Top Ten Best Red Sox Players


The Top Ten

1 Ted Williams

Best player ever. PERIOD. Ted Williams was amazing. 521 hits, A.344 career average, Triple Crown, AND A.406 season- and he's not called a fan favorite? He missed several seasons in the army, and he was still a one-man powerhouse.

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2 Carl Yastrzemski

He's the best all around player here because of defense and stolen bases. That sets him apart from Ted.

Hitting, defense, and charisma. - 5ToolPlayers

3 Wade Boggs
4 Carlton Fisk
5 Jimmie Foxx
6 Jason Varitek
7 Nomar Garciaparra
8 Johnny Pesky

HE HAS A POLE NAMED AFTER HIM! - andrewXmetallica92

9 Jim Rice
10 Bobby Doerr

The Contenders

11 Tim Wakefield
12 Roger Clemens
13 Lefty Grove
14 David Ortiz

David Ortiz is a great player. Later in his career, he's still jacking it out of the park all the time. Great hitter, but the slightly problematic defense is enough to keep him away from no. 1.

15 Dustin Pedroia

Watch him play baseball

16 Cy Young

This man is the best pitcher of all time that's why it's called the Cy Young award he has the record for most career wins and innings pitched to this day along with only a 2.63 ERA Need to be higher on the list - donovanthorn

17 Ellis Burks
18 Tris Speaker
19 Kevin Youkilis
20 Dwight Evans
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