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1 Homura Akemi Homura Akemi Homura Akemi is a fictional character from the 2011 anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica and its related media.

Homura never gives up on her goal, never loses hope, and is really kind-hearted and caring under her cold exterior. Not to mention her powers are awesome ( a time traveling magical girl! How cool is that? ), and she has brilliant character development. She seems emotionless at first, first appeared to be a mysterious and enigmatic girl. But under the cold exterior is a will of steel, she spent 10 years of her life repeating time over and over again, determined to save her best friend and preventing her from becoming a puella magi and suffer. She witnessed every of her friends die time and time again, experience the pain countless times, which turned her into a really strong person. She may come across as emotionless but actually she's just trying to be strong, cover her emotions in order to reap the best results possible. She's so loyal and dedicated, willing to become a demon, playing the antagonist role just so that her friends can live happily in the ideal world she has created. I ...more - Goku02

Homura is the best character of all time so no wonder she's the number one. She was Madoka's very best friend, Madoka didn't even know how much Homura loved her and was trying to save her from dying. She kept repeating the month over and over again hoping she would save Madoka. She was that caring even though everyone thought she was just a mature and serious girl. Her life was terrible but Madoka came across and saved her life. So this time, Homura wanted to save Madoka. She did everything she could, even though Madoka just ended up re-inventing the universe and Homura was alone. Without Homura, this anime would have stunk.

Homura controls time, is smart, skilled with a gun and more importantly, she is completely loyal to Madoka. Honestly, she stands out because of the fact that she isn't willing to give up on her goal easily. She made a wish to protect Madoka and did it without really expecting much from Madoka in return. Sure, in rebellion, she did grow selfish a bit by wanting to keep Madoka close. But she still did it with the right intentions of keeping Madoka safe and happy. I'm glad that towards the end, Madoka acknowledges Homura as her true best friend

Ultimate waifu

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2 Kyōko Sakura Kyōko Sakura Kyoko Sakura is a fictional character from the 2011 anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica and its related media.

SHE'S AWESOME BIG TIME. She's just perfect, I mean, look at her. Even if you don't like her, she's so cool. I used to dislike her at first, like a lot of people, though I didn't hate her. She just went unnoticed at first, shadowed by Homura. I mean, when I saw her approach to Sayaka I thought ''This girl is so stupid. She's wrong as hell.'' but then, when I got to see her reasoning, even though I still thought she was wrong, I thought she was damn reasonable, and pretty sharp actually. There are some stuff that made me respect her, some of her resolves. Made me see she wasn't stupid, rather mature actually, just a little wrong.

And then, I watched the anime again. And... I don't know what happened, but her whole character made me literally bow down to her. Her backstory, her strength, her kind nature, the fact that she wasn't just another girl who had a troubled past and puts on a tough act to hide her feelings, blah, blah... She was tough for real, but at the same time, being ...more

Kyoko-chan's just so cool! Her attitude, spear, fighting style, appearance,... Everything is awesome. When she first appeared, I thought she was an evil character and disliked her. But then, I learned of her past, how she lost everything and decided to live for herself alone from then. She put on a tough exterior, but inwardly she has a very kind nature. She saw her past self in Sayaka and doesn't want her to repeat her mistake all over again, not wishing for other people to suffer the way she did, but Sayaka didn't listen, so, wishing to do everything, even risking her life to bring Sayaka back, she broke the rule she has stuck to for so long and fight for others again, which ultimately led to her sacrifice so that Sayaka wouldn't be lonely, as Kyoko hoped that they could achieve peace together in death. She's such a tough character. I also like her fangs, her slightly bratty personality and how she criticises everyone who wastes food, since she almost starved after she lost her ...more - Goku02

Hard to decide between Kyoko and Homura... but I choose Kyoko over Homura. Kyoko loves to eat, yup, that's one reason. And she's super pretty and she likes to act tough. I like the tough Puella Magis. Kyoko is a great example of that. Even through her tough act, she is a very kind person because she just wanted to help Sayaka. She made a wish to help her family, even though it didn't work out like she planned she was just trying to help out. Kyoko is my favorite character of all time.

She is very cool and I like her design and personality

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3 Sayaka Miki Sayaka Miki Sayaka Miki is a fictional character from the 2011 anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica and its related media.

Sayaka is such a relatable and realistic character! She doesn't have that stereotypical life story like everyone else (don't get me wrong, they're great, but such stereotypes), and in the end, it's no happily ever after. Sayaka just goes to prove that sometimes, the odds are not in your favour. Her wish leads to torment and heartbreak, and eventually the pressure becomes too much. People say that it was a mistake on her part. But when your crush and best friend is suddenly up aginst the ropes, and you only have a matter of time before you drift away from them, what else would you be expected to do? She was a regular child, lured in by her own fantasy inside of her mind. Honestly, when you gave up your life to save a loved one, you'd expect to have a perfect love story. In a way, she reminds me of the little mermaid. Mermaid gives her tongue to be with the prince, he fall for the other girl, mermaid dies instead of seeking revenge. The struggle is real, because so many people have felt ...more

Sayaka Miki is by far my favorite character in the series. She's at first your normal tomboy girl but matures so much. a lot of people say she was stupid for making a wish for her crush but if you loved someone dearly you would totally make a wish for them! Sayaka's ending is also very sad.

