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Sakura Haruno is the main heroine of the series "Naruto Shonen Jump!" and Naruto Shippuden. She is the only female ninja of Team Seven. Her family consists of her mother, Mebuki Haruno and her father Kizashi Haruno. Her clan is likely not very well known around Konoha and up until "Boruto: Naruto Next more.


Sakura don't deserve to be in the twentieth place! When u guys all says she's useless or whatsoever meanwhile hinata just stand there and do as meaningless as sakura and you guys incredibly says hinata's so strong, pretty, and moreover kind while sakura's just an annoying eyesore heroine when she desperately saves people's life?! She's just a haruno, a family that's not quite known and that strong but then she work so hard that she even surpassed Tsunade! If you try say she didn't, then you should find out why I said so! I don't know why she keeps on getting hated about all things that she did in the pass while hinata does it too! Humans have uncountable flaws for sure so why hate sakura and idolize hinata and rock lee? They three work so hard for all they've got and why lee and hinata is so liked while sakura is hated?

Let's see... As everybody knows in this post, she is not as good as naruto, itachi, sasuke,... But she is one of the best charcter, because she's one of the ninjas who increased her habilities more thanks to her master tsunade.
Now she is strong, and very sharp minded because, as you all can see in the fourth great ninja war she is the only one who discovers white zetsu, and as everybody saw at the very beginning she destroid sasori, and many other characters such as fuen karenbana... So the final conclusion is that there's no one like her in this universe.

I think Sakura is AWESOME. She resembles me so much it's creepy. She is kind, strong, sweet, and is BEAUTIFUL. I am so glad Kishimoto made her more useful. Sakura is so much like a real person. She has Inner Sakura (and I know we all do) and her love for Sasuke is the love most people have when they have a really big crush. I also think Sakura is a great character because unlike some other characters, when she felt she was weak she went to Tsunade to train instead of just sitting around and feeling weak. She has good resolve and she uses logic in her fighting skills and strategies. Look where that got her now! I love Sakura and I think she is the best character even if she is not the strongest, prettiest, or smartest character.

I love her! Sakura is the most balanced character in the series, she's not the best, but her qualities are various: she's beautiful, smart, skilled, mature, respectful, selfless and kind, even if most of the people claim that she's a monster because she beats Naruto up. Gosh, that's just for the sake of humor, it's more than obvious that she really cares and respects him. She does that because sometimes he really deserves it, you have to admit, but that's not because she enjoys beating people up, but because she wants to better him. So, Sakura for the win!

She is such an awesome charecter! She is smart sweet, strong, sharp and afcorse beautiful. She loves naruto and sasuke so much and she has a pure heart, all she wants is to have team 7 back together smiling, happy and having fun as they deserve. I Olson think that she is an inspiration and a huge rowmadole for many people. And the spiecial thing about her character is that she is real as in a realistic person who is nice loving and caring for the peaple she cares about, she olso achieved a lot by learning in hands of tsunady and being a medical ninja(one of the best) and focusing her talent of easily controlling chakura in her super human strength ability. And she becomes so useful! I really hope that kishimoto ceeps letting Sakura have her moments of glory... if he doesn't then all of the years that I watched naruto sesies in are just a big waist of time!

I really like Sakura, it makes me sad to see how many people hate her.Sometimes they will have legit reasons for hating her, but they mostly base it off what she used to be like in the original Naruto series. I see her love for Sasuke as something that few people in the real world can do, which is to keep hoping that one day they can be redeemed. I will admit in a world where people can control elements her skill can sometimes be in need of refinement. Still, she is crazy strong and you can tell she tries to useful and if it weren't for her Naruto, Hinata and a few other characters would have died. Gaara would still be dead if Sakura hadn't saved lady Chiyo. I will admit that I could see why haters still continued to hate her after her fight with Sasori. But, I mean I think she did well in holding her own in that fight even if she did use some help. People also hate her because she loves Sasuke, well at least she isn't some yandere (not to hate on all yanderes) that goes completely ...more

She has the best character of all. But people younger than 15 years probably don't understand her because she is very complicated. Medical jutsu(for me the best and most useful), brutal physical and mental strength and I hope very strong genjutsu to the future. She is the rightful member of the team 7. The scenes where She beat Naruto are cool. For Naruto is a better choice then faint hinata.

Should be in the top 5 on this list, she's the most realistic female in the series, she ain't close to being useless like the haters say. Honestly those who hate Sakura, and love Hinata, say Sakura is useless but Hinata isn't, are just plain haters that either hate to hate, or do so to 'fit in'. Because, compared to Sakura, Hinata has been much more useless, don't get me wrong, I love Hinata, but seeing people's nasty comments towards Sakura, but love towards Hinata for so stupid reasons, really piss off me.

