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121 Hanabi Hyuga

Hinata 's younger sister. Even though she beat her older sister, I still like how she acts and tries to keep on moving stronger when her father tells her to take a break.

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122 Teuchi
123 Double MS Kakashi

Nobody could defeat him with 2ms and Obito's chakra, he's the coolest character and he deserve all that power

Kakashi is already beats plus sharingan bruh can I call him the new Goku ssjgssj90000000

124 Itama Senju

Hashirama And Tobirama Younger Brother.

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125 Mori Ranmaru

Like Haku but he is even younger when he devotes his life...

126 Asura Ōtsutsuki
127 Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki V 1 Comment
128 Momoshiki Otsutsuki
129 Ashura
130 Condor
131 Genma Shiranui

That's it Genma earn that paycheck

Not mentioned much but he's a special jonin and is the bomb

132 Samui V 1 Comment
133 Hotaru

The princess from filer. She has got big boobs. Her Sensei was jinchuuriki of 6 tails demon. - mirasira

134 Indra Ōtsutsuki
135 Hiruzen Sarutobi Hiruzen Sarutobi

It makes me a bit sad how he is murdered by Orochimaru. True, he was old anyway, but he had a good nature and killed by his own former student was no way to go. I can see why the leaf village looked up to him.

Sarutobi taught children the importance of the will of fire, the will of fire is what makes the hidden leaf village thrive!

I love Rock Lee, so I placed my money on him but it makes me sad as to the thrid hokage's undeerated state.
Maybe its because the votes only cast either for their favourite, the best or the strongest.

Horuzen is underrated he knows every jutsu (excoet kekkei genkai and kekkei touta)

136 Jugo

His transformation is so boss.

137 Ichiraku

If he didn't exist Naruto wouldn't be Naruto he should be higher than #1


138 Ramen Guy

He's the damn Ramen Guy! Ramen Guy may be the weakest character in Naruto, but his role is formidable, as he's the reason why Naruto Uzumaki is still alive. Even though Ayame, the daughter of Ramen Guy, is a more formidable opponent than Ramen Guy himself, he was the one who started it all with his business. At last, come on? Again, he's the ramen guy for Pete's sake! Ramen Guy should be number one (not one- one hundred ): ) and definitely not number one hundred and eighteen.

The most powerful character in the whole series. We Don't know that he isn't a ninja! He probably has ramen-enhanced chakra that makes him so powerful he could destroy the universe with it!

There could be no Naruto without him.

Ayy this guy is the best

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139 Karin Karin

By what most people say about her, she isn't a likeable character, prolly because of her personality and obsession with Sasuke and Suigetsu. People need to realize that it's just how she is, an irritable girl with flaws as well as talents. She's very talented with sensory and is a skilled medic she's not that bad. At least she helps with the series, because without her, Sasuke would have been even closer to death and SPOILERS: him and Naruto wouldn't have had the final battle. As always, Sasuke is Sasuke and Karin is Karin. SPOILERS END RIGHT HERE: I wish I saw her engage in combat a lot more. In my opinion, she's also one of the hottest Naruto females out there 3 - SumRandomSun

She is one of the few people that has kept the comedic part of Naruto Shippuden. That I believe deserves credit. And she's pretty hardcore at that.

Why is she all the way down here? She's in my top ten list of characters. She deserves better than this.

Basically a more useful version of Sakura. - Goku02

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140 Danzo Shimura Danzo Shimura

How hasn't anyone mentioned The Shinobi of Darkness? He has dead guys face on his shoulder, arm full of eyes and leads an secret army of ninjas to do what is good for Konoha.

Yeah he's so badass

Right in last place where he deserves to be - ikerevievs

Yeah that is cool ninja I love his arm full of sharingans. - mirasira

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