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1 Russell Hantz Russell Hantz Russell Hantz is an oil company owner and former contestant of the reality show Survivor. He played 3 seasons, and never finished higher than 2nd.

The only time Rob & Russell ever truly went head 2 head, Russell schooled him! R.I. was a joke! Russell should be number 1!

He should have played the best game! Beat rob and should have beat sandra

Better than rob - Malcomx2

Whoever put Rupert on the list is dumb he sucks

2 Rob Mariano Rob Mariano Robert Carlo "Rob" Mariano, known by the nickname Boston Rob, is an American television personality, widely known for appearing in several reality shows, including Survivor, and The Amazing Race with his wife, Amber Mariano.

No fought that Robs awesome. Russels an idiot

Rob is amazing at playing survivor... no doubt about it.


3 Ozzy Lusth Ozzy Lusth Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth is a reality star, well known for playing on the his reality show "Survivor." He played in the seasons "Cook Islands," "Micronesia," "South Pacific," and "Game Changers."

Ozzy is a great athlete & outdoorsman. In his first season he threw a challenge to drop "dead weight". Then he got blinded by boobs & a pretty smile. His third attempt he flirted with a girl to the detriment of his team. Leaving Cochron alone & unable to find for himself. Making him an easy flip at the merge. Coach only had to talk to him, make him a bed and offer some rice! He did so well, because coach eliminated all the athletic people & Ozzy didn't have to play a social game on RI, just survive & a physical one-- his strong suit & he still lost to SOPHIE! Maybe in 34 he'll get his head out his ass & play the game! But I do like to watch him play at Tarzan!

He is amazing, loyal, and fair, which is hardly ever seen in the game. Also keeps the tribe alive at camp as well as in challenges.

AMAZING! One of the best ever season included. Should have won at least he got a car


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4 Yul Kwon

Excellent social and strategic game. He was very aware of other player's strategies and appealed to the personalities and situations of others to make them do what he needed. He made smart alliances from the beginning and flawlessly adapted to the twists of the game. He maintained decency and stayed true to his alliances, especially with Becky, who voted with him the entire time and helped him get to the end. In addition to that, he found the immunity idol after only one visit to Exile and managed to use it as a diversion of sorts... the other players were reluctant to vote for him when he had the idol because they knew they may be voted off. He kept Aitu strong with his encouraging personality and physical ability, giving him an easy route to the Final Tribal Council. He performed very well when speaking to the jury that he made, ultimately giving him the win.

Yul. Pure genius. Came to the top from a minority position that would've cost his game. - naFrovivuS

5 Tom Westman Tom Westman Tom Westman is a Sole Survivor of the series Survivor. He competed on Survivor: Palau and Heroes vs. Villains.
6 Richard Hatch
7 Todd Herzog

I think he's sadly overlooked because he only played once, but I think it's more impressive to play one solid game then it is to finally win one after four tries. Just saying.

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8 Brian Heidik
9 David Wright David Wright

Awesome player, hands down.

10 Grant Mattos

Great overall player, was unlucky to not win Redemption Island. Could easily win if he plays again. - feisty37

Sexy beast. He looks like Tarzan with more hair.

Great in challenges and great socially. Probably unbeatable if he ever made the end and a jury vote.

Great in challenges and strong socially.

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11 Rob Cesternino
12 Colby Donaldson Colby Donaldson
13 Spencer Bledsoe

He should be on number 5

If Kass didn't flip then Spencer could've won

11th Jefra
10th Tony uses idol to save himself Kass gets voted off
9th Woo
8th LJ
7th Tony
6th Jeremiah
5th Trish
4th Sarah

Spencer and Tasha land in final three with Morgan (that lady that no one liked)

14 Chris Daugherty

Biggest comeback in Survivor history.

Should crack the top 10 on this list. - jhunk

15 Stephen Fishbach
16 J.T. Thomas
17 Rupert Boneham Rupert Boneham Rupert Boneham is an American mentor for troubled teens, who became known to reality television audiences in 2003 as a contestant on Survivor: Pearl Islands where he placed 8th.
18 John Cochran John Cochran John Martin Cochran, commonly referred to as simply Cochran, is an American reality television personality and television writer.
19 Benjamin Wade
20 Woo Hwang
21 Tony Vlachos
22 Jonny Fairplay

Nothing fair about him. The only positive if he was on your team, people would quit to get away from him! He and Phillip are similar in that way... Then he quits his 2nd time after telling everyone for so long how great he is-- puke

23 Malcolm Freberg Malcolm Freberg

They should have kept Brandon Hantz & dumped Phillip! Brandon is controllable if played right. They controlled Dawn so they had the means for Brandon. I think Phillip makes camp horrible & I hate watching him, his dumb team names & he has NO self awareness!

Best move of the game was when he got rid of phillip

Malcolm is the best. So hot. You had to like him!

If he didn't stick with Reynold and Michael and Eddie, then he would have won many immunity challenges and immunity idols for himself. Corinne and Malcolm should've have dominated

24 Yau-Man Chan

Awesome player! Strong at challenges, camp & social. He is a hard worker and loyal. First fake idol! Remember he lived at that sad camp without food or water--- imagine if the other team had the same circumstances!

25 Gervase Peterson

Was lucky that Ciera was a floater or he would've lost to Hayden Caleb and Katie

26 Aras Baskauskas

Cirie won this game for him. His alience was falling apart & she continually filled the wholes. That is the only way he beat Terry!

27 Ken Hoang
28 Ethan Zohn
29 Kyle Jason
30 James Clement James Clement
31 Jeremy Collins
32 Vytas Baskauskas
33 Caleb Reynolds Caleb Reynolds Caleb Matthew Reynolds is a hunting guide from Hopkinsville, Kentucky. He is best known for his appearance on the sixteenth season of the reality series Big Brother, where he placed fourth,.
34 Bob Gabon

Huge Comeback. Had a huge target on his back come Merge but managed to latch on to Sugar and win enough immunity challenges to win.

35 Earl Cole

So overlooked and underrated

36 Rudy Boesch
37 Jon Dalton Jon Dalton
38 Randy Bailey
39 Ben Driebergen
40 Tyson Apostol Tyson Apostol
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