Sayaka is my favorite character. She's so quirky and cute, plus, she's such a relatable character. Also, she didn't hunt witches to get grief seeds, she did it for the sake of other people's lives. Seeing her heartbroken was the saddest scene for me, and I loved how she was so devoted in being a hero and save everyone from danger.

What happened to Sayaka was truly a tragedy. Her death made me cry so bad! She had such a pure heart and her love for Kyosuke was so true that despite of knowing how dangerous being a magical girl is, she still made a wish to heal him for which in return she had to face a fate of combat. She made that contract putting her life in danger all for him. And at the end we all know how this wish of hers brought her demise.�" Her feelings, reactions and character was so realistic that it affected me the most! The entire anime is sad but Sayaka's arc made the most impact on me. One of the main themes in the anime which is "when you wish for someone's happiness, someone else's joy must be cursed in return" was so nicely depicted in her case. Moreover, she wanted to fight for justice but it wasn't long until she started to discover how bad many humans are and she started to actually question herself about what was she fighting to save if people themselves were so evil. Her arc was like an ...more

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4 Madoka Kaname Madoka Kaname Madoka Kaname is the titular protagonist of the 2011 anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica and its related media.

I didn't like the other main characters in the series. Homura and Mami were okay, but Sayaka and Kyoko just GOT ON MY NERVES! Sayaka made a wish for her crush, her crush didn't even like Sayaka and even though she saved him he ended up liking Hitomi! DUMB! Kyoko was plain annoying, she tries to be cool and she cusses too much and she's gonna get fat eating all that food. Madoka however, was a GREAT character! I'm glad she didn't just become a Magical Girl without really knowing what she wanted. She waited until the last episode to make her wish and contract with Kyubey and her wish turned out AMAZING! She saved all those poor Magical Girls. I felt bad for Homura though, her life was pretty much planned out for nothing. Madoka was such a kind girl. She became a God, while saving everybody. Nobody but Homura and her brother Junko had memory of her. Her other beloved friends and unfortunately her parents didn't know who she was at all. Madoka re-invented the universe because she was such ...more

Madoka is such a sweet and selfless girl. She brings hope to everyone, she is hope itself! She's the nicest character ever, and I love how caring she is towards her friends. She sacrificed her own life to save the universe, taking all the sufferings and pain of other puella magis upon herself, which makes her all the more respectable. Brilliant character! 9/10. - Goku02

Madoka is the BEST! She re-invents the UNIVERSE! How can you be cooler than that?

Madoka was my favorite character out of the whole series, movies, and mangas. She is kind, sweet, caring, and is willing to anything for anyone she loves. I'm also gonna do a little rating on all of the characters:

Homura: 910 She was my 3rd favorite character (Mami was my 2nd and Madoka was my 1st) I felt bad for her past and she had to suffer Madoka dying in every timeline.

Mami: 910 Mami was my 2nd favorite character and was a rolemodel to Madoka and Sayaka. Mami only lasted 3 episodes though which was sad.

Sayaka: 810 Sayaka is my 4th favorite character. She was Madoka's best friend and she was kind and cheerful. She just wanted to help heal the boy she loved, not die.

Kyoko: 710 The only reason I'm giving Kyoko a 7 is because she could be a little rude sometimes. Other than that, she had another sweet side to her and sacrificed herself for Sayaka.

Kyubey: 410 He only gets a 4 because he's cute but other than that, he tricked the girls into ...more - DoritosAreLife

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5 Mami Tomoe Mami Tomoe Mami Tomoe is a fictional character from the 2011 anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica and its related media.

What? Kyoko was supposed to be in this place! Why did everyone vote Kyoko over Mami and Madoka? They were in good places...
I loved Mami she was my favorite character. She was the only character I cried over when she died. So WHAT? Maybe she died in one of the first episodes but she died trying to teach Madoka and Sayaka what being a magical girl was all about. She got killed by a witch and it was SO SAD. Madoka's death was also devastating, but I didn't cry. Mami was so beautiful and intelligent. Poor her... at least Madoka saves her in the end.

Mami is a very good character who acts as the big sister role to Sayaka and Madoka ( and Kyoko, in the manga spin-off ). She's really lonely inwardly but she tries her best to keep a strong appearance so that she can protect everyone. She is very relatable, but she has too little screen time for me to put her any higher than 5th spot. 8/10. - Goku02

To be honest mami was my favorite (and the only one I cried about) is because out of all the characters I found her the most relatable she tried to act cool and badass and succeeded but on the inside she was lonely and just wants a friend I felt like l could really connect with her due to our similar ways and actions also her heart warming motherly persona all and all mami is a great character and sadly most people didn't bother to pickup the PMMM another story manga which really makes her much more relatable I wish that we got to see more of her (p.s how is sayaka higher she's so annoying and generic just because she's tragic doesn't mean that she is a good character but hey opinions are opinions)

She was my favorite, too. I'll lend you a shoulder to cry on, and maybe some of my fanfic.