Honestly, the main problem people have with Sakura is her love for Sasuke. Okay, yeah he tried to kill her, still that was when he was completely crazy and didn't know what he was doing. Naruto went after him as well because he apparently has "special permission" to chase after Sasuke since they are best friends. What I don't get is why Sakura isn't allowed to love him. Yeah, she loves a guy who tried to kill her but she cares about him enough to see him redeemed. People will often excuse this as an obsession, still if it were an obsession wouldn't she have betrayed her village to follow him and actually tried to kill Karin. People will ofen say "Why are you chasing after Sasuke, he doesn't like you." If he didn't like her he would have just tried to kill her when he was preparing for his final fight against Naruto rather than place her under a genjutsu. I often think that the people who hate Sakura have only ever watched or read shonen. I bet that she wouldn't be ...more


Sakura the most awesome one. She always tries her best and always tries to be useful. She even increased her abilities the most. I just hope for more scenes of her in naruto. Her scenes are the best. Somehow she inspire me a lot. (She also is the quietest one in the story):D

Sakura might be hated a lot, but she plays an important role in the series. She is strong and beautiful in her own way. As a medical ninja, Sakura also has saved many lives, like when pein attacked the village, the fourth ninja war and when Kankuro was almost killed by Sasori. Sakura might be a little bit mean at Naruto at the first few episodes in season 1, but in the end she stills cares a lot for Naruto too. Among Hinata, Ino and Sakura I think Sakura is the best (in my opinion).

I don't really have anything against her. Even though she is annoying in part 1, she is improving really well. Besides throughout naruto, in part she and naruto didn't get that much teaching from Kakashi more than Sasuke for whatever reason. And now in Shippuden, Naruto got taught by Kakashi for chakra control. So I say, it's not really fair on Sakura on not getting teachings from Kakashi. He should've been teaching ALL three students than one person instead of the two, or two people insted of the one. I'm glad that she get the help from Lady Tsunade otherwise she would be BROKEN.

I love Sakura and always will she was annoying at first in the series just because of her fan-girl crush on Saskue but she has gotten over that and has grown so much in shippuden I would say she is the one who grew the most out of all the characters. She has trained under Tsunade. Super strength and good wits too she may be a little dull at times but everyone is in the series. I bet at how things are going at the rate with her and Naruto I bet they will be a couple somewhere in the ending.

Sakura is such a sweet, beautiful and strong girl. She is also loyal to people who she love because of the confession she said to Sasuke. I think Sasuke should open his eyes and see that Sakura would sacrifice everything for him. Sakura is also smart, strong and determine. She is a role model to me I would like to become like her someday!

I really don't like it when Sakura cries because he needed Naruto to help her. It really annoys me. At first I've loved her because I thought she was going to be the one who proves men wrong and that girls can be strong too. I love Sakura because two years after the fourth shinobi war, she was like an older sister to Naruto and Hinata, a great wife for Sasuke and a great mother for their daughter. I'm proud of her but she really should be below Hinata.

I don't understand why people hate her so much, she is like the best anime girl ever and to those who says that she is useless I bet that you wouldn't dare to say that if she stood in front of you 'because you would be to scared that she would beat your ass! #welovesakuraharuno

The only thing I don't like about this girl is her saying "SASUKE KUN" almost every damn time in part 1. But except for that, she's hard working and even if we deny it, she's the most relatable character in the anime (especially in terms of that crush addiction) - ObscuredBeauty

Even though Sakura has many haters, she has been trying hard to become a good ninja. Sakura might be a little hot headed at times but she cares a lot for her teammates as much as Naruto does.

She is the main female character for crying out loud. She is so cool she can heal plus she has super strength.

I like her since the start of the series. I don't think she is annoying like most people does. She is funny and has normal feelings like other people does

Sakura has DID many things. I don't know WHY hinata is higher than her though she didn't do anything. Sakura healed and saved many characters, and also her strength is unbeatable. Hinata will need 100 years to beat her.

I hate her! Worst character ever existed in Naruto history! - Goku02

Sakura is ok, but I think she's given too much credit. She was as good as useless in part 1; Naruto and Sasuke did most of the fighting. And Sasori would have killed her for sure if it wasn't for Chiyo. Sakura did NOT defeat him, he chose to die. She's cool and all, but still overrated.

Sakura is the best character I've ever seen she's so beautiful and smart and I love the way that she turned from useless to badass, she's so inspiring love her so much... not deserving the 18th rank