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21 Guy

Must be put between Top 5-10. Can match Minato's speed through the Eight Gates. Most likely untouchable. Dude...

Guy is very very strong! He creates his own jutsu and can open the eight gates that is amazing! Also Rock Lee is really boss as well!

Guy is certainty the funniest person on Naruto, even better if Lee is there. He wants to help Lee so much that it's just extremely sweet. I would want to be his friend if I was there. Plus at least you would know if he liked you. Who wouldn't want someone that would do something like if he found out your favorite flower, no matter how rare it was, would get you about a thousand bouquets of it?! I actually wouldn't mind it. ^. ^

It's sad truly great characters are down here. I can't stress enough how much he embodies the shinobi way. He literally was willing to kill himself to save his friends. I am inspired by this man. A man that looks out with a positive outlook, but doesn't deny there is something wrong. A man who will do anything for others, but also makes mistakes. Amazing.

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22 Suigetsu Hozuki

HE CAN TURN HIMSELF INTO WATER AT WILL. He is a skilled swordsman and is Mangetsu's little brother. Suigetsu definitely deserves to to be one of the seven ninja swordsmen of the mist.

I love his sassy attitude. His character design is AWESOME! I love his pointy teeth and his white hair. Also, his name. His name is perfect!

Suigetsu is funny and cruel! On top of that he is a skilled swordsman

He's Aquaman as a Naruto character

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23 Tsunade Tsunade

Tsunade is so strong/strong-willed, powerful, awesome, beautiful and to top it all off she is caring and hilarious too! She has saved so many lives thanks to her impeccable healing skills, where she proposed that every squad should contain a medical ninja. Her character has such a tragic past, however Tsunade has proven that she can overcome this by showing strength and courage, particularly seen when she battled Orochimaru and eventually accepts her title as hokage. For two/two and a half years she trained Sakura to become so much stronger in battle and also stronger in terms of mentality, as seen when Sakura performs medical ninjutsu or is within battle. Without Tsunade they wouldn't have survived the Second Shinobi World War or when Pain striked,since the village would have literally been turned into dust. It's also amazing how much she cares about characters such as Naruto, where she literally gambled everything upon him and allowed him to participate in the Fourth Shinobi World ...more

Tsunade has many times been called the strongest and most beautiful woman in the world and the greatest medical-nin. Jiraiya credits her with winning the Second Shinobi World War for Konoha, and she created the entire system of medical-nin that has saved so many lives over the years.

Love her! My favorite character! Tragic past lots of history and personality. Even though she herself never wanted it she reluctantly accepted role as Hokage and lead the nation through difficult times. Obviously her strength is awesome but so is her healing abilities of others and herself! As proven with her fight with Madara and Pain.

Sexiest,strongest and most powerful woman in naruto

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24 Killer Bee Killer Bee

The 8 Tails Jinchuuriki? He has complete control over his beast and is more skilled with swords than any of the 7 Swordsman of the Mist! He pwned all of Team Hawk and Zetsu. The fact that he's one of the few black anime characters in existence only makes him more unique! He also lays down epic raps. -

Very funny character easy to like bust the best raps ever

Haha first I thought he would be very mad and evil and at his first appearance I loled

Damn this guy looks badass with those blades(a little crazy as well, but that works with this guy).

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25 Temari Temari

I mean I just love her! I love her tomboy kinda know-it-all
Attitude! And her big fan! That's what makes her stand out
For me!

She is beautiful in her own little way, different from the other girls in naruto

And that's why I like her

Her summoning is a ferret with an eye patch and can help cut down trees - doesn't get much cooler than that.

Unlike the majority of female Naruto characters, she has a distinct personality that was not to serve as an object nor provider of affection to any of the male cast. Adding to this, she has proven to be more than capable of defending herself against other ninjas whilst being able to effortlessly defeat other (see her fight with Ten-ten).

Overall, she is a breath of fresh air so to speak when it comes to the cast and her tom-boyish personality whilst initially brash and hurtful can become quite addictive over time.

Temari is one of the Best Kunoichi her Jutsus is so Powerful that it blind the Ten Tails my Favorite Jutsu is Cyclone Scythe Jutsu

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26 Kushina

There isn't a single term to describe how amazing this woman is after she gave birth to Naruto she had the nine tails extracted from her and still was able to chain the kyuubi down and transfer some chakra into Naruto to help him against the nine tails on top of that she died rite along side her husband minato while protecting the village her chakra supply is massive the biggest on the show for her bravery and sacrifice she deserves to be in the top five where she rightfully belongs no other character as made me cry more than her and she will always be loved

Kushina Uzumaki (Naruto's mother) has red hair and she is so pretty! Shes the wife of minato and is the most beautiful character!