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6 Kyubey Kyubey Kyubey is a fictional character from the 2011 anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica and its related media.

Kyubey is a nice character. He's cute, but that doesn't mean you should trust him. He didn't know he was tricking the magical girls, he thought he was just helping them and making a fair deal. You can't exactly blame Kyubey for that. Just imagine Kyubey as a Puella Magi! Come on people. Kyubey would be SO COOL! Everyone thinks he's all evil. Wait, if Kyubey is a boy how could he become a Puella Magi? Oh well. STILL.

Reasons to vote Kyubey:

1. His concept is extremely interesting and unique. He's cute and smart and at the same time, emotionless. That's pretty cool to me.

2. I mean, he stated it himself that the incubators doesn't have "emotions". He doesn't think his job is evil, and it's kind of true. And he's doing this for the sake of the universe. It's actually a fair deal.

3. CUTE. - Kuroemon2002

His concept is very interesting. He is practically the living embodiment of "Looks can be deceiving". In other words, those who underestimate him will be most shocked by him revealing his purpose for making contracts with magical girls later on in the series. Trust me, I've seen all 12 episodes of this anime to know this guy isn't all cute and innocent as he appears to be. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I always found him as an interesting character, with the idea of the incubators as a whole. - Emberleap

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7 Hitomi Shizuki

What she did to her friends was very unacceptable. First, she had the idea that they were lesbian, two, she stole Kyousuke from Sayaka, the guy she(Hitomi)didn't even bother to see Kyousuke when his arm is broken. True, her designs was nice but she was annoying. Many guys would love to date her, But she went for the guy her friend loves. What friend would do that? - MLPFan

Imagine Hitomi as a magical girl. I wonder what her wish would be...

Get Hitomi and Kyosuke out of the Top 10 range. They don't deserve to be this high. - Rue

I hate Hitomi and why Is she higher than Nagisa?! Here is why I hate Hitomi(even that I defended her on Madoka Magica Problems)...

Hitomi, over every guy who sends love letters to her, she picks Kyousuke. I know, I have no right to judge but she could at least apologize to Sayaka or act nicer to her. And Kyousuke picks Hitomi over Sayaka(Isn't it obvious?! ). Hitomi didn't even visited Kyousuke. She could've just ask Sayaka to say hi to him for her or ask Sayaka to give him a gift from her since she probably knew what Sayaka was doing in the hospital. Sayaka even gave her own soul to Kyuubey In order to heal Kyousuke, she went insane(plus BIPOLAR) and ends up In despair. While Hitomi, she only says "Hey Kyousuke, there's something I want to tell you"and She gets the love of her life. She doesn't have to went through such bad times like Sayaka.

Also, she's a bit of a mary sue. I know, It was obviously intentional by Urobuchi but It still annoys me. She's ...more - MLPFan

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8 Junko Kaname

She's feeling like such a real mom, full of wisdom. The fact that she seems to also hold a lot of sadness, like I'm the scene where she's drinking, talking to madoka, makes her character really powerful. She's the boomb

Sweet little boy. Madoka's little brother.

She's one of the best anime mothers ever, caring, understanding and supportive of her daughter. Seriously, how did Hitomi and Kyōsuke get higher than her? - Goku02

9 Nagisa

Nagisa should have more fans she's cute lovable and kawaii! I think she should be at least #6 I mean hitomi is the WORST character

I don't know how nagisa wasn't in the top six how does hitomi get a better place nagisa is so powerful cute and gher eyes and design are amazing I love how she can use both her witch powers and magical girl powers I love her

Even though she was only in the Rebellion movie, she's adorable. Can't wait to see her in the new Madoka project! - SugarcoatShadowBolt

10 Kyōsuke Kamijō

He was a jerk to Sayaka. Sayaka did everything for him, But he scolded her, saying that she was mocking his inability to play the violin. I wish Sayaka would slap him - MLPFan

Sayaka was literally the only one who would visit him in the hospital until he got better. She put so much time and effort to being with him, and he was so rude to her. Mocking your inability to play the violin? Why would Sayaka ever do that? She's literally you closest friend WHO HAD ROMANTIC INTEREST IN YOU. This is why everyone says Kyosuke is an ass. - Rue

I'm glad Sayaka made a wish for him so he could live. He's a good character even though he's not popular.

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11 Madoka Goddess V 1 Comment
12 Devil Homura
13 Kazuko Saotome

Pretty much the Taiga Fujimura (a character from Fate/Stay Night) of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

14 Bebe

Bebe is the same wotch as Charlotte, slightly different appearance from Charlotte.-Vestalis

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15 Charlotte

Because she's so cute! She is a witch but so what I mean look at her! ADORABLE

16 Oktavia Von Seckendorff
17 Homulilly
18 Tatsuya Kaname
19 Kazumi

This character is from a manga spin-off series called "The Innocent Malice Kazumi Magica" I have read all five books and it is a fan service madoka with actually like able characters. Kazumi is a cute and powerful character. She should be ranked number 6 at least. Kazumi Magica is a lesser know serie though.

20 Kriemhild Gretchen Kriemhild Gretchen
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