Top Ten Best Mexican Soccer Teams


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1 Chivas

100% Mexican team for over 100 years
11 Championships to show for it
Dozens of historic players made
Best youth squad academy in Mexico

Yeah, no team in the world can beat that.

They have 11 championships and only have Mexican's on their team. They have won like this and will keep on doing it they just need minor tuning is all. There a young team.

First of all there all Mexicans and they have showed that they are good and also there all young they won el clasico vs america 3-1 so they prove there first

They are the best

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2 Cruz Azul Cruz Azul

Cruz Azul is The best team, although they haven't been able to achieve another title, they've been, however still one of the most popular teams in Mexico despite all those years that it has yet not won a title since 1997 which is ashamed but it's a good team but they never give up to get a title no matter what, and the team shouldn't have a bad reputation from other people, it does not suck, all it is is that it's been difficult to achieve a title, but I hope they will soon, no matter what, I support them 100% from my heart!

Even though I am actually 17 years old and have never seen them win anything (unless I play my FIFA games). I will support this team to the end. They have some of the best players in Mexican history and even though they don't win the league cup they have some tournaments in the last few years so it makes up for it. Will celebrate like crazy when they finally win the Mexican title.

CRUZ AZUL should be on top of toluca because they suck and CRUZ AZUL Is better than them

Cruz Azul is the best team although recent years we haven't been doing well, but soon we will, especially this year in July when the Apertura 2018 starts because we have new really good players that everybody believes should live up to their expectations in this team as well. Everybody knows that the players Cruz Azul bought this year are really good, Pablo Aguilar, Piojo Alvarado, Elias Hernandez, Milton Caraglio, Igor Lichnovsky, Misael Dominguez, they all played in the Liga MX last season and have proven to be really good. They are experienced in the league which should help the team to be better. Ivan Marcone was voted one of the best players in Argentina as well. Most reporters are even saying that with these players, Cruz Azul should win the championship in less than a year

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3 Pachuca Pachuca

Pachuca is an underdog compared to all these teams no matter what they will always surprise you.

The most successful Mexican team internationally.

Pachuca forever


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4 America

What is America doing all th way down here in number 6 It should be at least in the top 3 since it's one of the teams with the most history in the Mexican soccer league... I'm not saying it should be number 1 but should at least be on the top 3

They are the best. They have really earned there position of one of the best teams in the Mexican soccer history. I am proud of being a great fan and let's keep it up.

America is going to win this championship going for the 11 one cause we are the true number one team in the league

I don’t get why is it in number 4 when Tita much better than Chivas which is in number 1

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5 Monterrey Monterrey

They are a quality team with talented young players that click together to play some Fantastic football at times

They've been the best team in the last years, they've won 2 league titles in the last 3 years, they're the actual sub-champions, they've won the last 2 champions leagues in a row, they've been on the very first places in the last 7 seasons and they're the best team on the porcentual table, they have the best players of the league, their constant and they play touch-magic football.

Monterrey have been improved by the quality of their young players. They have been constantly winning championships and scoring goals. With their top player, Suazo, they are no doubt the best in Mexico.

They got good young player

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6 Tigres

Go Tigres they are the BEST team ever they won the pumas in penalties and I have to say two last things 1. GO TIGRES and 2. i'm A TIGRE BY HEART

Best aficion, best team, stadium always in its maximum capacity (43, 000) gets more people than anyone in the country, and makes invasion up to 23, 000 people to other stadiums around the country

They have been 5 times champion 3 times 2nd place in 6 years

La mera verga

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7 Pumas


Pumas has 7 championships and was the only team to win 2championships in a row. Also beat real madrid.

Made the best Mexican soccer player in HISTORY Hugo Sanchez, who made history in Real Madrid.

I can tell you all about their history sure, but also they have the coolest jerseys in Mexico and possibly the world.

