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41 Tailed Beast Bomb

Why is this not above Rasengan. I mean, this is way more op then Rasengan, especially Naruto's. His Tailed Beast bomb countered 5 other Tailed beast bombs. It even has a bigger blast, explosion, and damage radius. Come on people, this jutsu is overpowered as crap. Like, only ten tails was like, known to be "unharmed" from a tailed beast bomb.

This is way way better then rasengan or chidori it pure tailed beast chakra

This should be in the top 4 at least! It's the rasengon, with a tailed beast chakra, and 100 times the size! Have you seen what these things do? It destroys mountains and makes a blast bigger than an entire village!

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42 Tailed Beast Planetary Rasenshuriken

Strongest move in terms of damage deserves top 3

Why is this not top 5

Should be top 5

Should be at least number 10

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43 8 Trigrams 128 Palms

I mean you have got to be kidding me! This is one of the strongest moves ever, used only by one person which is Neji Hyuga, and yet it's number 39? How many times have you ever seen somebody use this jutsu?

Wait why is 8 trigrams 64 palms ahead of this?

Stops cachra

44 Mokuton Hijutsu: Jukai Kotan

Secret just of Senju Hashirama (1st Hokage), which creates very big and dangerous forest

It's the First Hokage's freakn secret Jutsu. Plus, its one of the Jutsu that created Konoha Village

45 Byakugan

The byakugan let's you observe your opponent chakra and strick

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46 Phoenix Flower Jutsu
47 Chakra Enhanced Strength
48 Kotoamatsukami

This is the strongest jutdu 'cause it can manipulate anyone without them realising it!

"Kotoamatsukami " is the most powerful genjutsu ever performed by Shisui Uchiha and It is number 58.I mean is the sexy jutsu even me powerful then this!

What? (Currently) 54th? Likely better than tsukuyomi, and VERY OP with Hashirama putty, can place ANYONE under your control. Should be a LOT higher up!

It is the best genjutsu and sharingan is the best dojutsu so it should be number one.

49 Yasaka Magatama
50 Sage Art: Big Ball Rasengan Barrage
51 Sexy Jutsu

You enemies will never see it coming and then you can strike them down.

Makes people fall back and there nose bleed

This is the most powerful Naruto jutsu. It can work on gods like Kaguya. Heck, even Goku will lose to this jutsu.

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52 Indra's Arrow

LOL IKR how is this at number 55, its Sasuke's strongest move and Sasuke has a lot of powerful moves and plus on top of that to note how is Sasuke's other moves higher than this when he clearly states its his strongest move.

It's a indra arrow, destroy rasenshuriken

Oh come on, After absorbing chakra from all nine tailed beasts and using his Susanoo as a vessel, Sasuke creates a longbow and arrow which are infused with lightning-natured chakra. One arrow was powerful enough to match the combined power of both a Tailed Beast Ball Rasenshuriken and a senjutsu-enhanced Wind Release: Ultra-Big Ball Rasenshuriken, producing a massive explosion on impact.

Can match Tailed Beast Ball Rasenshuriken and a senjutsu-enhanced Wind Release: Ultra-Big Ball Rasenshuriken
Very Fast
Can pierce through anything with Rinnegan(Sasuke)
Can go very far
Overpowered,With a SUSANOO

53 Sage Art Wood Release-True Several Thousand Hands

This a strong jutsu though others can beat it and why is susanoo on the top this jutsu overpowers it!

This is by far the best jitsu...when Hashirama or Ashura uses it it completely dwarfs the complete susanoo of madara or Indra. It can also easily destroy their susanoo.

Hashirama's destroyed half of Madara's Armored Kurama and grabbed Kurama's body easily with one hand! Ashura's completely destroyed Indra's perfect susano'o and if you look closely, you can se that just a few hands can cover Perfect Susano'o. Guruguru's (Who had Yamato) Was able to survive even with team Taka and Orochimaru damaging it and getting past. It even shot 5 elements at one time! And when it stood up, IT WAS MAHAAASIVE!

54 Red Secret Technique: Performance of a Hundred Puppets

This is clearly the strongest jutsu

55 Night Guy

This should be No. 1 honestly

So powerful that even Madara Uchiha as jinchuriki of the ten tails thought that he was going to die

Why the hell is night guy 74 this move almost ended madara and it's under harem justu that's bull

Lmfao harem justsu is up there because of perverts man

56 Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu
57 Tailed Beast Ball

Ultimate jutsu that not even Naruto can fully master I thing this should be number 6


58 8 Trigrams Palm Rotation

Its nice jutsu by rotation no enemy can come near

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59 Planetary Devastation

It summons holders around you as it slowly crushes you and absorbs your chakra. It is impossible to escape. Even all of the tailed beasts couldn't escape it. And the coolest part of it was that you can combine it with sny other jutsu imagine this jutsu "reaper death seal planetary devastation tailed beast bomb rasen-shirking." I guess I went a little overboard with the name but that would be pretty hardcore. This should at least be in the top 15.

I think it's a pretty good jutsu I mean come on pain/Nagato has able kyubi naruto still for a minute

60 600 Billion Paper Bombs

Olit is op bros

Almost killed tobi But ofc we have to go on with arc so he was saved by his eye Nevertheless if he wasnt important he would be dead by all of those paper bombs bish Slay everyoneM KOnan sexiest memeber of the atkatsuki

Konan beats all slutty jutsus with this. - pernz98

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