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1 Celtics vs Lakers

Celtics-Lakers is a way better and bigger rivalry than spurs Lakers, come on

No it's totally the Celtics lakers bird and magic set the standards

The 80s were the prime time for. Both teams


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2 Spurs vs Lakers
3 Lakers vs Bulls
4 Spurs vs Mavs

Mavs/Spurs is a bigger rivalry than Laker/Spurs. Either way, the Spurs suck! Go Mavs!

5 Bulls vs Pistons
6 Celtics vs Heat

I like the heat and my friend likes the celtics

This is a good rivalry I watch them all the time

7 Pistons vs Lakers
8 Bulls vs Knicks
9 Warriors vs Cavaliers
10 Bulls vs Cavaliers

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11 Pacers vs Knicks

Laugh out loud, Bulls vs Cavaliers, Celtics vs Heat, Lakers vs Bulls above this? Spurs vs Lakers over Lakers vs Celtics? Was this list made as a joke?

Reggie vs patwick it was ridiculous. Spike lee was in it they are still talk

12 Heat vs Spurs
13 Bulls vs Heat

These two teams are gonna be fighting for the east for many years too come... D rose MVP

14 Rockets vs Spurs
15 Wizards vs Cavaliers

Battle of the bad

16 Bulls vs Jazz
17 Celtics vs Wizards

This rivalry is heating up! The funeral game, and the John Wall game winner, this rivalry has some potential to be a great one. And another thing- Boston and D.C are actually close to each other, with L.A being on the opposite side of the country from Boston. Playing each other in the Finals doesn't count. People say the Warriors and the Cavs are rivals? No, they are most certainly not. Being in two totally different conferences, and then meeting up in the Finals is not a true rivalry.

18 Rockets vs Warriors
19 Bulls vs Celtics
20 Spurs vs Trailblazers
21 Jazz vs Clippers
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