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8 Toluca Toluca

chivas, America and cruz azul won most of their titles lots of years ago. toluca has won 7 titles since short leagues started in 1996, they have been the most constant team to be in the playoffs, and they have recently had some of the best players in the mexican league, like jose cardozo (249 goals), vicente sanchez, paulo the silva, mancilla, sinha, among others. YOU JUST CAN'T BEAT THE RED DEVILS!

Toluca should be higher... I'm only 22 years old.. I'm not 100 years old so who care about many many years ago... For as long as I like soccer I seen toluca win more titles (7) then any other teams and be 2nd place in 3 times... Since 1998 so I think toluca needs to be higher

Best ever in Mexico

One of the most historic teams in Liga Mx, one of the most successful also, the third most successful to be exact; this team has proven to be a tough contender against America, Chivas, Cruz Azul and Pumas “the big 4” and beat them many many times; even against the new trend teams from Monterrey they have proven that you can’t go easy on the Red Devils.
Toluca has 10 championships, only 2 less than America and Chivas; ranking Toluca in the 8th position is disrespectful, Toluca is big, not popular. Honor to whom honor is due.

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9 Santos

they are the best because they have went to the finals most recently than these years and santos will never die.

Santos are true warriors and once a warrior always a warrior. SANTOS LAGUNA Forever and my pride for this team will live forever.

This team should be in the top 5 and chives shouldn't even be in the top 10

Santos won the final...6!

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10 León

We are the Champions! 2013

Leon Is the best team their team has mostly reknown players and chivas suck dudes! Be accurate this isn't the past this is now and LEON IS GONNA BE A CHAMPION

In just two years they were promoted to first division, won first division title back to back 2013 & 2014, earned a spot to compete the in copa libertadores & had players compete in the 2014 World Cup, they are no doubt the best team out there right now! LEON, GTO!

My opinion is leon because everyone in my 👪 likes them

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11 Morelia

Young team that has a very good fuerzas basicas and doesn't have a lot of fans but always qualifies to la luiguilla and has beaten America, Cruz azul, pumas, and chivas the " big four " in the last couple of years.

Morelia is good and who cares about if they have not a lot fans other people are bandwagons

They should be last morelia just sucks I mean no one reps them they have no fans and they can't even play good they suck the can't score on sorry ass teams

I love Morelia it’s an amazing team!

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12 Tijuana

Early team great players a future is coming they will win most games with gaining bond

Best team in the Liga mx.

Best team

Whaat Xolos number 13? I mean, when you have heard that a team becomes champion in just 5 years of EXISTENCE!

13 Monarcas

Over these recent years monarcas has been one of the few teams in Mexico to have successful younger divisions and are thriving in national sub teams.

Monarcas is the best and one of the most important teams in Mexico, making but to the playoffs every year!

Best of the best. They bomb. I hope they get number 1.

Monarcas has many good talent in their academies, also have A lot of supporters in the United States and in South America. Monarcas Morelia are in number 4 in the United States in Liga MX T.V. rating.

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14 Atlas

This is very true my friends, Preach

Chivas suck atlas are the best team in the world I bet they could beat any team

15 Club America

They the best

America is way better than mini chivas plus chivas succckks!

América has son moré chapinships then Chivas

16 Club Necaxa

Team with 3 titles and 4 on the era years. Team with a lot of history

17 Puebla F.C.

Are the best team of mexico

They the best

18 La Piedad

My popular team is La Piedad

19 Chiapas

They have been very underrated

20 Queretaro

I love the name of the team

Ronaldinho played here

21 Club América
22 Leones Negros

They never one a championship hell yes

Leones negros is the team who born big (grande) the first two years in first division reach the final afforttunaly they lost 1 to cero in four games.

23 Atletico San Pancho De Jose Cruz

There are the best team no doubt!

24 Friday Harbor Wolverines
25 Dorados
26 Veracruz

They aren't the worst but they ain't the best either

27 Tecos

No atlas should be here I hate chivas

28 Atlante
29 Islas Tamarindo
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