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21 Cloudberry

Cloudberry was a good ThunderClan medicine cat. She was sweet, and you can read about her is Goosefeather's Curse.

22 Firestar Firestar Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet

He is NOT a medicine cat! My favorite character, but NOT a med cat!

23 Oatspeckle

Poor Ravenwing. He was murdered by mapleshade which was kinda his fault for telling oakstar on her, and now he can't even live up to Oatspeckle plus the whole clan under his lone care? Dang

A thunderclan medicine cat before ravenwing. We didn't know her but she seemed like a good med because ravenwing was stressed out trying to live up to his mentor. She died and that was sad because ravenwing had no one after that...

24 Goosefeather

He knew quite really much, even if he was considered crazy...

25 Ravenwing

Ah, Ravenwing. He had been young for a medicine cat, and his mentor had passed away when he had only just been made a full medicine cat. He had put the needs of his Clan before his own and faced life bravely. When he found out the truth about Mapleshade (that she had kits with a cat from another Clan), he revealed the truth to the Clan, despite Mapleshade's threats. Sadly, this led to his death. But he was a brave, loyal cat, true to his Clan to the end.

26 Puddleshine

Although he was still a young cat, he still devoted his life to his clan. He wanted to help his clanmates, that's why he joined the rouges. He never had anyone he could look up to, considering Leafpool is a ThunderClan medicine cat. - AngelgotWings

27 Boulder
28 Sagewhisker
29 Micah
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