Buddy Rich

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Bernard "Buddy" Rich was an American jazz drummer and bandleader. Widely considered one of the most influential drummers of all time and known for his virtuoso technique, power, and speed, Rich was billed as "the world's greatest drummer" during his career.


First of all, how is Lars even on this list. Second of all why is he ahead of one of the greatest drummers of all time? People just assume a drummer is good because of how fast or intricate they can play. But that is not what makes a drummer good. Buddy, not only led his band but he played with confidence and style. Not just being the backbeat but being a rhythmic and harmonic instrument along with his band. He was always tempo perfect even live (and I see Lars struggle to play live period). So that's my two cents not as a fan but as a fellow jazz and metal drummer.

To the people that are upset that Buddy Rich is not on top and are saying rude things over it and bad words. IDIOTS. Buddy Rich is a Jazz drummer. Even though you think Buddy Rich can be a good Rock drummer Buddy Rich still cannot be on the list since Buddy Rich never did Rock drumming. This list is for Rock drummers only like it says. Rock will always be better than Jazz anyways. You got to be a Jazztard to think people are stupid or something for not having Buddy Rich at number one. Jazz is more stuck in the past while Rock is not. If you want music, you need music that should really rock or be Hard (which Rock music does both). All you need is Rock for music. - BlueFuse

Buddy should be number 1 and everybody else should start at number 10 and go down from there. Everybody else on this list is not even in the same universe of talent that Buddy Rich had! The man had the fastest hands in the world and the most stamina any drummer will ever have, ever! He was one in a century! People that think Neil Peart or John Bonham are the greatest drummers that ever lived are completely clueless and have probably never even listened to Buddy Rich. Even Neil Peart will admit Buddy was a God!

What a joke putting Buddy in 32nd place. Like the 31 drummers in front of Buddy Rich could not last one minute. Buddy Rich is upstairs in drum heaven looking down and laughing. Buddy Rich could and would make every drummer look like a child in a sand box. Buddy Rich was the MASTER.

All you have to do is watch the impossible drum solo by Buddy on YouTube to realize what a great drummer he was. I still think Neal Peart is the number one rock drummer of all time. Buddy Rich is mainly known as a Jazz drummer even though he experimented in many styles. The YouTube drum solo of Buddy Rich is even more amazing when you realize he is drumming with such virtuosity at an advanced age. He is in my opinion easily the GOAT (greatest of all time) of drummers.

Buddy was the greatest drummer ever. He could solo like a madman. 22nd? How is Travis Barker, Chad Smith, and Joey Jordison all ahead of Buddy. I understand Lars, Neil Peart and Keith moon being up higher, but Joey Jordison? People have no clue how much talent Buddy had! Go on YOutube and search for one of his drum solos. It will blow your mind! I guarantee it. VOTE BUDDY TO #1! - gibsonrock53

Well, considering this is a list of the best ROCK drummers, I don't know why Buddy would even be on here. I love his drumming but he's a jazz player. Why are people so mad about him not being number 1? You want to know why he isn't the number 1 rock drummer? Because he isn't even a rock drummer! Lol

you've got to be kidding me if buddy isn't in the top that's ridiculous, I have to say whoever made this is a retard, he started making drumming look cool, he was BY FAR the best drummer that ever lived, any modern drummer with half a brain will tell you that, no one will ever be as good/revolutionary as him

R. I. P. Buddy Rich

No-one on this list could play faster, more complex (disregarding bigger drum sets with more options) stuff than Buddy, and (remember the lack of close-mics here) he probably hit the snare harder than anyone before or since. Also, he has pretty amazing footwork and could play the kick at least as fast as Bonzo, and that's saying something. Now he wasn't strictly speaking a rock drummer, but he could out-play anyone on this list, both technically and considering delivery.

Buddy Rich was the man. Who else could rock the "Impossible Drum Solo" in a tuxedo at the age of 70? His speed, intensity and versatility have never been approached by so called modern day drummers. I suppose the closest prospect would be Neil Peart. But comparing the two would be apples to oranges.

This is ridiculous. 31st? this is obviously a popularity contest between which teenybopper band people like most not who is the most skilled and creative drummer ahem Buddy Rich, and where is Vinnie Colaiuta? and to whoever voted Shannon Leto, The Rev, and Tre Cool HAHAHAHAHAHA

Why is Lars above this legend? He played in 106 degree weather, in a tux, around 60 years old and still played the best set of his life. That is when you truly know a person is a best at something hen they push their body limits.

Oh yeah, and vote Danny Carey up, he is one of the best drummers of all time. - RazorBaby

Buddy Rich was a jazz drummer, not a rock drummer. That being said, he technically does not belong this list. However, he would definitely have to be included in a list for drummers of any genre.

Maybe not one of the best rock drummers because he personally didn't like rock and stayed away from it. But as a jazz drummer which usually takes more skill he is the best without a doubt.

IN my opinion, Buddy's drumming reflected his no-compromise attitude toward music. He was easily one of the most ambidextrous players, this side of Billy Cobham... but Buddy had swing. I mean... SWING. And he expected his crack band of victims to swing as hard and tight and perfectly as he did, or suffer his wrath. Buddy lives on forever.

I think you should probably remember that whilst Buddy was an awesome drummer, this list is the list of 'Best Rock Drummers' and Buddy was a Jazz drummer.

Obviously there are many people who know little about drumming. Maybe they've voted for the drummer of a band they like, but really some of the choices currently above Buddy Rich are clearly asinine.

There are way too many people here that are posting comments and have no clue or idea about drumming and the technical side of it...
All they know are the drummers they know from the more mainstream bands that they know from recent times... They have no clue as to who really are great technical drummers such as Vinnie, or Terry or Buddy... Etc...
But... Oh well...

Lars, Tre, Shannon, Travis?! Really?! Ahead of Buddy? These guys even know they couldn't hold Buddy's sweaty ball sack. All of you who have not taken the time to give Buddy an ear, search YouTube for "Buddy Rich Impossible Drum Solo". He was 65 at the time AND in a tux and tie... A classic

As a drummer I can say without a doubt that the more drums around you, the easier it is. Buddy rich could do more on a 4 piece kit than anyone on this list can do with a double bass, 10 tom, 16 cymbal kit

He is awesome, one of the best ever but to be fair this is a Rock Drummers list, not a jazz drummers list so I don't know why many people wonder why he is not #1 in this list

I understand why Buddy Rich isn't all that high on this list but trust me people, this man is a legend. Truly the first great drummer. Just listen to Caravan and you will understand.

Buddy is a jazz drummer, we all know if your not good enough to be a jazz drummer you can always be a rock drummer. By the way Buddy was the best jazz drummer

The only two drummers who kinda give Buddy competition on this list are Neil Peart and Keith Moon. Emphasis on kinda. Buddy is the best ever, and deserves there number one spot.

I know that these are supposed to be "rock" drummers, but he is the best one on here so I'm voting for him. The best rock drummer is Neil Peart, but Buddy is the all-time best drummer.

It is hard to play at the tempo he did and he did it for so long, he just never went out. Very talented. By far the best drummer in his era and forever changed drumming from then on.