually care about. I'm Glad its at least 3, but sad that it isn't higher, Like, How can Ninjago be higher?

Original Bionicle lasted longer than any other theme developed by Lego. It's been forgotten by newer builders, leading to it's place in third, but it nearly singlehandedly saved Lego from bankruptcy in the early 2000s, and is the only lego series to date to receive a full reboot.

The original storyline showed incredible depth, with every character having their own backstory and motives. The Bionicle saga was told through movies, comics, video games, and chapter books.

Ninjago only uses a T.V. show, and has been around for about half as long as Bionicle has.

Bionicle deserves number 1, because not only was it one of the longest lasting Lego themes I can remember, but it had interesting story-lines, way better than the Hero-Factory series that came to replace it.

Why wasn't this on the list? The designs are great and the story is AMAZING!

Bionicle was created due to Lego's financial crisis, if not for Bionicle, Lego would not be the same as it is today, it would be significantly worse as Bionicle saved Lego and produced one of the greatest toy themes ever.