Best Levels on Halo 3


The Top Ten

1 The Covenant

You get to drive a warthog, a warthog with a gauss cannon, another type of warthog, a mongoose 3 times, ghosts bunch of times, a scorpion, hornets twice, a chopper and also you get the spartan laser

Breach the barrier. Stop Truth.
- decorulez97

2 Halo

Light the ring. Destroy the Flood.
- decorulez97

3 The Ark

Search the waste for the Cartographer.
- decorulez97

4 Cortana

Cleanse High Charity. Save Cortana. - decorulez97

5 The Storm

The scarab tanks and armored personnel carriers and the rest of the best thing ever is sniper and rocket launchers

Reclaim the city. Make a hole.
- decorulez97

6 Tsavo Highway
7 Floodgate

Stop the infestation. Find Cortana.
- decorulez97

8 Crow's Nest

Clear the base, whatever it takes.
- decorulez97

9 Sierra 117

Rise up. Start the fight.
- decorulez97

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