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1 Olive Garden

Breadsticks are so good there!

How is this below McDonalds? This place is amazing! - Minecraftcrazy530

This place is amazing

AMAZING mcdonald's food sucks - BlazeHeart

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2 McDonald's McDonald's McDonald's is an American hamburger and fast food restaurant chain. It was founded in 1940 as a barbecue restaurant operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald.

Want to hear the truth about McDonald's the eggs are powder your fountain drinks usually have mold in them and most employees don't use the "5 second rule" for food. I've really never liked McDonald's - Jackhammer619

I take back the old comment when I said I go every Friday and it's good. THE FOOD STINKS AND TASTE LIKE PLASTIC!

They're food is fake

WHY DO PEOPLE EVEN LIKE MCDONALD'S! there food litterly sucks, are little kinders justgoing there for the toys?!?! EVIL MCDONALDS! >:( I hate you mcdonald's... - BlazeHeart

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3 Subway Subway Subway IP Inc. is a privately held American fast food restaurant franchise that primarily sells submarine sandwiches and salads. It is owned and operated by Doctor's Associates Inc., doing business as Subway IP Inc.

Eating fresh for life

It is yummy I am always craving a turkey sandwich and a cookie there

Subway is delicious and way better then crappy McDonalds

THis took me so long to deside but I love,
Taco cabana
and Pizza hut

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4 Burger King Burger King Burger King is an American global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants. Headquartered in the unincorporated area of Miami-Dade County, Florida, the company was founded in 1953 as Insta-Burger King, a Jacksonville, Florida-based restaurant chain.

Probably the best burgers in all the land

Tons of fast food places are on this list its kind of annoying - YOSHIA2121

Way better than mcdonald's - 170253

5 KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) Kentucky Fried Chicken, more commonly known by its initials KFC, is an American fast food restaurant chain that specializes in fried chicken.

Can't beat the classic Fried Chicken and sides. Way better than Chick Fil A

Love this place I'm obsessed

KFC nom nom nom


6 Applebee's

I always get their buffalo wings.

Also, I cringed when I saw McDonald's as #1.

Great bacon burgers - YOSHIA2121

I get their buffalo wings too!


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7 Wendy's Wendy's Wendy's is an American international fast food restaurant chain founded by Dave Thomas on November 15, 1969, in Columbus, Ohio, United States.

There aren't nuggets better then Wendy's.

Very good place but I like subway better though.

Greatest twitter ever - TheLegend28

I love Wendy's the food is so good! Its has ice cream and French fries and everything I LOVEEE!

8 Taco Bell Taco Bell Taco Bell is an American chain of fast-food restaurants based in Irvine, California. A subsidiary of Yum!

Prepare to take a crap after eating kids

Awesome tacos and freezes! - RileyProwant


9 Chick-Fil-A Chick-Fil-A Chick-fil-A is an American fast food restaurant chain headquartered in the Atlanta suburb of College Park, Georgia, specializing in chicken sandwiches.

Chick-fil-a should be first. I'm just a kid but my mom works there so I should know this restraint is definitely the best

This place is overrated. KFC is the place to eat REAL American Chicken

Chick fil a I could go there 7 times a day

"My Pleasure."

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10 Chili's

I do like chilies, the flow however, is the fact that the food takes to long to come out. sometimes when it comes to you, its not cooked well. OTHER then that, the work and service there is nice! Love it. keep it up guys. - hammer689

I love Chili's, but I don't like what they did with the big mouth bites, you barely get any fries (although the ones you get are really good) and the buns are not soft. Still though, I love Chili's.

I remember a wonderful day I had when I went to Chili's and then got an xbox one. - Mariomaster63

I love the bufallo wings

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? Baskin Robbins
? Little Caesars

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11 Sonic

I get you its crowded guess the place is full of people love dem (them)

Love eating ice cream in the car with your family or your friends.

Best Shakes ever! Too bad it is always crowded. :(

Such good shakes fave flavor is blue rasberry


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12 Pizza Hut

I don't understand why Pizza Hut is not number 1. Mcdonalds is not healthy at all. Pizza Hut has delicious pizza! Mcdonalds has unhealthy food that can make you sick. - TopTenJackson

The food is so AMAZING! Mcdonalds tastes weird and smells weird and the people who eat there are weird.

WHY IS PIZZA HUT NUMBER 7! It should be number 1 definitely! The pizza is the best! Cheese is good!

I love pizza hut but the one in my area closed down a few years ago :/

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13 Dairy Queen

Why mcdonalds is bad and terrible

Three Words. Five Buck Lunch

A DQ blizzard is impossible to beat.Top 10 please


14 Red Robin

Red Robin is a really rare restaurant to find while on the go but, in fact I've been there many times and their food over there is more flavored than you can even imagine!

I'm turning 16 this year and I plan to go there for a birthday dinner. - Stazemar000

I love their french fries!

Red robin YUCK! #mynewsong

15 Golden Corral

I love there food every time I finish my food there dessert is super good

It just tastes too good, especially their pizza!

This is the worst


16 Buffalo Wild Wings

This place is terrible. I went there once and the mozzarella socks had hair baked in them which was distrusting! I'm mean seriously? And the fries were all crumbs and the wings gave my sister and dad food poisoning

This needs to be in the top 5. - ThatOneRacer

This should be in 2nd

Best by far

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17 Steak 'n Shake

Hell yes this deserves to be in top ten

Those who hate this either had bad luck or just don't know good burgers

This is my favorite restaurant

Definitely - 2storm

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18 Arby's Arby's Arby's Restaurant Group, Inc., or simply Arby's, is the second-largest quick-service fast-food sandwich restaurant chain in the U.S.

Arby has the best meats ever

19 Five Guys Five Guys Five Guys Burgers and Fries is an American fast casual restaurant chain focused on hamburgers, hot dogs, and French fries, and headquartered in Lorton, Virginia, an unincorporated part of Fairfax County.

For me, this restaurant takes the cake. Little surprised this isn't even in the top ten, and yet McDonald's is, I mean I'd go to McDonald every once in a while, but this place is far better.

I love five guys! They have great burgers and fries!

20 Red Lobster

Red Lobster is all about seafood and probably a whole menu yet of seafood my friend. Try just one bite and the taste of seafood will totally want you to have more!

The red drinks are disgusting but there lobster crab and shrimp with a dipping sauce is amazing and seasoned to perfection

They make it look so good on the commercials but it taste bad.

Love their SEAFOOD!

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