Another character who is so painfully low. She, along with konan and temari, feel like they can hold their own. She was selfless, skilled, and a joy to watch, which can be said about almost no other female character. I felt more emotion about her death than I've ever felt about our supposed main characters.

What? How Kushina is number #29? She should be 1th place!

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27 Sasori Sasori

SASORI IS JUST PLAIN AWESOME!, and you guys are so wrong saying that he lost from sakura because HE DIDN'T! Lady chiyo said that he wanted to die and if memory serves sakura got sasori's blade running through her gut and collapsed on the floor! That weakling (sakura) could have never beat sasori! And by the way sasori was so close to winning but he chose to die by LADY CHIYO's trap got it! He still had plenty of strength left and by the way on his second sasori puppet I saw not even a single scratch! SO GET THIS IN MIND SASORI NEVER LOST TO SAKURA HE CHOSE TO DIE! ( I love this guy)

Hes just SO AWESOME! I love his smirk and everything else about him! Hi definitely deserves a better ranking... DAMN YOU SAKURA FOR KILLING HIM! I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU! *sob sob*

Sasori feels no pain he could of killed kankaro, sakura, and lady chyo would all be dead by sasori

Sasori is amazing! He TOTALLY did NOT lose to that pink haired brat, Sakura or the old lady, Chiyo! Like, HE SAW CHIYO WAS ATTACKING AND LET HIMSELF BE HIT! Anyone who thinks Sakura and Chiyo killed Sasori, you need to watch the fight AGAIN.

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28 Sage of Six Paths

He is already in the list. He is Rikudou Senin, currently in 25th place.

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29 Ino

she is hot and she is number 1 my 2nd favorite female character

Ino is hot and as the kill to mach

She is beautifull. I like her jutsu but what a pity masashi not expossed her much. that's make me curious about her

Most sexiest character. - mirasira

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30 Konan Konan

Love Konan... The most badass chick on Naruto! I would say she is probably the strongest chick too! She stood out, not all preppy like the other girls. Along with Anko, I think she is the coolest...

Damn you Madara... Damn you...

There are so many reasons. She is the only woman strong enough to make the akatsuki. She is the strongest female. Her chakra bank is beyong huge. She was brave enough to fight the strongest shinobi alive with hardly any chance of surival. She was strong enough to come close against Tobi. If she had had full knowledge of his abilities she would have been able to increase the length of time her jutsu went on for and won. She was loyal to Yahiko and Nagato and she has a unique jutsu.

Also she is beautiful, like really beautiful - Souret

well. she's easily one of the hardest person to kill

I am not gonna say much but she was purely amazing and get out haters

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31 Tobirama Senju Tobirama Senju

He so cute I love him

The only person who could defeat madara...

He was the fastest char

Come on he should be above mascara. Awesome inventor of jutsu

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32 Tobi Tobi

I like characters that always seem like they're hiding something I find him very interesting I'm glad he is a main villan

Look a Deidara a dumpling shop can we can we please


Deidara that looks like your art, does this mean your art is A... RIP OFF

Tobi! '

Madara's effective disguise, that actually has a humorous side to him, as well as he pretty much messes with everyone even the other atkatsuki members.
He doesn't even try to fight people he just avoids cause he's actually one of the most powerful characters.

He's on the list already ( as obito)

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33 Kisame Kisame

Member of the Akatsuki and partners with itachi Uchiha, use to be part of the the 7 ninja swords men of the mist. Kisame has the largest amount of chakra out of anyone in the Akatsuki. He also wields a sword that devours chakra and at the same time replenishes Kisame. Kisame also has awesome water attributed jutsu. -

kisame is awesome shark power and the pro sword

Love that guy sword my favorite villain

So epic guy

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34 Rikudou Senin

Sage of Six Paths is one of the coolest dude characters by far.

