Dave Lombardo

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David "Dave" Lombardo is a Cuban American drummer, best known as a co-founding member of the American thrash metal band Slayer.


Lombardo isn't the best because you have Neil peart. This is being from a man who doesn't like rush. But second place definitely needs to be Dave Lombardo. I mean seriously, Shannon leto!? That guy is decent at best. and I've heard high school marching band drummers that were better than tre cool. The list should read 1. Neil peart, 2. Dave Lombardo, 3. John Bonham, 4. Alex van halen, 5. Brann dailor. The rev was an awesome drummer, but not top 5.

Dave Lombardo, the drummer of Slayer, one of the fastest bands out there, is number 38? That's ridiculous! Dave Lombardo double base is one the fastest in the industry, and he has one of the largest drum kits too. His drumming is pure talent and if not number 1 he should at least be in the top 10. If you don't believe me just watch Dave Lombardo drum videos on YouTube.

Number 35? Do you idiots have no respect for talent... It doesn't matter if Slayer's music "scares" you, he has Tremendous speed, accuracy and just a thumping style. Dave Lombardo and Neil Peart are the best drummers in the world. They should be at one and two rather than Shannon Leto and The Rev.

Maybe not 1 but this guy rules! Best metal drummer of all time! Also on a side note I like Green Day and all but tre is NOT one of the best drummers. Green Day is a copy of REAL punk rock from before their era and it was simply forgotten! Punk rock doesn't have the best drums but really? And thrash metal rules dave all the way!

This list is ridiculous how is Shannon Leto 2, tre cool 6, and 2 masters in Danny Carey and Dave Lombardo aren't even in the top 10. Joey jordison is good but not top ten, and where the hell is Thomas haake from meshuggah on this list

Dave is the best drummer in the world.
Way better than all the others listed in the top tem.
Vinne Paul should be up there too.
Dave really is the grandfather of the double-bass.

I love Metallica, But Lars higher then Dave? You gotta be kidding me. Okay Dyers eve is good. But that's just one song. Almost every song of Dave shows more variation and speed then Dyers Eve

Dave Lombardo should be number one! Laugh out loud number 17 are you kidding me!? He is the best drummer in the world! And who ever did this least knows it! What a joke!

35th? Are you serious? Neil Pert okay... But Lombardo 35th... we are talking drummers right? At least Dave should be in the top three drummers, period!

Buddy Rich isn't a rock drummer, and while Peart and Bonham are good, Lombardo is simply more fast and powerful. Along with this, he's essentially the father of double bass drumming.

Dave Lombardo is a expert drummer. The only Metallica musicians that belong on these top 10 lists are their bass players. Dave Lombardo is one of the best

This guy is the best metal drummer ever, his speed and technic with double bass is amazing, also he just doesn't double bass at a high speed like todays carbon copy drummers...

this guy is an insane drummer, on angel of death (4min 15 sec long) he plays 210 bpm average, VERY few people can play that fastfor that long, and still be as good as he is

Dave Lombardo should be higher than this. It's not a band popularity contest: it's a vote as to who is the best drummer! At least top 10, in my opinion.

Brilliant and technical drummer, who has managed to retain his own style and is willing to experiment and evolve his sound and approach.

If this list was called "Drummer of your favorite band, " then I wouldn't have voted for Dave. But because it's "Greatest rock drummers, " I did.

He should be in the top 10... Much more better than ulrich, and I don't specially like slayer..

Guys, please do not forget that Dave Lombardo was named GODFATHER OF DOUBLE BASS. He is ruthlessly fast and most importantly, you'll always start to head bang!

Dave Lombardo should be much higher in this list, (as should Bill Ward) because his drumming laid the foundation for how drums are played in thrash metal.

Agree Dave is excellent drummer with unique wild drumming style, and because of him I'm listening Slayer. I don't know better double bass drummer.

I can't believe my eye's take a listen to seasons in the abyss. This man should at the top of this list are you all deaf or just dumb

He should be number one, just because his music is so heavy and fast and different that doesn't mean he isn't an amazing drummer!

... You people really have no idea of music right? How can you judge when you really have no idea of music...

What? This is the Godfather of double bass drumming.. Why he's only in the 19th place? I can't believe this!

The best drummer on this list by miles. People think before you vote! Best drummer is at 17.. Come on what's wrong with you people!