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21 RiSC OS
22 Manjaro

Very fast, gorgeous and clean Os.. I haven't had any issues what so ever with it. rock solid performance

Fabulous, neat classy OS. Easy to install and upgrade. You will love it.

Easy to set up and still has access to the arch repository

+1 for the easy setup and clean User interface


I have used several linux os's, knoppix is one of my top picks as it is both powerful and simple to use.

Yes, I agree wonder why its not more popular

24 Pear OS 7 V 1 Comment
25 Android


Laugh out loud, how did this get on rank 30?..

Its Android!
The Most Popular Linux-Based OS Running on smartphones now!
Hasn't anybody noticed this yet?

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26 Backtrack

Capable of detecting and exploiting vulnerabilities in operating systems (typically Windows).

That's great to use! That is very useful and more beautiful than kali or... ! That is easy to use! I really like it!

Very beautifull OS and it has some great programs pre-installed on they're ISO

27 Linpus

Fast light easy 2 use

28 Peppermint

I use pepermint 6 on a older dell along with linux 17.3 both os are a lot faster and more stable than any windows os

I needed a "lite" distro for an eeePC that came ootb with windows 7. the version of win7 on the eeePC was atrocious! A decent programmer could write code faster than that pos OS could process it.

Peppermint met all my needs with this netbook, it's fast, easy to use, intuitive. has access to the Ubuntu app repository. As a first-time Linux user, I have found it to be very stable and reliable. I'm now dual booting my home desktop with Win8 and Peppermint but I'm going to look at other distros too. What I like about Linux thus far is that you can try different distros to find what fits you, Windows & Apple force you to fit them.

29 Bodhi Linux

Nice just need to learn how to use it

30 FreeBSD
31 FreeNAS
32 Sabayon Linux
33 Cylon Linux OS

A lot of useful applications multiplied by five each. Fast, slick and constructive. Very friendly for younger 64bit and x86 systems alike. Only con that I have is I wish I discovered Linux earlier! Om loving it!

Fast, modern, fun to use

Looks amazing!

34 Gentoo Linux V 2 Comments
35 PinguyOS

Pinguy 14.04 is really nice but seems to work better on desktop computers and Laptops with 3GB of RAM or better.

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36 Linux Deepin

For my taste best. It's based on the debian (love it), and it has few goodies in it, one of them I use on daily base (crossover). Desktop is not yet mature but it's usable.

V 1 Comment
37 Lubuntu

For old notebooks best choice at all

38 Kubuntu V 1 Comment
39 Zorin OS 9

Very fast, easy to use and easy to update. Works great on old machines

40 Robolinux
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