I think this guy is the best the people who gave him a thumbs down are just hatters

Defeated 10 tails and kickstarted the ninja world... and he gets a 21? You guys suck

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35 Kimimaro Kimimaro

He's just so awesome in his own way. And not to mention handsome! He's so loyal to Orochimaru and lives to serve him. Too bad Gaara and Rock Lee beat him

He was the strongest, and the only thing to ever best him is his disease. It would to been so cool to have him come back, his bone moves are the coolest

I don't know guys kimimaro is a little too... Boney

Kimimaro Kaguya was such an awesome character! Even Gaara's sand tsunami couldn't kill him! He only died because of that disease.He was so loyal to Orochimaru that he would serve him to the end.😭 He is also very courteous (eg.,when he paused for Rocks Lee to take his "medicine"). I think he probably has a high consumption rate of calcium and vitamin D.😂

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36 Shishui Uchiha

My favourite characters is itachi then shishui and itachi are best friend so, shishui is my best friend

How the hell is Shisui not more up in this list? He and Itachi make me cry... Their brave and loyal hearts, determined and wise ways always touched my heart. While Itachi gets no. 1(which he deserves), I believe that Shisui should be 2 or maybe 1 along with Itachi (lol not possible) to show that their friendship and will of justice (kinda like the will of fire) is so much, even after death, they both stand together, after sacrifice, still being justice. Itachi got his Mangekyo when Shisui died. He was the guy, who always kept his eye out for justice (literally).Most of all, he taught Itachi his most valuable lesson-
"Self sacrifice... a nameless shinobi that protects peace from within its shadow... That is a true shinobi"

Shishui Uchiha has the most powerful genjutsu in the whole Naruto series


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37 Shino

What come in mind when you pick your favorite and best character? Naruto, itachi, sasori, and etc when I go through people opinion they didn't mention the underrated character... Shino and the reason why I really like Shino and my #1 favorite character is that he is intelligent,brave,willpower, not only that but he is never ever lose a battle I mean not one single battle but really creator make him a huge joke and make him bit lonely anti social after he lose his only friend torune also naruto and other dislike him because he is weird and creepy, heck even his father is forgivable and the aburame clan not only that their forgivable their bug are use for war but hey his only close friend is probably kiba but even that is they often get in fight and usually get angry each other, still he is one of most powerful and intellectual character I know

Shino is so underrated. He's my favorite character out of everybody. He's a great character and is quite powerful if you ask me. And he's really intelligent. Shino is just the best with his bugs and everything.

Shino is so cool! He's really strong and super smart! I wish he was in more episodes. Shino for the win

Shino is my favorite character! He's so underrated and gets no credit!


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38 Saskua

Who the hell is he

Is this a ship name?

LMAO who in the world is Saskua


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39 Hamura Otsutsuki

He helped in defeating Ten-tails, yet every one forget him. This is so bad.

40 Sai

Sai is an amazing character. I don't see how he's not in the top ten. The development of his character should be enough to easily put him in the top. He goes from not having emotions to being in the library reading books trying to learn and then trying to use what he learned when talking to people! Also, his entrance into the show was classic. He easily toyed around with Naruto on the roof! His skills are a step above everyone else.. I mean look people his whole style is based off drawings! The guy can draw a bird and fly around on it! It doesn't get any cooler than that. Plus he's always loyal going back to when he was with Danzo and later when he got with team 7. Lastly, I just personally love how he stepped in when the girl from the hidden cloud was beating the crap out of Naruto and he stepped in and stopped it! That showed how much he actually cared about Naruto without him even noticing it. From his smile to his fighting style Sai should be in the top 10. More people should ...more

I love Sai, he he is so sexy ( thank you, jacket) and cute and adorable at the same time. I think his personality, ironically due to his supposed lack thereof, is way underrated. I mean, he just has hilarious moments (Naruto:That drawing's nothing special. Sai: Yes, you're right. Just like what's between your legs, right? ), he's socially clueless, and he is so hot in, again, a sexy yet adorable way. He's definitely my favorite character in Naruto, perhaps of all time. I also feel sorry for him because he had to watch his brother die twice... And he's a great artist, which I am as well... Minus the great. Whoever said "At least the top ten" yes, you are totally right.

Sai is so cute! I feel sorry for him almost having to kill his brother, he was crying and it was so sad! I find the fact that he is trying to recover his emotions a somewhat attractive aspect of his personality. I think he's undervalued-I mean, he saved Naruto and Sakura a couple of times, they would be dead if it wasn't for him. Also a great artist witha cool sealing jutsu. Other than that I simply think he's adorable and kinda hot!

Better than Sasuke

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