Best Places to Pick Up Women

Here are places where I have successfully scored woman that you dont want to get tied down too!
The Top Ten
1 Weddings

Single guys always score as long as you are pleasant to the eyes and not a drunken fool. The senitment of love in the air get woman aroused.

2 Street Corners

I am looking for woman in galway 18/06 /2017 14h

3 Funerals

I wouldn't say it's the best place, but it's definitely a good one.

death can be a rebirth for many woman, don't ask me why but I am assuming its the need to be comforted

4 The Beach

The Beach is good because you can see the women's FULL body if in she's in a bikini.

providing you have a decent figure you will always pick up. Hang out at the boardwalk bars and clubs you get them, and let go of them with out reprecussions. they want the same

5 Hotel Bars

Same game as above, sometimes we went as far as renting a room for the full affect. Then you bring upstairs today goodbye tomorrow!

6 Strip Clubs

Always hot bodies and never the kind ya keep

Terrible Idea

7 Gyms

too much energy enough said

8 Casinos

Money, Alcohol cheesy lounge singers the fact that whatever happens will be kept there allows them to let lose and do things they would have never imagined.

Agree... Been there done that! I have my t-shirt ;-)

9 Airport Bars

My friends and I back when we were in college had a great scheme going. We would dress up in suits had business cards made up and hung around airports. You get them on the way in and on the way out. Our titles were software innovators, management consultants etc, but it always worked.

10 Brothels
The Contenders
11 Relationship Group Sessions

this is a little sick, but you pick up woman good looking in need of affection who feel denied the pleasures of life by their partners and exs!

12 Movies

I had a great time when Sex and The city came out! woman got horny as hell all in groups and most men around them were gay! Find a chick flick where you know woman will be out in herds and start your game always works

13 Grocery Stores

Eye contact, smile, pretent you can't take your eyes off her. Just as she is at check stand, hand her your phone number and tell her that there is no way you (the guy) are going to leave this place without telling her you have never been more attracted to any woman ever. Say it with the confidence that the sun is definitely going to rise in the morning. Then leave as if you have an unbreakable appointment. 4 of 5 will call within 15 minutes.

14 The Workplace
15 Wine Bars

Woman have a thing for wine, men have a thing for woman under the influence of wine good combination. But don't think you will go in dressed as a bum and pick up you have to be presentable, clean and act as if you own the world with confidence. woman at wine bars are not looking for the average joe

16 Waterparks
17 Coffee Shops

Women always go to get some coffee an chances are they are alone or maybe with a friend. Easy way to be away from other guys. Start a conversation and see what it gets you

18 Schools

It sucks and is full of bullies and is depressing but at least you will pick up a mean overprotective grlfriend

19 Summer Camps

I met mine there now each year I go there and we date each summer... it's beautiful

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