Best Public High Schools In Zamboanga City

The Top Ten

1 Zamboanga City High School (MAIN)
2 Culianan National High School

World class school like elementary, highschool, and kindergarten...

Because of the new principal and teacher who are training the student to become global competitive... that's why culianan has its all

Because of the newest principal that has the goal of making student more bright mine..

CNHS now has a new rooms for the comport of the students

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3 Curuan National High School
4 Zamboanga National High School (WEST)

West because if you were compare to other school west is located in the boulevard that is was established in 1986 that's why we are have a population got 10000 students...

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5 Don Pablo Lorenzo Memorial High School
6 Ayala National High School

Ayala National High School is the best public school in zamboanga city it is because it competes Regional Level in brigada Eskwela competition and it wins. And it is the most beautiful school, respectful and smart students who competes in any levels of competition. The largest population in the list of students. If you are here in this school you make your study batter.

7 Mercedes National High School
8 Manicahan National High School
9 Talon - Talon National High School
10 Maria Clara Lobregat National High School

The Contenders

11 San Roque National High School
12 Recodo National High School
13 Tolosa National High School
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