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121 Juubi

How can you all forget juubi.

122 Ramen Guy

He's the damn Ramen Guy! Ramen Guy may be the weakest character in Naruto, but his role is formidable, as he's the reason why Naruto Uzumaki is still alive. Even though Ayame, the daughter of Ramen Guy, is a more formidable opponent than Ramen Guy himself, he was the one who started it all with his business. At last, come on? Again, he's the ramen guy for Pete's sake! Ramen Guy should be number one (not one- one hundred ): ) and definitely not number one hundred and eighteen.

The most powerful character in the whole series. We Don't know that he isn't a ninja! He probably has ramen-enhanced chakra that makes him so powerful he could destroy the universe with it!

There could be no Naruto without him.

Ayy this guy is the best

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123 Sasame V 1 Comment
124 Jirobo
125 Bando

Why is he not in the show?!

126 Ichiraku

If he didn't exist Naruto wouldn't be Naruto he should be higher than #1


127 Sora

I really like Sora and his history. He is handsome, he is interested. He probably would be one of my favorite characters but there is one thing which destroys this whole character - this that he is like Naruto's twin. If he stay calm and with his "I don't care" face Sora would be awesome. But creators had to make him Naruto-like to make (in their opinion) better history. Anyway I like Sora but when I'm thinking how amazing would he be with different nature...

Every time I hear sora I think of blue bird

128 Kinkaku
129 Danzo Shimura Danzo Shimura

How hasn't anyone mentioned The Shinobi of Darkness? He has dead guys face on his shoulder, arm full of eyes and leads an secret army of ninjas to do what is good for Konoha.

Yeah he's so badass

Right in last place where he deserves to be - ikerevievs

Yeah that is cool ninja I love his arm full of sharingans. - mirasira

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130 Kidomaru
131 Gozu

The Demon Brothers and my favorite characters next to Sasori. They were taken down easily, but they are still cool in my own opinion. I love them! I would have liked to have seen more of them.

132 Rin

If she didn't die then obito wont be that powerful she us the source of obito's oower

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133 Kurotsuchi

The next tsuchikage and she is so cool and smart and from the rock my favorite from the five element

134 Hanabi Hyuga

Hinata 's younger sister. Even though she beat her older sister, I still like how she acts and tries to keep on moving stronger when her father tells her to take a break.

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135 Teuchi
136 Itama Senju

Hashirama And Tobirama Younger Brother.

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137 Boruto Uzumaki

The son of the Seventh Hokage, a perfect mix of Naruto and Sasuke, is a prodigy that knows lightning, water and wind style. Although he is a prodigy he has no will to be a shinobi until he meets Sasuke who teaches him to hone his skills, curve shuriken and a few other things after Konohamaru teaches him the rasengan. He dislikes his father as he has no time for his family but in the end he works well with his father despite him having no time for him. Although cheating in the chunin exams he is very skilled and has a few jutsu he can call his own. Although he doesn't end up surpassing his father, you can see that he is on his way to being a good shinobi.

I never watched boruto or red the mange but he sounds like an idiot to me

Boruto is one of my favourite characters. Yay! A tsundere in the Naruto series!

Boruto is a skilled young prodigy shinobi with great pontential with help from his master and father he took out a opponent who was said to be stronger than kaguya herself all ready surpassing his father lagacy

138 Mori Ranmaru

Like Haku but he is even younger when he devotes his life...

139 Momoshiki Otsutsuki
140 Ashura
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