Ninjago is a very successful theme and by far the most popular. They also have a very successful and interesting television series.
Ninjago is unlicensed which has given the Lego company an opportunity to make a great story

I wouldn't say it's the most successful theme... but I still really like it. - NoEntranceHere

Star Wars is first? Seriously? Ninjago might not be long as Star Wars, but there are lots of fans and channels just for ninjago, also who don't like ninjas? Even the Lego movie approved it "kids like ninjas" and it has new episodes and new sets every year, and who don't like new engines and new allies than the same old character and villains in Star Wars?

Ninjago definitely deserves the top 2 it was my favorite by the first episode and still is to this day, personally I don't get what people have against it. And There is definitely much more potential to be unlocked in the future "cough cough" Ninjago movie in 2017 cough! "

This them is super awesome, great for old and little kids. And the models are very cool, too. The episodes and spinners are just as good as the Lego products. This theme has the potential to be better than star even.

Ninjago has three great qualities that make me still love it at the age of 13.

1. The sets are amazing. Great, colorful and awesome design with the collectable weapons relating to every season and fun minifigures, vehicles, and settings from the show that make you want them all!
2. It's original, and that's always worth something. Of course, it's mainly based off Japanese myth and culture, but I don't think the world has ever seen this idea of ninja vs. monsters with tech and magic since Power Rangers.
3. The story never dies out. They have gone on for five years (7 seasons) with fresh new stories, characters and ways to make us want more from the show and theme itself. The stories, characters and scripting of the show makes me yearn to rewatch all the episodes when possible.

I don't watch the movie at all but the fantasy world it created with all the dragons, monsters, weapons, armors, ninjas, vehicles, all are very interesting for me. Maybe because I grew up playing RPG game whose theme is also fantasy. On the technical side, I love their nice usage of parts and additional play functionality that supports the overall theme of each set.

Ninjago is not only a great show with great characters and actors, but the sets are incredible. The franchise has even been allowed to release a movie; only the third LEGO movie in history! The sets have brought about numorous new pieces and techniques which I and my brother have both used over and over again. Ninjago rocks because it is something that brings entertainment and LEGO sets together in a perfect match. Ninjago for the WIN.

Ninjago is awesome because the vehicles are so good in the sets. Also the features are amazing

I have only recently been introduced to this kids series and for some reason it really stands out to me. Especially with its eighth season, you can definitely tell that everyone working on the design, animation, plot, soundtrack, and voice acting really put their hearts into it, and that is what makes it so special to me. I'm older than the general audience for this show, but season eight simply just blew me away. It's still currently airing in the U.S., but this series definitely has a lot of potential plot-wise.

Everyone who hates Lego ninjago think again in the mirror and keep on hitting yourself with the sword of fire!

Lego ninjago is super amazing because the ninjas have different uniforms and its also interesting fun and creative also the. Villains ideas are amazing

It's incredibly awesome! It's has great storylines, the personality of the characters are amazing, and it makes many people curious on what will happen next!

I'm 14, and I still remember the premier of the very first episode. How long ago was that? I don't know, but I do know that Ninjago has improved so much! The animation quality got better starting at the Nindroids season, we've learned tons about most of the characters' pasts, and they are making a movie for it set for next year, along side lego batman, which will definitely get more attention than ninjago, but yeah. I think it is at least the best show they've made.


This is the best Lego theme with amazing characters and an awesome plot and I'm a girl so that says a lot too and that not only boys can watch this show

This should be number 1. It's a actual Lego idea and not just some movie set made to make money from the fans. It is also awesome.

One point is it has given the Lego group the most profits of any theme so it's the most popular.

I love this show so much. It deserves to be in first place and the best part of the whole thing is that the series keeps everyone enjoyed. Wether you like action or adventure, cheesy comedy or a super cheesy romance, this show is for you. BEST SHOW EVER!
Your sister Ninja.

It has everything A Lego theme has to offer and by far THE MOST ELECTRIFYING THEME EVER!

Ninjago is the best. Epic stories and legendary weapons makes this T.V. series, as well as their sets, awesome.

The seasons are getting better and better still with all the emotion and action and humor in one show and don't forget about Drama

Ninjago is number 1 really star wars if you like star wars then get the hell out of here and go see all those love films you want so much god people these days

Ninjago is better than Star Wars because ninjago was created by Lego and Star Wars was just copied of the movies and the books

I find Ninjago a very unique, and AMAZING show, the plot has gone on for years and yet they continue making new interesting stories, it deserves number 1

Very amazing show! I personally think it's the best Lego theme created so far! I love watching it over and over!